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FS✅ Vintage Mac PPC 7300 > Sonnet G4/800 mHz | 384·MB RAM | 2 GB HD | USB/FW/Eth


Rare Vintage Mac... Working! This is a PowerPC 7300 with an upgraded Sonnet Crescendo G4 800 mHz processor running OS 9.1. Built in August 1997 in California. Upgraded RAM and PCI cards to provide faster Ethernet than stock, Video-In capability, Firewire 400 and USB 2.0 ports for compatibility with more modern peripherals like keyboards and hard drives. Case has very minor discolouration on top. Used as a professional graphics workstation back in the day. Meticulously maintained. Boots, runs well. Drive diagnostics show no issues. System profile report available. Questions? Ask me.

Asking price: $550 CAD

▶️ Sonnet Crescendo G4 800 mHz processor upgrade card [#PPCG4-800-1M]
▶️ 384 MB RAM - All 8 slots filled; [Max RAM 1024 MB]
▶️ 2 GB Internal Hard Drive (Quantum Fireball ST2100S 5400 RPM [1997-2001])
▶️ Stock Apple Video Card: AAPL 343S1154 1024x768 Resolution
▶️ CD-ROM Drive 12x (Matsushita CR-8023)
▶️ 3½" Floppy 1.4 MB SuperDrive
▶️ PCI Card: AsanteFAST 10/100 Full Duplex Ethernet
▶️ PCI Card: Apple TV with RCA | S-Video | TV Out | VGA out
▶️ PCI Card: Sonnet Tango 2.0 Firewire 400 | USB 1.1/2.0 Combo Card
▶️ Ports: SCSI drive [DB-25], ADB [Keyboard/input], 2x Mini DIN-8 Serial [Printer and Modem], Ethernet AAUI-15, 10Base-T, Audio In and Out, Video Out DB-15 

Comes with Apple Extended Keyboard and Apple Mouse, Apple Video to VGA adapter, and VGA display cable.

Location: Mississauga Ontario

Why how why

Oh, prices are going up. So it seems I have to sell my beloved PM9600!

PM 9600/350, Kansas without any problems regarding upgrades. Very rare!
Sonnet Crescendo G4 800 mHz processor upgrade card
1,28 GB Ram
Internal SCSI ZIP drive
Internal DVD- and DVD-RAM(!) burner Pioneer DVR-109, ATAPI, bootable
Internal SCSI DVD/CD reader Pioneer

2 x 300GB 15k rpm LVD SCSI hard disks

Radeon 9200 Mac Edition (original) 128 MB
Adaptec 29160 U160 LVD SCSI controller
Acard 6293M, SATA/eSATA/ATA133 controller
RME Hammerfall DSP Digi9636
Combo FireWire, USB, 100/Mbit Ethernet card
Miro Motion DC30+

Apple Adjustable Keyboard, mechanical, ergonomic, including original Apple 2nd lettering in cyrillic
Inventronic GigaFile SD-Card reader, SCSI
Kensington "Expert Mouse" trackball, ADB
Gravis Blackhawk ADB Joystick
Meilenstein SIM cardreader, serial

 2900,- Euros, pm me when you are seriously interrested  ;D

Well, prices go up on vintage hardware. Times are always changing ;)

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