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Storage Technologies / Re: "Invalid Btree Header, 0, 0" error...
« Last post by Image.Material on Today at 03:19:02 PM »
[...]The logical way to avoid having to repair Btree errors is to prevent them from happening[...]

That's pretty much what mounting the OS 9 partition read-only from the start does.

My OS 9 volume no longer has a .fseventd or or or any hidden file that OS X normally creates, which supports the fact it never gets to write to it.

Well, given both norton and disk first aid no longer complain I'm happy with the results.
Others can no doubt explain this better than I but it seems you want to log in "forever" so that you are later identified when you return and not have to re-enter your name and password.

That doesn't happen.

The session length selector doesn't work that way. (At least, it never has for me either). Maybe it used to way back when, but I don't remember it ever working.
Your user name and password are stored in Firefox (assuming you have passwords enabled) and should pop up when you click on the Forum name box, enabling a quick and easy login.

I'm on Firefox 76 (!) and it works exactly the same way.
thanks Ivan!
Storage Technologies / Re: "Invalid Btree Header, 0, 0" error...
« Last post by GaryN on Today at 01:51:13 PM »
You should read this:,2830.msg18258.html#msg18258
Then follow down to:,2830.msg18311.html#msg18311

There are good reasons to NOT install OSX and OS9 into the same volume but the most serious ones by far are Spotlight and Time machine.
The logical way to avoid having to repair Btree errors is to prevent them from happening,
Spotlight and Time machine can eff-up your OS9 Directory and Btree even if you don't use them.
there are six channel cards? :)

more cowbell storage!

This is what I bought (for 15, eBay shows the offer price, not the agreed upon price):

Very well could be, I will have an other paperweight.

This guy (notice the country!)

wants 5000 HUF + 1000 HUF for shipping to my family there. It's essentially an Adaptec card with very bad firmware.

But I think, having two paperweights already is enough. I told him, 3000 Fortints (ca. $9), he wants more of course.

These cards have Intel I/O processor, usually set in non-transparent mode.
If I would figure out how to make it transparent, that would be great.

Storage Technologies / Re: "Invalid Btree Header, 0, 0" error...
« Last post by Image.Material on Today at 01:19:32 PM »
This is an old thread but did anyone mention simply mounting their Mac OS 9 partition read-only in OS X?

I do a lot of booting back and forth between 10.5 and 9.2.2 on my PMG4DA and just OS X mounting my OS 9 partition was sufficient to bring up the btree problem in disk first aid in my experience. Repairing with Disk Doctor would work a few times but eventually would crash and the drive would mount read-only in OS X, with a warning to backup ASAP.

I observed this with at least 10.3 and later(10.2 or older untested), So I came up with always mounting it read-only in OS X.

I edited my OS X fstab (sudo vifs) to have this line, whatever your partition name is:

LABEL=Macintosh\040HD none hfs ro 0 0

(of course you might prefer by UUID)

So I've made a "Shared" partition (hfs+ journaled) I put on things I would normally copy to my OS 9 volumes from OS X. It goes without saying I only repair "Shared" with the OS X disk utility.

I've been using this setup for a while now and I'd say it's the most stable it has been so far with dual booting. I check my OS 9 partition regularly and haven't had any issues since.
It's of some interest, I will have a look and assess the situation.
maybe it would be possible to identify some 'low hanging fruit'.
May I point you to the following thread about PDF usage ;),2923.0.html

Don't know if it is of interrest for you, but perhaps Knez could need some help, and it is not too complicated for you? But the first improvement was a single character, and it took MARL 15 minutes (after begging for years). ;)
I need to push this thread once again, as it is still one of the most important "missing links" if you are using just Mac OS 9.
Storage Technologies / Singing the Praise of SCSI
« Last post by Mat on Today at 11:04:03 AM »
Yesterday I had to dig out an older G4, as another machine of mine doesn't boot anymore (seems to be the PSU, ). It is a G4 AGP with a Sonnettech 1,2 GHz. And, I completely forgot that it has an ATTO SCSI controler installed. As we are discussing SSDs a lot recently in the other threads, I wanted to know how fast these 2 attached 15k disks are, as the entire computer feels quite snappy, even for OS 9.

The 15k drives are delivering 88MB/s at read, and 55MB/s writing! That is incredible!

Only the Quantum Atlas III is damn loud, but the Seagate 15k is not annoying at all. As the ATTO controller is 64 Bit, it may make sense to think about some software raid, to increase the speed even more. Anyhow, I will stay with SCSI at this machine and not care about SSDs. The disks are working well like at the first day, even if they have not been used for years now. The machine is still rocking, and it is more than 20 years old now.
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