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Selling Powerbook G4 - cosmetically terrible, no WiFi


Unfortunately I'm not much of a physicist/chemist by nature so I didn't realise that Himalayan salt lamps sweat when it rains a lot and humidity is high. I came home after two weeks on-site and found my poor Powerbook G4 had been sitting in a sizeable puddle of saltwater for some time. I pulled it to pieces, cleaned it all as best I could (I still can't believe saltwater corrodes aluminium this bad!!), put new thermal pads and paste on everything, and she works again! Unfortunately the AirPort socket is an exception to the rule. I replaced the AirPort card with another from eBay and can't get WiFi working so it must be the socket. Battery is still good-ish after all these years, you can still get about 90 minutes out of a single charge.

Anyway if anybody wants a war-torn Powerbook G4 for cheap, chuck me an offer and let's see if we can't work something out. I'm trying to streamline my possessions in preparation for moving from Queensland to Northern Territory, so offloading my Powerbook has more to do with that than the damage. I got a Quicksilver G4 with OS 9 and a Powermac G5 with OS X Leopard since finding this Powerbook in a skip bin 10 years ago so I have no real need for something in between anymore.

I really don't expect eBay RETRO VINTAGE SUPER RARE prices here.

UPDATE: Free to a good home. You just pay shipping.

If my current country allowed importing computers, I wouldn't mind giving this one a home. :( Surely someone else will be able to, though!

(Also, what a pity about what salt lamps can do and did!)

I’ll take it I’m over the border...


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