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Author Topic: Looking for friendly person in Austin to put a clamshell in Target mode.  (Read 831 times)


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One of my favorite relatives has tasked me with getting his deceased father's 2000 iBook Clamshell working. It has sentimental value.

1. I got what I believe to be the proper discs off eBay. iBook 9.2.2 with 10.x as well.
2. I was able to boot from the Hardware Test CD. Hard drive obviously bad. I can hear it.
3. I operated on the patient and replaced the drive with an SSD. I thought it went really well but...
4. Apparently I killed the Optical Drive? it won't boot from the CD.
5. Pram reset worked, Option Command worked. So I know the keyboard it OK.

I think all I really want to do is get 9.2.2 on this thing and claim victory. Putting it in Target Mode would be my next thought. But I doubt that is going to happen with an M1 MacBook. :)

I was hoping someone in Austin would be willing to try to at least see if it will go in Target Mode and then... hopefully, install OS 9.2.2.

I live in the Zilker Neighborhood.

Otherwise, I might buy a G4 iBook and do it myself. However, I'm trying to purge these days and not own more stuff. Also, I just want to get it done and not start yet another hobby. Or do I?


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