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Video Funhouse 1.1
« on: July 25, 2014, 12:39:29 PM »
Video Funhouse
Video Funhouse turns your Macintosh and video camera into a virtual funhouse! Using a palette of easy to use tools, you can twist, bulge, pinch and push your face into virtually any shape imaginable. Unlike other 'goo' applications, Video Funhouse lets you do all this with either live video from your camera or any static image of your choosing. Pull on your ears, make your eyes bulge out, pinch your nose - the fun is endless!

Video Funhouse is designed for Power Macintosh, PowerBook, iMac and iBook computers. It requires Mac OS 8.5 (or higher), QuickTime 4.0 (or higher) and (optionally) a video input source, such as a Logitech QuickCam or an Orange Micro iBot.

New in version 1.1:

- Added support for running native on Mac OS X (you will need a DV-ready video camera to do live video, since other camera drivers are not currently available).
- Added Wacom tablet support (for Mac OS 8 and 9 only until Wacom drivers are available for Mac OS X).


    Hours of endless fun contorting yourself on any video input source.
    7 easy to use "brush" tools allow you to bulge, twist, paint (and more) on live video or on any static image.
    7 video effects allow you to modify the video input -- mirror the video, freeze it, divide it a multi-faceted kaleidoscope, and much more!
    9 "skin" frames allow you to customize the appearance of the application.
    Save masterpieces to disk as JPEG images to send to your friends and family!
    Built-in, interactive help provides you quick and fun information about the application.
    Use in full-screen or window modes.
    Professional music soundtrack keeps you engrossed and entertained as you twist and contort your face and anything else you can think of...
    And much more!

Looking for MacOS 9.2.4