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No exactly it wouldn't, but the exception handler gets handed a structure that contains the register values of both user and supervisor registers; that is also how you would modify supervisor level register as they're written back (although filtered) when the exception handler returns, which allows you to set bits such as MSR[SE] to single step.

But the documentation is correct, you can not execute supervisor isa instructions in the exception handler context (as I wrote previously, PowerPC Mac OS always run in usermode and that included exception handling).
That sounds weird, did it trigger if you did perform an 'sc' for example?
I didn't try sc. Just mfspr.
Anyway, the exception handler documentation says the handler is executed in the same context as when it was installed, so it also wouldn't be able to execute supervisor mode instructions.

I found that in 2004 I did Jasik Nosy on the XLR8 Mach Speed Control Panel. It did some weird stuff that maybe involves the 68K emulator to get into supervisor mode? I don't remember how far I got into looking at that or why I was looking at it - it's been almost a couple decades.  The reason I say 68K emulator is because of some addresses, used in the code, in the 0x68000000 ... 0x69000000 range which I read recently might be related to the 68K emulator which I know very little about.

Here's some incomplete pseudo code. XLR8 Mach Speed Control doesn't include debugger symbols like the PowerLogix CPU Director app does so I had to make up some function names.
had issues with them 20 years ago, they refused to transmit domains to where they should go (but charge for it)

a german company finally helped me for free to get it over.
I worked for GoDaddy for all of two days back in like 2006... Walked out cuz they're shady as hell to their employees as well. Terrible company
I'll help you guys!
I even wrote to this hosting how to pay the rent, but they did not answer me, I know a bunch of people who this site helped, do your best to cause it to these damn dogs!
I'll throw 20 bucks from someone else's paypal!
CD/DVD Authoring & Burning Software / Re: emagic waveburner (2001)
« Last post by IIO on November 30, 2022, 11:46:54 AM »

at the times of the first versions of masterlist CD people were writing DDP data exclusively to tape, because it was the only medium big enough to hold that data while beeing portable with physical mail services.

it was already called "DDP" but nobody would have thought that later you were going to export "image files" to hard disks or transfer the data via FTP upload.

they told me i have untill the 13th of december to pay this or else they nuke all the data
they arent even giving me a backup im really pissed off at godaddy i knew they were crooked a long time ago i should have moved servers last year like i had planned but here we are now with my data being held ransom i have limited income to be able to shoot at this i have paid for the hosting since 2014 30$ canadian every month never missed a payment i was in the hospitol when the payment failed with a twisted ankle this is just so wrong on so many levels way to reward a 9 year long customer .. shameful policies from godaddy - clearly a desperate company out to screw over its own customer base - they harassed me many times to upgrade when i did not have any need to, totally shameful business practices from godaddy

thank you to any of you who can help me sort this problem
i intend on keeping the site up and moving to a more reputable hosting company for the future
its gonna take a few days work to make that a reality.. lets just hope godaddy doesnt fuck up the restore even after its paid for...
all of this because one of my credit cards expired on my paypal account and the billing didnt go thru im shocked that godaddy would
treat me this way after being a customer for close to ten years.... shameful, needless to say its highly reccommended to not trust them with your hosting
CD/DVD Authoring & Burning Software / Re: emagic waveburner (2001)
« Last post by DieHard on November 30, 2022, 11:27:41 AM »
Is there a big difference between toast and jam? I thought toast could burn audio CDs so jam would be unnecessary but maybe that's only on older versions.

Huge difference.  Jam has more CD text features, crossfades and other features that toast does not have
OK, I just talked to Chris and he is being held hostage by GoDaddy, they are going to charge a re-in-statement fee of $250 for the "OldSchool DAW" forum.  If this site dis-appears then many musicians will suffer.  It is the only site that covered all the gaps that we do not cover here, such AS...

Extensive DOS downloads for ancients DAWs
Extensive Windows 3.1, "95, '98 downloads for ancients DAWs
Roland resources no longer available
Tons of rare driver downloads
Sampler history info

and much, more.

I am donating $20 right now to get the ball rolling, regardless of what you think of Chris, or even me, personally, that does NOT matter; please help if you can, I am already getting PMs from people who need these resources and we need sites like this to stay around in 2022

PayPal info:

- DieHard
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