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For sale. 7x OWC FireWire drive enclosures.

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I am selling 7x clear plastic OWC mercury FireWire drive enclosures. They use the Oxford 911 chipset and take IDE drives, they also work with IDE to SATA adapters. 6 of them are FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 and one is FireWire 400 only. They are in decent to good cosmetic condition and have been cleaned and tested. They do not include drives. $15 each plus shipping. Note that the FireWire 400 only version has a different top cover logo than the rest and the back panel is laid out slightly differently.

I also have 1x 80GB IBM deskstar and 4x 120GB Hitachi deskstar IDE hard drives. These drives survived a complete format with zeros. They run hot and overheat in enclosed spaces like the plastic drive enclosures but seem to work fine out in the open or with ventilation. They don't make any unusual noises or excessive vibration. I am selling them for $5 each because they are 20 year old drives of questionable reliability.

Question: are these bus-powered, or do they require a separate power supply? If bus-powered, I'd be glad to buy one of the FW800 models.

I suggest you read this before buying bus powered, especially if you own TiBook.,6800.msg52022.html#msg52022

i dont think they are, i had one, and can not remember to have run it without PSU.

and i have never seen buspowered enclosures in 3,5" form factor.

it is just too risky, especially because they (read: most of them) have more than one firewire bus and therefore can be daisychained in larger amounts. 5 harddisks are already hitting the 25 watts barrier.

Understood. Thank you for those details. I'll do without...


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