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Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: Monitor stays black after booting
« Last post by GaryN on April 25, 2019, 04:30:57 PM »
You're a confusing kinda guy lol. Extensions on, extensions OFF, wax ON , Wax OFF.
It's simple: Nvidia card = Nvidia extensions ON, ATI extensions OFF.

I think I've got it, but you won't like it.

From Wikipedia:
…the DVI connector includes pins for the display data channel (DDC). A newer version of DDC called DDC2 allows the graphics adapter to read the monitor's extended display identification data (EDID). When a source and display are connected, the source first queries the display's capabilities by reading the monitor EDID block over an I²C link. The EDID block contains the display's identification, color characteristics (such as gamma value), and table of supported video modes. The table can designate a preferred mode or native resolution. Each mode is a set of CRT timing values that define the duration and frequency of the horizontal/vertical sync, the positioning of the active display area, the horizontal resolution, vertical resolution, and refresh rate.

Problem One: Your 27" monitor needs dual-link DVI to display its full resolution. The card cannot supply that.
Additional confusing issue: The card has a full set of pinholes, so you CAN plug a dual-link cable into it though the "extra" pins receive no signal.
Problem Two: You would think (note the italics) the monitor would just adapt itself to the incoming signal and scale to a viewable size, but evidently it won't.
Problem Three: The DDC-over-EDID signal (yeah, I know…arrgh!) also communicates the color resolution and such. So, since the monitor and Nvidia card aren't talking, the card keeps resetting itself to the "fallback" default: 640 x 480 @ 60Hz 256 colors. That's why the display goes black.

Remember, this all started just because you want to remove one monitor from your desk AND don't forget, you had NO trouble with the 24" single-link monitor. I have a 27" Samsung "Syncmaster 2770" that accepts the single-link signal from my stock ATI card in my G4 and scales it to full size.
I do NOT however, use it for film work. The pic, while generally OK would quickly drive me nuts for lack of fine detail.

I have no idea why your monitor won't "talk" to what is a standard DVI signal and at least display something.
It may (this is a guess) speak only DDR2 - which, although I would think that would be stupid, it wouldn't surprise me either. This is info NOT supplied in the manual (naturally) but would be typical of hardware-engineer thinking because after all, what kind of idiot would try to use something as old and obsolete as OS9 on a G4 in 2019? A real pro would certain have only the latest and greatest, right?

At the end of the day, honestly, if all you need to do to make everything work well for you is make space for two monitors (or find one that is more versatile) you're ahead of the game.
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: Monitor stays black after booting
« Last post by davidivjak on April 25, 2019, 02:56:33 PM »
Thank you Gary,

I just checked it and there were the Nvidia extensions actually enabled, but not the ATI drives disabled. Corrected that now.
Unfortunately, it doesn't show any change.

When I go to the System Profiler, it would say for my graphics card:

Integrated graphics card

Type: display
card name: NVDA, Display-B
card model: -1
Card ROM#: not available
card revision: not available
card manufacturer ID: -1
video memory: 32 MB

Furthermore, I noticed that the color settings are reseting automatically after every boot up to 256 color depth instead of keeping it at 16,7 Mio. Found this pretty annoying all the time, but hadn't spent deeper thoughts on it.

Does this give some more detailed information about the situation of the driver / extensions for the Nvidia card? Is there anything wrong you could tell from these things?
Storage Technologies / Re: 1TB SSD on a PowerBook G4 Wow!!
« Last post by DieHard on April 25, 2019, 12:53:03 PM »
As always Gary explains the "whole ball of wax" in a clear, efficient manner... or as with software "the whole ball of yarn"; dual boot systems (OS X & OS 9) for the less experienced users can definitely pull on a few strings and unravel that ball of yarn. SO, as mentioned...a quick review for those who don't search the forum for old topics...

