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Author Topic: Web Rendering Proxy+Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers  (Read 22975 times)


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Re: Web Rendering Proxy+Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers
« Reply #20 on: December 04, 2023, 12:44:36 PM »

was going to start a new thread then i saw this one is basically the same topic...
the topic : how can macos9 be made to work with modern websites.. without TLS/SSL errors

was just reading this thread:

watched a video on youtube last night where the guy mentioned the use of polyfill javascript libraries in order
to load in support for modern browser technologies..  the library that was used was called palefill which was a polyfill js library for a browser called palemoon but it got me thinking, is there a polyfill js library that could be used to inject more modern web tech support into the old macos9 browsers that would allow them to properly render modern websites ?

its been awhile since ive been trying to load websites in macos9 - classilla is dead now right?

are there any new solutions?

is there any new possible projects underway to tackle this issue?
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