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General Hardware Discussions / Re: G3 Dalmation iMac won't boot
« Last post by refinery on May 18, 2019, 01:30:53 PM »

Interesting that it just seemed to need some more time to figure itself out after a long stint on the shelf

my beige G3 is like that. i think its just old electronics, really. if it gets unplugged for more than a few hours, I have to let it sit, plugged in for a while, before it will start up. not sure why, its got a new lithium battery in it.

my korg oasys pci card in another machine is like that too, but its only the card.
Video Capturing & Editing Software / Re: Video edits using Mac Mini
« Last post by Ninester on May 18, 2019, 12:07:28 PM »
Thanks, I know the limits of the DV format.  I guess I was asking if one version of QT has cleaner output during this period.. but understand, garbage in...

One thing I noticed is iMovie always did a good job identifying the camera and tape transport, FCP saw a camera and ignored transport controls, I had to start import with menus.  Maybe bad install on my part.

Edit:  Just found a few post saying FCP likes a time code?  Not on my rusty oldest tapes...
Will all of the cards that use a chipset function identically?

If someone were to write a driver for one particular card that uses sil3124, would it be likely that other cards will also work?
thanks for adding that info;
honestly i think theres a much larger pay off in getting something liek thsi working rather then trying to invent a 9.3
i just dont get the fascination with trying to invent a new version of the os that never was;
when theres much more realistic goals that could be set; and achieved with massively better outcome for all;

i know from first hand experience its very easy to achieve speeds above 188MB/s with these longer PCI-X cards because of their 64-bit /33mhz operation; the Acard 6885M card that i have is the fastest card i have and its based on ATA133 simply because of the 64bit/33mhz bandwidth it offers above and beyond the normal 32-bit/33mhz cards; the sil3124 cards are available in great number under 10$ in the usa; WITH SOCKETED FLASH CHIPS usually of the 040 variety from what i could see; this is a huge oppourtunity if people can wake up and smell the coffee;
To have an ATA chipset usable by Mac OS, it will need to have an ATA Interface Module written for it.

To have it be bootable, it will also need a Fcode ROM to make it be usable by Open Firmware.

Here's some documentation on Apple's ATA implementation (including how to write AIMs):

Quite a few documents are relevent to Open Firmware:

"Designing PCI Cards and Drivers for Power Macintosh Computers" is probably needed for both AIMs and Fcode.

And here is the datasheet on the SIL3124:

The SIL3124 datasheet helpfully describes how to access the flash chip from PCI. Apple's PCI Driver Development Kit may be useful for that:

Developing drivers for this seems doable. It just needs dedication from a good programmer. I suppose that may be hard to come across. I don't know the exact number of hackers working on the 9.2.2 reversing project, but I am pretty sure it is less than 10.
Hey, @darthnVader! I've done this steps: opened ATIDriver in HEX, copied ATY, Via section from Joy to Joy and save it as a new file. Then I tried to open it with ResEdit 2.1.3 under OS9 but it opens Empty file. I also tried v 3.0 but with no luck. Could you please tell me more about Res Edit magic you mentioned earlier. Thanks!
General Hardware Discussions / Re: G3 Dalmation iMac won't boot
« Last post by kharm on May 18, 2019, 03:27:23 AM »
UPDATE!: I tried again and was able to boot the dalmation using the indigo's internal drive via target disk mode. Hooray!

Couldn't see the Dalmatians internal drive from OS9. Presently it is attempting to boot to the indigo's OSX installation. But it's stuck on 'waiting for local disks' on the boot screen (with the Dalmatians drive seeking away audibly ...)

Time to have a cuppa and later on I'll check whether it has sorted itself out.

Interesting that it just seemed to need some more time to figure itself out after a long stint on the shelf
recap... cool. What exactly did you recap in this monster machine? - The power supply?
Vision & Studio Vision by Opcode / Navigation & Workflow tips
« Last post by Syntho on May 17, 2019, 09:47:51 PM »
By default this is addressed to Gary since he'll be the first to reply anyway  ;)

I've got SVP down to a T in most areas but I'm curious to see if there's room for improvement in my navigation.

Do you use autoscroll?
Do you scroll forward and back in time using the purple scrollbar or the little arrows? Or some other way? This is probably my most important issue.
What about up and down too?
What about when zooming? Just the little magnifying glasses?
What have you found to be your most-used key commands?
Are you a fan of markers?
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