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How to Get our Downloads... Become a member and have access to More !


Welcome to the Mac OS 9 Lives!

You will NOT be able to download our files unless you become a member. 
You will be amazed of how much great stuff we have waiting for you... absolutely FREE (and virus free) !

Please note the following steps:

1) All guests must initially sign up for their own user account to the forum and then be approved by the administrator.

2) Once approved, users who have NO posts (post count=0) to the forum will still not be able to access our Member Downloads. 
So, if you are now a member, please you introduce yourself by posting once in the "Our Community" member introduction thread
( and you will gain instant access to the downloads.

A simple one word post of "hello" or "thank you" will suffice; however, we would greatly appreciate a small introduction and a tiny bit of background about you and why you decided to join our community.

For uniqueness and to keep the forum interesting... please also take the time to select a custom avatar for your account.

One last note, you first 3 posts or message will require a "gotcha" code to make sure you're an actual human :)


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