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What's your opinion on the "like" button?

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What's your opinion? Do you feel like you have the need of a like button or not?
Vote and please motivate your vote with a comment below :)

I voted "No!" because I think that the like button hinders real discussions, which is what a forum is all about. It belongs, if anywhere at all, on social media.

I voted "No". People should interact. Pressing buttons dumbs everything down.

I voted "I don't care" because I really don't care about it :)

As a moderator I dont always have the time to interact fully the conversation

The like button also act as a I have readed your post and I aprove it. So other moderators can see that I readed it.

Of course 3 words can say more than "like", but the meaning of like in Facebook is different than here. Or Instagram hearts. Here the post are less superfitial than on fb or Instagram. And almost always is not self promotion.

Other users can always opt to not press the like button or Just ignore it. Just because the most users "dislike" the button it doesnt mean than for a fistful of users Isnt really handy.

I don’t “slam” the like button. I simply press it ever-so-gently after I have read the contents of a post and found it worthy of "a like". Then if any further comment or additional information is called for… I’ve the option of a follow-up post. I’ve not lost any ability whatsoever to give my mind a chance to form an opinion by pressing the like button. I’ve already read the post and I wouldn’t have liked it, if I hadn’t read it and already formed an opinion. It's use does not lock the thread from more posts. It does not prevent anyone from commenting further on any "liked" subject or post if they so desire… even after someone has “liked” a post. It isn’t restrictive.

--- Quote ---…people simply slam the like button and away goes any ability to give your mind a chance to form an opinion on whatever topic you "liked". No discussion. Just single posts with information with "likes".

--- End quote ---

If it helps, call it a “thumbs up” button or a “Love” button - if that helps to allay concerns that it’s so similar to damned dreaded social media. No one is forced to use a “Like” button, but it can be a particularly useful option for various reasons.

--- Quote from: aBc on April 16, 2024, 09:12:42 AM ---Thanks @indibil! As you may know I am currently attempting to replicate your work with the copper heatsinks for the Mac mini (and eventually) your new approach to overclocking the minis too. And I most certainly appreciate the time and extra effort that you expend to translate your information from your native tongue to English. And while I am certain that many here do read your posts, not all will take the time to comment in a similar fashion as this. Keystrokes and more keystrokes just to say yes, your contribution is great, it’s appreciated or I agree with what you’ve done… keep up the good work!

When a simple “click” can convey >most< all of the above. Certainly, this helps to further illustrate just how useful and important the old “Like” button could actually be?

--- End quote ---

Don’t forget to vote above AND to submit your vote in order for it to be counted. Simply replying here does not register your vote.
And again, admittedly I was initially against the button when it was first implemented, thinking that it was like Facebook - but eventually I found it useful. So if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. But it hurts nothing for it to be an option. And yes, many moderators take the time to read every post, daily. ;)


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