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ASR (Apple Software Restore) Preserving disk authorizations...Summary


As the original thread :

may be a bit long and confusing in some ways, here we try to put brief summary of the procedure and the results.

There's a lot of method of software authorizations, including hardware based as iLook, Xkey (USB based) , UAD and Power Core (PCI card based) and other methods based on MAC address, Motherboard ID etc...
This method doesn't work with this kind of authorizations.
But there is another - very used - way of software authorizations: Hard Drive based authorizations. This method works with most of them.

The main procedure is to make an Disk Image file with Apple Disk Copy and restore it with Apple Software Restore.

The restore procedure may be done in to different partition, to another hard disk or to a different computer while the software Hard Disk authorizations are preserved.

The software needed are here:

Detailed procedure:
- Make a Disk Copy Image file of the Hard Disk or partition to be cloned. Be sure that this Hard Disk or partition is in good shape, may be useful to defragment it and made a verification with a Hard Disk tool. It is best to use small installation 2 or 4 GB. Apple Disk Copy 2.5b13 can make Image files over 2GB, but preferably uncompressed.

- Apply the script to the image file just created:

- Once the script has ended his job, place the image file alongside Apple Software Restore, ie, both have to be in the same folder.

- Now you can restore, when or where you wish a cloned copy of the original Hard Disk preserving disk authorizations.Just open Apple Software Restore and click on Restore after setting all the options at your choice :

Of course the size of the destination Hard Disk or partition must be equal or bigger than the  image file (uncompressed).
This procedure was successfully tested  with: Steinberg Cubase VST/32 5.1,Steinberg Halion 2, Steinberg Xphraze, Steinberg D'cota, Arturia CS-80, Arturia Moog Modular v2.0, NI Absynth v2.0, NI Kompakt, NI FM7, Waldorf Attack, Waldorf PPG Wave and Orange Vocoder.

Please we must try to keep this thread as brief as possible, and just to post confirmed results. The main discussion will remain in to the original thread. Any suggestion for enhancing this text will be appreciated...

Make sure to run Disk First Aid to check for errors. Even just a single 'missing custom icon' error will make Disk Copy give you one of its own errors.

it should be noted that Disk Copy 6.5b13 requires Mac Os 9.1 or later  ;)


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on September 26, 2014, 08:42:43 PM ---it should be noted that Disk Copy 6.5b13 requires Mac Os 9.1 or later  ;)

--- End quote ---
i already posted this on another thread but, Disk Copy 6.4 is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 so if you are using a version of mac os under 9.1 (8.6, 9.0, 9.02, 9.04) u might want to use 6.4 which has compatibility with .dmg UDIF images in addition to NDIF .img images
and can create larger disk images then 6.3.3.. not sure why 6.513 requires 9.1, what was added in 9.1 that it would require i wonder.


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