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I recently got OS 9 running on my PowerBook 5,2 and it works great! The Airport extreme even worked after the initial install but no longer does :/

My problem at the moment is that I am quite keen to run some games on this, but 90% of them require a resolution change or colour change to 256 colours. At the moment I'm stuck at 1280x864px (Millions of colours).
Are there any modded ROMS out there, or hacks to enable other resolutions/colour depths?
Under Apple System Profiler it says I'm running Mac OS Rom 10.2.1 (Generic), and my graphics chip is the ATI Jasper_A.

P.S thanks for all the great guides on how to achieve this, I never thought this would have been possible! This machine would be perfect if I can get this to run!!

hm, only mtc and clock... seems i remembered wrong.

Torvan. That eMac is better with leopard (Full Core Image) than with 9....
Well, despite hours of trying, four CDRs, and even attempting just "Drag and Drop", in no way can I get OS9 to boot at all. I even tried the "boot an OS9 machine and use Firewire Disk mode" trick. Yes, I used the drivers and the tbxi-enabler. Terminal blessed the drive too. But noting appears in an Option boot and neither in Tiger's Startup Disk preferences.

Perhaps it is because mine is the 1.42Ghz 7447a with the Radeon 9600 (which has no OS9 drivers).

HELP BOARD ! Installing & Troubleshooting the Classic Mac OS / We Have sound!
« Last post by SabithaSuki on September 22, 2018, 03:42:32 PM »
I say again- BASED. GOD.

It ends up I was using an earlier revision of the M-Audio Disk (Cira 2002 one) that caused the USB to shite the bed.

I'm now Quacking in full stereo as we speak! My next step is to find a wireless adapter that supports my RT-AC1900P router and its WAP2 secure network, that and maybe get a second one of these to have both speaker and headphone outs at my disposal

Either way, problem is solved, thanks to all who pitched in!
hrm. ive been doing a lot of research today and finding lots of problems from people trying to use these MOTUs with SD. im going to see about firing up my Unitor8s this weekend and see if the problem continues.
one interesting thing i did find is that the OS9 version of MOTU clockworks gives a lot more configuration options than the OSX version does. or at least makes it more readily accessible.
Challenge accpeted based god. I got the DAW to work allready, it flopped with the lack of drivers.

I'm going to assume that using the internal AUX is a ruse, in it that it doesn't work even with a volume control knob.

Therefore It's time for plan B!

I will report as updates come.
Okay so the Diehard DAW pack flopped, and I am under the suspicious the stock driver cd is not working.

OK, so let's go slow and try to clarify a few things...

1) The diehard instant DAW works on all native os 9.2.2 machines, on the mini, however, some files must be "injected" AFTER you run the ASR from another mac (with the Mini in target mode) BEFORE you boot the mini to OS9...
I believe you can now run the custom updater, from Ross (you may want to PM him to see if this will work)

From RossDarker...

Full topic here...,2408.msg31228/topicseen.html#msg31228

Look for the following:
New SIT archive, contains updater app, I made in apple script. You should put this in the Mac mini download folder Diehard. This updates ANY disk you specify. The disk you update needs to have Mac OS 9 on, in any configuration. This app makes it run on a Mac mini, and has all the latest stuff (v7), whilst keeping the rest of the System Folder and the hard disk of the existing disk.

little demo of me updating from a v5 install to v7...

Attached is the SIT.

If this does NOT work, you can replace the files manually (after installing the instant DAW), they consist of an updated ROM file, Modified Video drivers, and removing the energy saving

2) Now install the Transit software found in this pack here:,4438.0.html

If this does not work, I will take out the mini from cold storage and tell you exact versions of transit software and extensions

Okay so the Diehard DAW pack flopped, and I am under the suspicious the stock driver cd is not working.

However I have some questions.

1. In the readme it stated that the headphone jack exports at a fixed audio; how low is that audio, and is it possible to hack the fixed value. My speakers have a volume dial and with that cranked up to max, I still hear nothing, and I know the headphone jack works from tiger.

2. What drivers / extension are used for the M-Audio transport specifically. I need to narrow this down as much as I can.

3. The disk drivers showed the device, but played no sound. What could be the reason behind that.

I'd appreciate some clarification, as I am very VERY confused at this point. No fixed audio as described, no M-audio support, all working units and ports, V7 install iso, what's going on here?!

The Instant DAW never flopped so far. Its more a issue on your end. The Instant Daw was made for Macs capable of running OS9 and not for hacks. You might have overwritten some vital drivers/components in the attempt to make it work by drag and drop or you ran both installations after another. Thats not going to work. Btw you never mention on what hardware you trying to run it, like what mac and such. Lets say you running it on a Mini why dont you install Cubase from the Installer Disc and the rest of it along with it such as drivers and have a clean install to test with and single out problems. Collect the latest drivers if possible for your hardware and go one step at the time. Reading a readme file doesnt mean everything mentioned in it applies to your config. At the end a Hack is a Hack and not a warranty you get everything to work.
i dont see anything in the per-port editor regarding sysex filtering. am i looking in the wrong place?
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