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DAW - Digital Performer by MOTU / Re: Unisyn 1.5
« Last post by Syn-Fi on Today at 03:01:08 AM »
i have a boxed copy of 1.14 but i cannot deauthorize it anymore as i had corrupted Compact Flash disk.  I have to launch it with the Master disk in place, every time i seek to use it. 

Anyone know how to deauthorize the floppy? or to patch it?

Pro Tools TDM / Mix / HD / Re: Looking for TurboSynth 2.23
« Last post by Syn-Fi on Today at 01:40:05 AM »
2.22 adds diffuser , as well as removing direct sampler communication.  diffuser needs a digidesign dsp card and whilst i have an audiomedia ii and it appears as dsp in 'hardware setup' within turbosynth i can't get anything out of diffuser.  the diffuser icon, with audiomedia ii. is at least not hashed out.

os8.1 quadra 840av with audiomedia ii nubus
DAW - Plugins (VST,TDM,RTAS,MAS) / Re: Request: Camel Audio Cameleon 5000
« Last post by macStuff on June 22, 2018, 11:15:29 PM »
yes the name i was trying to remember was "Alchemy"
i guess noone told them that this name was already taken many years prior by the SCSI-transfer sound editor app from the 80s?
netatalk is exactly whats in nas4free though, but running on FREEBSD os + PC hardware -- thats why i use it ;)
so i think we are tlaking about the same thing.? almost??
you prefer netatalk installed on what os?
if its the original Oxygen 8 then yes it should work great!

i would reccommend all the great host apps that we have here

Steinberg Cubase 5 VST 32
Ableton Live 4.14
Emagic Logic 4.8x

Cubase via the "instant DAW" is probably your best starting point
DAW - Cubase/Nuendo by Steinberg / Re: Cubase VST Score 4.1 (1999)
« Last post by macStuff on June 22, 2018, 10:59:01 PM »
i dont think the sheepshaver thing is going to work with the instant daw???
or does it?
DAW - Pro Tools by Digidesign / Re: Pro Tools for M-Audio Audiophile Firewire
« Last post by macStuff on June 22, 2018, 10:50:33 PM »
u dont need a ilok or license..
the interface itself authorizes the software

but this has nothing to do with macos9 obviously
what u want to track down is m-powered 7.x.. more specifically.. 7.4 i think
i have the cd here but u can download this stuff straight from digidesigns support site

actually wait.. i do have iloks for that...
sorry i forgot. i think the only version u can use without an ilok is m-powered 7.4 on windows because its cracked

actually i cant remember for sure..
i know i do have an ilok for 7.4 that is red..
and i have another ilok for 8.x that is an ilok i had to buy and load the m-powered 8 license onto

but like i said there is a version u can run on windows that requires no ilok
i think u do need a m-powered ilok but it should be pretty easy to track down on ebay
well at least it used to be i remembe rsomeone selling the red iloks real cheap like 10-20$

anyway u can dig around here on my site for any and all info i collected on the topic,6.0.html

General Hardware Discussions / EZQuest FW400 / Mac mini
« Last post by Fury deBongo on June 22, 2018, 12:55:45 PM »
Testing an EZQuest FW400 enclosure (via a 1.5GHz Mac mini) with comparisons
between the original 80GB “Cobra+” 7200RPM IDE drive, a 2.5” 250GB 7200RPM
SATA drive and an OWC 60GB SATA SSD. Compared to earlier 17-11MB read/write
results of an old 10GB VST FW400 drive, this “Chunk” of a FW drive enclosure
smokes the VST.

*Kingwin ADP-06 V1.0 SATA bridge used for SATA drive tests.

Mini recognized only half of the 250GB SATA HD. And Drive Setup 1.9.2 on Mini
would only format it that way. Soooo…

Moved the 250GB, 2.5” SATA HD to a 1GHz Quicksilver with the ADP-06 bridge
and had to add a jumper (see red rectangle, photo below) to the SATA drive to
enable it to be recognized as a “slave drive” and then to be reformatted into
(2) 116GB partitions, which are now recognized on the Mini (with jumper
now removed) in the EZQ enclosure. (DS 1.9.2 also on the Quicksilver.)

Nice! A fairly fast 250GB FW400 external drive for $10.00. (Craigslist cost of
the EZQuest.) Already had everything else as a result of “the virus”.

Should also try Disk Utility 10.5.5 (via OS 10.4.6 on the QS)
to see if that format could further improve performance?
Storage Technologies / Re: Powerbook 165C SCSI replacement + how to install OS 7
« Last post by hageir on June 22, 2018, 08:28:39 AM »
Ok, ok, just got the Powerbook 165C.
It came with EVERYTHING down to the stickers and warranty cards, I love it when that happens, a lovely elderly couple selling a Mac Plus and this mint Powerbook 165C.
It looks like the original system disks are included, so it won't be a problem. I haven't checked it very well, but just in case, what would be the easiest way to do this? (with a fresh SSD installed).

i own a legal copy.

but the good news for you is that the waldorf is NOT bound to the card. a serial from one of the usual serial number sources is all you need.

we shall put up an original installer here then.,182.0.html
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