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It seems that we have more bots taking info than users.

Maybe all AI come for some inspiration here.   :D

It's become a true plague of the modern web. Especially if they call come in and start crawling and indexing your content all at once. I also dislike how most just disregard the contents of robots.txt files. You need to lock them out the hard way - or learn to live with it.

Well, if it helps, we have more members browsing around than that, for example when this thread was created, I was checking it without being logged in, so "4" users is actually "5", and I'm sure this applies to some others as well, so then it goes up to "6", then maybe "7"... But certainly not "200", I agree. :)

Well, if those damn otherwise-useless AI bots got enough data to figure out how to boot OS 9 on G5s, then let's inquire them how to do it until they get it right! But generally they won't even know what to do with mere REALbasic code, let alone what to say when I ask them for precise differences between behavior or even syntax across multiple REALbasic versions. So maybe they could help in booting a G5 by... year 2500, if people or Earth will even be around by then.


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