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It’s not commonly referred to as “SCSI voodoo” for nothing.

Run Apple Hardware Test for your specific G4. Disconnect all
unnecessary cards and peripherals and run AHT to eliminate
basic hardware problems and “build-back” & test from there.

Have you recently changed / added anything - prior to the crashes?
(i.e. software, hardware, etc.) Or did this begin just out of the blue?
If you’ve not recently changed anything… RUN AHT.

“Old very capable scanner(s)”. Is more than one attached
at any given time, or do you swap them out with each other
as needed? All the same make, model & manufacturer? Given
that most scanners require their own individual software &
drivers… perhaps you’ve a conflict with one or the other? Of
course, depending upon which specific extensions need be
loaded for the individual scanners.

(*Although you have booted with all extensions off.)

Have you checked the (normally selectable) SCSI IDs to see
if maybe one might have been inadvertently “bumped” or
changed from its’ original setting?

Might also check the Adaptec SCSI drivers & reload / renew.

I’ve an old Agfa Arcus II flatbed scanner attached to a 9500 running
System 8.6. It’s rock solid stable so I’ve never upgraded it to OS 9.
It’s a standalone scan station. There’s also a Nikon Coolscan attached
to a Quicksilver with OS 9.2.2 for 35mm film. (Great to have the
luxury of separate & stable.)

Best of luck. Hope it’s something simple and easily remedied.

Crash w/ no scanner attached? And-or w/ the Adaptec removed?
General Hardware Discussions / Re: 150 MHz QS Bus Speed!
« Last post by DieHard on Today at 04:55:28 PM »
Wow, this is so nicely posted... you get another "DieHard Santa" package this year !

I will try to include small items this time as the ADC monitors provide further "clutter" to your lab :(

Oh, and let me know if you need a few dozen more "Bribge" SATA to ATA adapters 'cause I am starting to run out of experiments with them
I mean it would be feasible, at least hypothetically, to crawl the site and create an offline "mirror" using wget
General Hardware Discussions / Re: 150 MHz QS Bus Speed!
« Last post by FBz on Today at 04:05:30 PM »
150 MHz System Bus hack on a Quicksilver 820-1276 “A” board. Used a 22Ω .25W resistor and a soldered in-place jumper. Used same RAM and nVidia from Quicksilver that had a bootable “B board” to start… with a solo Inland 128 GB SSD (via a trusty RXD-629A7-7 bridge adapter) and only 1 GB RAM installed. QS 867 MHz CPU.

No massive differences noted with QuickBench 2.0  - but maybe QB isn’t the best method to measure the touted 12% System Bus speed increase against original config. It seems faster. [QuickBench results from the original are top results, over the results from the hack (bottom).] Click attachments.

Original 22Ω resistor appears different - but the newer resistor has same values.

Example per instructions:

Step 1:


Unable to source a 1 GHz DP for the QS but did get a 933 and I thought this hack might help it a bit towards that 1 GHz performance goal. Next I’ll do same hack on Quicksilver “B board” max the RAM and install that 933 CPU.
Storage Technologies / Re: Mac Mini 1.42 DVD drive make
« Last post by IIO on Today at 03:52:54 PM »
you can also see that in toast (for those who dont want to dismantle a dozen minis^^)

Storage Technologies / Re: Mac Mini 1.42 DVD drive make
« Last post by FBz on Today at 02:53:48 PM »

Of the  (6) various G4 Mac Minis now open downstairs,
most are Panasonic… with only one Matsushita.

(Apple Combo 8123A / model CW-8123-C) from 1.4 GHz Mini.

BUT, they’re all interchangeable & I have found Panasonics
in the 1.42's too.

The Panasonics are:

(1) Super 835CA / Model UJ-835-C
(2) Super 846CA / Model UJ-846CA
(1) Combo 8124A / CW-8124-CA
(1) Super 845CA / Model UJ-845-C

powercore license unlocker is now available.

we needed 2-3 people with a card and missing licenses (such as someone who has not yet installed his master X5) who can test something before we post it here.

Sorry, I've no experience of SSDs (yet).
On the odd occasions I need to transfer files between Mac & Windows I use ftp.
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