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New as in finally registering


Hello from the Boston area (35 miles north) I have been to the site a few times while rebuilding my dual 867 MDD. Finally registered to finally contribute to the site. I have not only been rebuilding the MDD, I also dusted off my 400 MHz Blue and White G3 and my PowerBook G4 (which I am trying this from). Been using Macs since 1994 starting with a PowerBook 180. Owned many but the sweet spot is the MDD.

Welcome! I agree, the MDD is definitely the Mac OS sweetspot... Definitely my favorite machine in general. Then again, all of those machines are just really great... there is no going wrong with them.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay here!

Welcome to Mac OS 9 Lives! :)

Welcome! The dual 867 MDD is a nice machine - have fun with it and let us know what you intend to do with it! (Mac OS computers want to be used; not dust on shelves ;-) )


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