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I keep PT on separate drives too. The program the audio files and dae are all on different drives.
22 now correct but no OMS  input to sequencer even though assignments seem functional. Device setup says OMS ports not active. Strange program.
thatīs interesting, because PT has a custom disc access method.
Few months back pro tools was giving me this error at random. I disabled tons of plugins and extensions and slowly added them back one at a time to see where the culprit was hiding. Oddly enough I never did pinpoint any conflicting plug or extension. It hasn't happened since. Really annoying and even more so when you are busy recording.
It still works without error.
DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) & MIDI Applications / Re: Notewriter by Opus1
« Last post by IIO on October 17, 2019, 09:33:05 PM »
choose your favorite font, make a copy, rename it (or its contents) to "Sonata", reboot.
Yes... thanks. ... it wasn't  showing there because the audio was not initializing on launch until I removed that underscore. Then I found it right away. So I will try it. I'm just curious to see. A shame Cubase has such terrible latency under sound manager. Thanks again!
oh yeah, it is under devices/device setup/VST multitrack/ - no wonder you didnt find it.
would you mind removing the "._" from the ASIO folder?
itīs not large enough i can hardly see it. ^^
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