Author Topic: Technical Note TN 1188 Packages in Mac OS 9  (Read 2715 times)

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Technical Note TN 1188 Packages in Mac OS 9
« on: February 02, 2017, 10:39:13 AM »

This Technote describes how the Finder implements packages in Mac OS 9. Developers interested in creating packages for use in Mac OS 9 can use this document as a guide for creating packages. Mac OS 9 packages offer a simple consolidated experience for the user when interacting with a package in the Finder's windows, while at the same time preventing accidental tampering with a package's required support files.

For Mac OS X package compatibility, an additional package specification for Mac OS X will be released as an adjunct to the Mac OS 9 package specification described in this document. Upon release of this additional specification, developers will be able to create packages to be used in either Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.
 Updated: [Oct 11 1999]



The Package Flag

The Top-Level Alias File

The Package's Main File

Other Support Files

The Optional Open Document Event Parameter

Package Compatibility Notes
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