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I have an original Danish OS 9.1 Install disk + That extra disk.
It’s stuck on Danish and I get an error with a regular 9.2.2 Restore disk (bomb something ‘Error Audio Bus’ -typical!)
I’m probably never gonna use that digital audio port, but will need an English or International Restore disk for this system,

*edit* sorry, reread the thread and found macstuffs' files on mediafire (PMG4DA91CD)
will test those and hopefully it'll suffice :) I'm just concerned about the Mac OS ROM file, is that not machine specific on each factory CD?
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Rage128Pd NDRV
« Last post by darthnVader on July 18, 2019, 09:02:28 AM »
Rage128Pd NDRV( Qemu )
Synthogy IvoryGrand Piano Virtual Instrument (Mac OS 9/OS X)
Synapse Audio   Junglist   Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) (Mac OS 9/OS X)
some devices will work with OS9´s audio driver without usb device driver, others not.

this one obviously works half way. :)

you can get fairly good audio interfaces incl asio support from the mid nineties for 10-15 euro, so dont bother baout that thing too much.

btw, i bet your retro games do not support 32 or 44khz. this could be the issue.
Nope, still makes no sense to me.

There is sound coming out of the speakers, so the device is recognized by the OS. Otherwise it would not make any sound at all like the ESI U46 SE which only works on OSX not on OS9.2.2.

And why would it in the list for supported device if it would not work?

And, according to this site: OS9 holds the drivers for the SonicPort.
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forget about using USB with a mac g3/g4
usb is only for keyboards + mice on these computers
usb is for osx only; in combination with usb2.0 ports (which are only found on osx only g4/g5s)

pro tip: buy a firewire 400 enclosure
this is a really vague area
noone NOONE has been very clear on which card types will work for DATA ONLY
for example.. is there anyone here who has done the weibetech flash which is said to be "osx only" - ive asked many times on many different boards; and still to this day; noone has answered with a clear answer on the facts;

we need to know;
which PCI-SATA cards macos9 will RECOGNIZE; and WORK;
regardless of being able to boot from them;
for data only;

i tried to ask ProTools5LEGuy this question about the 2se4 card;
perhaps its the spanish-english language barrier but i was still unclear as to whether or not the card will work at all under macos9;

it would have been alot more clear if we had compiled a list with these headers:
card name | chip type | usable os9? | bootable os9? | usable osx? | bootable osx?
>I formatted a USB flash drive and a powered Firewire drive as "HFS+ (Journaled)"

If the computer is going to boot into OS 9, it will probably just have USB 1, and therefore be unsuitable.

When you formatted the FireWire drive, did you check "Install OS 9 drivers" ?
This is absolutely necessary.
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