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i never tried this one....
Cubase/Nuendo by Steinberg / Re: Cubase 1.8.3 for mac (68k)
« Last post by smilesdavis on Today at 02:19:01 AM »
same, came as update floppies, here is 1.3.8
is there a cracked version of motu y for cbx d3?
just bought a cbx-d3 gotta try this
red is a prototype
I installed OS 9.2.2 using the boot disk available here on an iBook G4 14" and the screen goes black shortly after most of the extensions load. Pressing brightness down (F1) 20-30 times brightens the screen.  However, I noticed something curious after I installed OpenBSD 7.1 to another partition: if you do not automatically boot mac os 9, but stop at the OpenFirmware prompt and then type mac-boot, Mac OS 9 fully boots and the screen does not go black!

I have run the following openfirmware commands so that the mac waits at the OpenFirmware prompt for me to choose to boot OS 9 (mac-boot) or OpenBSD (boot hd:,ofwboot)

setenv auto-boot? false

I am not recommending anyone install OpenBSD 7.1, but rather stopping the boot process at the OF prompt to mitigate the annoying black screen problem (and save the now precious F1 key from wearing out!).

(OpenBSD 7.1 PPC and I suspect most 32bit linux distros currently have NO Firefox and one is better off using the last Classilla on os 9.)
Cubase/Nuendo by Steinberg / Re: Cubase Audio DAE (1994)
« Last post by smilesdavis on September 28, 2022, 03:27:06 AM »
XT is the "Audio" 16Bit version of the pre-VST versions ("standard" midi->pro score->pro audio XT), DAE/TDM is a special version of the same Product for Digidesign TDM Hardware.
Storage Technologies / Re: All Hail the RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA Adapter
« Last post by Bolkonskij on September 27, 2022, 11:53:42 PM »
Thanks for your suggestions, folks! I've been unable to track down the AS331 V1.5 / SATA2IDE44VAO adapters FBz mentioned. Good thing to know the V1.3 is buggy (thx Metrophage!).

Anyone seen that one before / tested it?

It seems widely available in where I live. I figure it might be flat enough to fit into the Mini.
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