Mac System with OS 9 Only (Not Dual Boot)
1) Keep Boot Volume less than 200GB (I always use 190GB)
2) If using a Mechanical Drive (non-SSD) keep ALL volumes less than 200GB if you will be running Norton Speed disk or other OS 9 de-fragmenting apps, an alternative is to boot to OSX via CD/DVD and run an OS X de-fragment app on the OS 9 Volume as some here members do...I do NOT do this, so you cannot ask me the details
3) NEVER de-fragment SSD volumes as this will shorten the life of the SSD for no reason (all locations pull data at the same time, so reason to beat up the SSD)
4) If using an SSD or drive you are never going to de-frag, make all non-boot volumes as big as you want, but remember that OS 9 data recover tools may run out of RAM or error out of some huge volumes

Mac System with OS 9 & OS X (Dual Boot)
1) Separate Hard Drives for OS X and OS 9 (if possible); this adds a little extra safety with the benefit of being able to run OS specific data recovery/partition recovery tools if something goes wrong and not "confuse" the app
2) Disable Spotlight (as mentioned)
3) Disable Time machine (as mentioned)
4) Copy files to and from other volumes in OS9 (this will prevent OS X from messing with long file names that show up like hieroglyphics in os9) and also...
While you can move files without issues from OSX to OS9 in OSX, occasionally the Linux-derived OSX permissions will trip the wrong flag in OS9 and lock the file down.
as mentioned
Storage Technologies / Re: 1TB SSD on a PowerBook G4 Wow!!
« Last post by IIO on April 25, 2019, 11:51:27 AM »
spotlight and time machine are among the first things i disable after i install some OSX machine.

they suck in OSX, too, not only in OS9 or linux.

glad to hear that the latest WD Blue SSD seems to work and boot fine for you. let us know  in case that ever changes.:)

however, with 300 euros it is 15 times more expensive than a second hand conventional (SATA II) disk and 3 times more than the whole machine.

oops, seems i cant read, it is more like 150. we can talk about that. ignore me, i am just talking to myself.
Storage Technologies / Re: Time for the true. SATA speed In Mac Os 9.
« Last post by IIO on April 25, 2019, 11:30:24 AM »

It needs an EEPROM replacement if you want to use OS9 but can then be flashed with the Firmtek SeriTek firmware in a PC and is bootable from MacOS7.6 -10.5.8.  Note, however, that a flashed card won't work with either the Digital Audio or any of the Quicksilvers. They just won't boot if you install the card.

1. it needs hardware modification 2. it needs to be flashed for mac 3. you need a PC to do that 4. it still wont work in half the G4s ... is there any PRO beside all these cons?

there must be thousands of sonnet card around in germany, why the f*** is nobody selling them? :)
well neither will save the planet unfortunately..  seems like it's beyond saving lately..

I didn't see those links in this thread above..  they must have been shared in another thread and I guess I missed that post completely..   looks good so far!  I'll dig in later tonight.  I have to sample an old one of these I got for $10 the other day..   fun to make sampler patches for odd little quirky instruments like this. 

I'm also surprised to see that DP3 CAN do VST intruments.. I thought it was effects only.  So I'm going to have to try that out soon and see if it works.  I mean it makes sense, but seeing that a vst wrapper is needed and DP3 as far as I know didn't have any built in virtual instruments I just figured DP3 would have no way to handle instruments coming from a 3rd party wrapper. 

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Quicksilver Thread!
« Last post by IIO on April 24, 2019, 01:01:35 PM »
max/msp says my 933 CPU would run at 55 degrees (celsius, that is)

is that okay?
i didnt mean to sound like they do in linux groups, but false politeness does not help either to save this planet. :)

which of these didnt work for you?,54.0.html,53.0.html

This is free and works on PPC PEF files!!

IDA / Hex-Rays also works, but it costs like $2600.

hopper disassembler once was available for PPC, no idea what kind of stuff from classic it can work with.
yea I understand..  Your points are valid.   Yea I was just noticing a trend of snarky responses to any post you were in on..  I get it though.  not everyone's sense of humor makes the right impression..  so it's ok.  I take back  the ass comment.. I was just venting.

I tried those sites and found many / virtually all of them were not OS9 plugins..  and some that were like pluggo.. at least the one i found so far.. was broken and messed up DP3..   I think I found another that will work.  has a s/n and what not, but i haven't tried it out yet. 
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