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Thank you guys, thank you Daniel.
Iíll try the programs you suggested.


Thought I would post a 'hello' here. Been a long time Mac OS 9 (and Mac OS 8/System 7.x) user since I was a kid. Got a somewhat sizable Mac collection here going from the Mac 512k all the way to a Mid-2012 MBP with plenty in between!

I found this forum though testing and experimenting with the patched Mac OS ROM that allows us to now boot OS 9 on unsupported machines. Really incredible developments, I just wish I had that 15 years ago! Would have been super handy to have it for when apps didn't work under Classic on my 12" 867Mhz PowerBook G4, which ofc couldn't boot OS 9 at the time.

Anyway, just want to say thanks for setting up an awesome forum!
General Hardware Discussions / How do I fix a corrupt hard drive
« Last post by lilly909 on April 25, 2019, 11:57:09 PM »
My external acer laptop hard drive has corrupted, I also explore the internet to find out the solution and got to know that by restart the computer it will be resolved but it does not work can anyone provide me a valid way to fix and recover it.
For the three people on the planet that are interested, I got the game Barrack working smoothly in OS 9 on the mini.  The solution is using Barrack version 1.0.4 (instead of version 1.0.3).  Man, I love the internet for the wealth of information and resources!
Logic Audio by Emagic / Re: dissappearing logic authorization
« Last post by macStuff on April 25, 2019, 09:48:58 PM »
just found this thread;; apparently this was a bug in early version of winxp? requiered a "fix" for it to see the auth?
I've never used any other DAW beyond DP3 on OS9.  Logic could be interesting.  Only other DAW i've used is Ableton Live (currently running 8) and Garage Band..  oh and Cubase 3 for PC..  I liked Cubase 3..   I was turned off by Cubase VST because it seemed annoying that (at the time) I couldn't seem to figure out how to just record a track..  while Cubase 3 felt much more intuitive.  Still I've learned a lot since back then about music production so I'm definitely happy to give Cubase VST another go with an open mind to be more patient with it. 

I tried several older music production approaches like using my Amiga 1200 + MusicX + a Korg D-1600 via MTC, but that workflow was a bit too old school for me..  like reel to reel..  not for the analog warmth but if you've ever recorded with Reel to Reel like i have, you know it's kind of a clunky approach unless you're someone who plays your parts perfect first time..  I have to do a lot of re-takes so having a DAW that records digitally in the same environment as the midi and all together is much more preferable.. 
Storage Technologies / Re: SCSI Quick Mount?
« Last post by Syntho on April 25, 2019, 07:00:27 PM »
Both SCSIProbe and Mt. Everything won't work. The Jaz disks I have are in a PC/DOS format and SCSIProbe doesn't want to mount it. Thats's probably the same reason Mt. Everything doesnt want to do it either. If I have the drive on as I boot, the Mac recognizes it when I pop in a Jaz disk later. Looks like I'll just have to do that for now.
i plan on gettin back into some dp3 + logic 6 soon with my motu system
just waiting on finding another host card
Logic Audio by Emagic / dissappearing logic authorization
« Last post by macStuff on April 25, 2019, 05:54:27 PM »
hey guys
so i pluggd in my xskey last night
blue emagic usb key version
fully expecting that it would authorize my logic 5.5 that i was messing around with
and it says it has no logic authorization on it
and now its only showing a registration for ES1 synth for both mac + pc versions
im perplexed because i bought this blue key off ebay supposedly as being a full logic version 6 that was upgraded from 5
is there any explanation for why my key is showing no logic authorization ??
it seems to me that my auth has vanished
maybe it only works with mac on logic 6? because it upgraded from 5 to 6?
i swear i used it on pc for 5.5 before tho. so its very strange
the white apple xskey i haev works on pc to authorize basically everything
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: Monitor stays black after booting
« Last post by refinery on April 25, 2019, 05:15:50 PM »
here's an idea... what about booting it with the 24", installing VNC software, then booting it with the 27" connected, connect remotely via VNC from another machine, and change the resolution to something that will display on the 27"?
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