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Hi, all.

New member living in Wales, UK.
I've been using Macs for the past 30 or so years, and have recently had an inkling to boot Classic OS and run Escape Velocity or Realmz.
Looking forward to my time here, many thanks!

Hello and welcome aboard romanboy!

Seems that our Welcoming Committee has fallen down on their job of acknowledging each new member, so hopefully this might serve as a welcome to all those that “we” might have recently missed?

We’re still awaiting the possible return of a feature that would at least allow us to “like” new members’ first postings (like yours) that would rather simply serve to let you know that someone had actually read your first post... instead of feeling like your effort has simply gone unnoticed and into the void. (Yes, I had to bring this up again.) ;D

But for now, back on track romanboy... WELCOME!


Realmz, eh? For years I meant to upload to the Macintosh Garden many Realmz goodies I have that I think are no longer found elsewhere. It's just that there are so many files, that editing the Realmz page takes many, many hours to sort them all out.

You can't go wrong with those two games!

Hey romanboy, you’re just the other side of the channel :) greetings from Somerset :)

Aloha Mr. Hand.


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