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Hellcats Over the pacific - on Mac OS 9.2.2

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--- Quote from: Jubadub on April 19, 2024, 03:18:15 AM ---
--- Quote from: bamdad on April 18, 2024, 02:19:13 AM ---i don't think it's about resource (fork) compression, because i have 9.1 running on my pismo and hellcats runs just fine after removing some unneeded monitors extension or something (i can't recall but i can dig it up).
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I see. In that case, did you try all 3 color depths (256, thousands and millions), as well as all possible resolution settings? I assume you already did, but I'm asking just in case.

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of course :) hellcats errors out if you try to run it on any depth above 256 colours, and it adapts pretty well to resolutions. if i plug in my pismo to the same monitor my mac mini is using it happily runs at 1920x1080 by scaling its interface to a 4:3 aspect ratio leaving the desktop visible beneath.

somehow i need to identify what causes the dynamically rendered part of the screen (above the cockpit) to be completely blank on 9.2.2. i'm pretty sure it's not an extension like quickdraw or quicktime because the same thing happens when booting with extensions off. next i'm going to try (on my pismo as it's not as hacky as the mac mini)
- older versions like mac OS 9.2 and 9.2.1
- mixing and matching ROM files in the system folder
- looking through hellcats's resources in resedit (at least the ones i can understand)
and see if i can come up with something.

if someone who's a pro in any of the above could join me in my efforts it would be really appreciated.

first one can be crossed out, as hellcats produces the same black screen on every flavour of 9.2.x i tried. in other good news my pismo started randomly freezing, i'm guessing caps or memory (ordered a fresh set of 2x512M sticks) we'll see..

i've seen the 68kmla topic about 8.6 booting on a pismo with a modified ROM, might try that later on the mini

if it is part of the resource fork compression/decompression then either who would know about how to fix that or what would be involved in fixing it?

hellcats would be the most important victim of that but after dark is awesome also

this is the main reason i would go all through the trouble of the 8.6 firmware trick but on a fw400 mdd that might not even work :(

actually the main reason i got a g4 is i wanted to run hellcats at the highest possible resolutions  8) ...
so i was pretty disappointed to find out about this bug  :'(

hellcats was programmed so great to even have those resolutions available, if only more classic flight sims had that options, for most games it doesnt matter but flight sims definitely benefit.

did the same dev make another mac flight sim with an improved engine?  i remember another flight sim that came out a few years later that looked very similar tho it had modern jets.  maybe if theres no way to fix OS9 there could be a way to port the hellcats missions to that other engine


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