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Classilla 9.3.1 is out


Cameron Kaiser wrote:

It's been a long time coming, but Classilla 9.3.1 is (finally) released. Due
to TenFourFox taking up a large amount of time to stay on the Mozilla
treadmill, plus my MDD blowing out its second power supply during development,
this took around seven months to get out and I do not intend to let it slip
that long again.

It is also not as far as long as I would like it to be, and I did not have
time to incorporate the French localization a user sent to me, nor was I
able to complete the security rollup in full. Still, all security updates
between 1.3 and 1.7.12 (and a bit of 1.7.13) were reviewed, over 100, and
nearly half were actual vulnerabilities that were repaired in 9.3.1.

In addition, several crash bugs were fixed, some minor layout updates made,
flyout and CSS hover menus are more reliable, Byblos properly works when you
back up to a parsed page, and you can change your mail client in about:config
to use an external agent.

There are three major changes/updates as well:

- Classilla can now use its HTML parser to parse WML and Mobile XHTML pages,
  which means a lot more mobile sites work properly.

- You can now change your user agent by site. The "branch" is anything under


  If you create a preference and give
  it the value "a" (a single letter a), the generic Classilla/CFM user agent
  is sent instead. There will be other single letter aliases available later.

  If you make the preference more than one character, that becomes the user
  agent sent to the site.

  Otherwise, the default user agent is sent. This pref branch will be exposed
  to the interface around 9.3.3 or 9.3.4, but you can change it from
  about:config now. There are three defaults in there already (the hard
  whitelist from 9.3.0).

- Classilla no longer automatically imports your Sherlock search services
  since they are tragically out of date and worse, could leak data. You can
  turn them back on if you really want, but it will be no longer supported.
  A new, refreshed set of search engines is now being included and built.

9.3.2 will continue the security rollup through 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6) and 9.3.3
hopefully bringing the entire browser finally to security parity with Firefox
and TenFourFox.

9.3.1 was tested on my MDD G4, my Power Mac 7300 with G4/800, my TAM with
G3/500 and (for Woody's enjoyment) my PowerBook 1400 with G3/466, all running
9.1 or 9.2.2.

There is still a long way to go, but it's getting there.


I've been using the new 9.3.1 and I can only recommend it... it's quick and pretty solid. I love the idea about using mobile websites. Finally surfing the web at the same speed as on my G5 again without all this javascript overkill ;-)

What about you?

I have always recommended 9.2.3 since it was the last revision before it moved toward being a "Mobile" based Browser... most of my fellow mac friends also like 9.2.3... please let us know if the features in 9.3 are worth the switch

Well I for one love the new Classilla with it's mobile take on websites. I have mine configured to mobile Safari rather than Nokia N95. Much more satisfying. If its good enough for the iPhone and iPad it's good enough for a G3 iMac


Sounds like I need to give the new version a complete try out

let us know what you think. like I said I changed my browsing preferences from N95 (default-horrible looking) to iOS. Since then it works and looks great.



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