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Thoughts on the future of Mac OS 9 Lives

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First steps are done, forum and files have been successfully moved.
The technical infrastructure has been set up, I'm sure you all noted the speedier operation of the forum. We're also mirroring all content, there isn't any danger of anything ever getting lost now.

So Mac OS 9 Lives is now on a solid ground for the years to come!

Thinking about the next changes.

Those of you who have been sticking around remember the days when the forum was much more active. You would log in every day in anticipation of finding some interesting new posts or developments.

Today, I'm witnessing that we're down to only a handful of posts and only a number of regulars.

One of the reasons I took responsibility of Mac OS 9 Lives was the wish to make those days coming back. To attract newbie members and see many return who had left. I'd love to make Mac OS Lives the go-to place for everything Mac OS 9 related on the web - with a focus on actually using Mac OS 9 productively and as a daily driver and not just talking about Mac OS 9. And I'd like to provide services and stuff to make that happen, because why shouldn't it ? Why should we have to rely on OS X or Windows? Mac OS 9 is more than capable.

Though, I feel we need to make some changes for this all to happen.

I'd really love to see the website extended. Remember the 2000's Mac websites with daily news and how-to tutorials? I'd really love to see a website that is a good bookmark to keep and visit after you've booted up your OS 9 machine. A page you can link to whenever somebody asks: "What is Mac OS 9 and why should one use it?".

Also potentially offer the website multilingual as in various languages if there's enough interest. (English language content being translated into French, Spanish, German etc.)

I feel we also need to make some changes to the forum itself. It was good when it was bustling with activity and rapidly growing. Today it feels like the kids have moved out and the parents stay back in a 200 square meter house all alone. We have a lot of forums and subforums with little activity. Might be time to look into some consolidation.

Fully aware here that not everybody will like all the changes. I'll always try to incorporate suggestions and ideas what everybody is making as long as I feel they are beneficial. But I'd also ask to accept that I can't simply make everybody happy.

What I'd like everyone to remember is that if we can pull this off, it'll be ultimately beneficial for all of us Mac OS 9 users - be it us musicians, creatives, gamers, tinkerers or whatever.

Stay tuned for more. And feel free to share your thoughts.

I am addicted to the "Like" button. I really miss that functionality. I hope we can get back that within weeks.

The migration of ALL the files that DieHard hosted on Gmail should come after, in my opinion.

We should welcome even more the "virtualizers" and the QEMU community. QEMU ┬┤plus PCI direct connection (or whatever it is called) is the only new "hardware" alternative.

I am now inmerse in the renovation of my DAW rooms and my goal is to use ProTools 5.1.3 TDM and my MIX as main multitrack/SSL/lexicon instead of PT 10.

I have little to none time to make a Instagram and TikTok account to promote the forum, I wish youngers could help.

Anyway most youtubers use our install images but give credit to the garden instead.  :P

What I think is more needed is to make some great post with pictures about chassis expansions to help users grab them piece by piece. I think we have more than 20 chassis owners on the forum. If they post some pictures we can still help the Pro that still wishes to use Mac OS 9 as platform.

We have no info about the Unreal Tournament, please share.

Dont get me wrong. I am really happy with the migration and the loading times.

About consolidation of posts, I tried to do my best, but the Mac Mini stuff got no moderation done by me because I really cant help there.

The brute google skills of some searchers is needed to revamp old posts that CAN be updated.

Can we rebuild some pages to be "modern" on new browsers and still mantain compatibility with Classilla/ Internet Explorer? could benefit of a revamp.

I am sure a lot of 2014 users are still around and dont know you are now the CEO. DevilsAdvisor comes to mind, among others.

I wish vintage gamers could come to the garden for the games but get hooked here for the chat/review/tips. We can make room for them.


--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on March 17, 2024, 10:32:38 AM ---I am addicted to the "Like" button. I really miss that functionality. I hope we can get back that within weeks.

The migration of ALL the files that DieHard hosted on Gmail should come after, in my opinion.

--- End quote ---

I hear you. I just think that migrating the downloads and getting them hosted on something other than Google Drive has a higher priority than the like button, that's just my two cents.

--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on March 17, 2024, 10:32:38 AM ---We have no info about the Unreal Tournament, please share.

--- End quote ---

That was just a nonsense post in the Simplemachines calendar. I was just testing functionality and forgot to remove that post. Thanks for pointing it out.

I agree on that we need to reach out to more people and market "our" Mac OS 9 Lives "distribution" of Mac OS 9. I just think it's best done by presenting it through a nice website that is both informative and sparks curiosity to it's reader.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

I like the idea about gamers. As a dad, my play time is limited these days. Though it's fun to watch my kids to learn 'computing' - on Mac OS 9 of course - and see them play some of the games I used to. Mac OS 9 has some great games and as long as this games part wouldn't overtake the rest of page, I'd like the addition.

That said, maybe some info on how to use Mac OS 9 as an educational-at-home OS? I find it perfectly suited for kids to take their first steps and to be creative in a save environment.

OS 9 daily driver content:
Really like the emphasis on "how to use OS 9 as a daily driver". This is something I very much enjoy on my machines, finding workarounds and solutions to usually artificially imposed problems. I know there's people out there like me who will only use modern gear if it's absolutely necessary (Online Banking comes to mind) but otherwise find that their Mac OS 9 machines do whatever they're looking for, often even better.

I do hope this page stays uncommercial as DieHard had it running, e.g. no banner ads and tracking. Donations are OK, if freely and to keep things running. Banner ads would make me leave.

Social Media:
Not sure if OS 9 Lives needs to go (and drown) in the huge sea of TikTok and Insta. What would one be looking for there? It'd be a lot of time and energy and without an ad budget it'd likely not be of much use. Instead I'd love to see this place to develope into a refuge for those of us looking for alternatives to the (anti) social media? We need less Social Media and more personal websites and services, much in the way the WWW was originally intended to become.

I think is more well spent going into alternative networks like Gemini, Mastodon, Gopher etc. and finding people that are interested in something like Mac OS 9 than explaining to someone on Insta that his shiny new iPhone is overpriced corporationware.

Please don't add Like buttons. This is a Bulletin Board, not Facebook. If we like something, we can articulate that, can't we? This used to work for decades until Zuckerberg came around ...

What I'd really like to see is getting some content here spotlighted. Every now and then I run into a series of posts with such details and knowledge that makes me think "wow, this should be in some kind of FAQ" (or something) where it is readily found rather than by accident in the forum. Maybe a knowledge base of some sort?


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