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Intech Software…Hard disk speed tools (HDST)

Mat, thanks for mentioning this package.... I have come across a few minor bugs with it in the past; but it is my favorite package to partition FW drives that are greater than 190GB (The OS 9 Defrag and repair limit); The Intech package is the only one that I know of that can make several large partitions on a FW drive (OS 9 will only give the choice to initialize the entire drive upon insertion and the Drive Setup Utility does not allow it) so it has always been a favorite in my bag of tricks.

My OS 9 entire library of all the software I even collected resides on a OWC mercury external FW box (Hardware RAID with 2 internal Notebook SATA 500 GB Hard drives) that  I partitioned using the Intech Software.  It is readable by any OS 9 Machine (no need to load intech to read it, just to make it) and has been my safety net to store TOAST images and ISOs...

I have a few bugs written down at the office... one was that the Intech CD extension made Toast 4.1 bomb intermittently with "illegal sense" errors


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