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Author Topic: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)  (Read 404567 times)


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #660 on: October 28, 2021, 01:13:59 PM »

Thought I'd done an intro, I'm so sorry.

Due to repeated acquisitions, management was top-heavy at the Bath Press in the late 80s,
I'd been reshuffled back to my old position as Senior Production Controller at a subsidiary firm.

Trouble was, they already had two production controllers, didn't need another, I was excluded from
meetings and had a desk in the corridor ... I found my old Gantt chart in the store-room,
mounted it on the corridor wall, filled it in. It wasn't enough, and I was an embarrassment
(one of many).

So I hung around the Mac department, talking to Ian the supervisor, who I got on well with.
He'd been involved with Rank Xerox who pioneered the WIMP thing.

I was intrigued by the WYSIWYG thing, but what really blew my skirt up was the accessibility.
I wanted to play with one of these machines, one of these "Macs".
As an admin bod I'd previously been using a mainframe terminal, then a DOS-based PC, 
which were dry, horrible necessities.

I made noises about retraining within management earshot, suddenly I was back on the
shop floor (with full Staff perks) making up book pages in Quark Xpress on, I think, a Quadra.
Mainly illustrated technical and medical books and journals for Cambridge and Oxford University
Press - Recent Advances in Sexually Transmitted Diseases didn't make good bedtime
reading. Footnotes, annotations, pic insertions, captions, references, indexing. Interesting (but
slow!) stuff, this kind of work was much better suited to automated page-makeup systems -
like our Pagitek, abhorred by the incoming management as they didn't understand it

Eventually, inevitably, the Union was called in.
"Sorry, it's the guys in the garages have put you out of business".

So there I was, out of work at 43, a skilled pre-press worker / production controller.
After some introspection I enrolled for an Art and Design Foundation course, then a Graphic Design
degree, started making videos in my second year on the Optima system.
Slow, tedious, low res.

Then in my third and final year, 1999, the Mac department finally got Adobe Premiere working
sensibly thanks to Adobe bringing out out version 5.1c. Wow, suddenly thigs were looking up.

Dad died, left me some cash, I bought this Power Macintosh G3 with upgrades and peripherals.
I still have the receipt. And, I still have the G3, minus scanner and 17" Studio Display -
which I shoulda kept. Finished the degree, got a BA with honours.

Thewn the Mac died, I didn't know how to fix it and besides PCs were better bang for the buck -
so I migrated to Windows ... ! aaaggghh ... !!

Then Windows 98, 2000 (my favourite), Vista (most used), 10, and backwards to XP and 7.
I'm pretty much an experienced user. I know what I'm doing with these systems.
I think, technology has been a godsend to Microsoft. They don't have to write lean code, and they
can bolt together processers to make them faster. And memory is cheap. And storage is cheap.
But during the spinning blue wheels and lags I remembered using the Macintosh and wondering ...

Three years ago I resurrected the Mac, found the macOS9lives! site, but the project stalled -
I was taking on too much, a close friend died, yada.

This year I started making a nice office space out of a dead-space landing, and thought it would be a
really good idea to reinstate the G3, upgrade it so I could maybe digitise all those miniDV tapes
I haven't even looked at(!) and make some short experimental films in Premiere 6, remix and
master the original music that a friend and I had recorded in Cubase 5.1, and do some desktop
publishing in Quark 4.1.

I have later versions of all these programs for PC, and I have had faster multitasking PCs than the 400MHz G3.

But as Diehard has said quote:
*In the end, what did you achieve?"

I'm nearly there. I'm now working in OS9.2 (a great improvement on OS8.6). I can transfer
files up to 4GB between the G3 and PC, go online, archive copious quantities of data. Over
400Mhz is still on the horizon, as is OSX. I have an IDE/SATA PCI card which maybe I'll install soon.

What I've learned is to not be rushed. I will be digitising another miniDV tape and creating a
 movie in Premiere 6, on this very obsolete machine with a dead operating system, before I
attempt any more enhancements. I'm very happy with my resurrected forever G3.

I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to Diehard, top Mac-Wallah, or Grand Poo-Bah if you will,
and all the other Top Nobs of the macos9lives9 community, Mactron, Supernova777, II0,
and  Fury de Bongo deserves a special mention for his warmth and generosity, plus several
other contributors - you know who you are - who have helped me along the way. Thank you all.

I have a lovely warm place in my heart now..

Or maybe it's just the Bell's ... ?

G3 B&W Rev. 2, 400MHz, 1GB RAM.
1 x 120GB SSD triple-booting OS9.2.2, OSX Panther, OSX Tiger.
Bought new in 1999 with 256MB RAM and lots of extras


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #661 on: October 28, 2021, 09:35:12 PM »

What a lovely story, Petros90. Thank you for sharing.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #662 on: October 29, 2021, 09:56:56 AM »

Dear Petros90,

That was an awesome read !  You missed your calling... try writing and getting published :)


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #663 on: November 03, 2021, 01:45:18 PM »

Hello everyone.

I am a user of Amiga and Macintosh computers for a large part.  I like PowerPC machines very much, have a MDD G4 that needs repair, a beige Power Macintosh G3 and a couple of Power Macintosh 6400s.   Unfortunately most of them are in need of some level of repair, and I often emulate them as a result.

I started playing with a Macintosh SE belonging to a friend when I was around 10 or 11 years of age, then got interested more when I gained access to a Macintosh LC.

I did not get my own Macintosh until the middle 1990s, at the same time as a IIgs.  When I did the first one was a Quadra 640.  This got me playing more with the Macintosh computers, learning a few tricks from time to time.  I really liked the amount of hacking allowed for by ResEdit, as well as a lot of the toy programs.   It did not take long before used PowerPC hardware began becoming available, and I got a Power Macintosh 6100.

After some time I ended up knowing a few vendors in the area, and eventually ended up getting my first used Power Macintosh 6400, then ended up with a couple more as they were the class of Power Macintosh that really got me  having fun.

The G3 was to see what it was all about.  I did use it quite a bit for a long time.   It was around 2006 that I got the G4, and got Mac OS 9 up and running on it.   For modern applications it seems that Mac OS 9 is the only option.

I still use Macintosh System Software 7.5.5 and 7.6.1 as well.  For many things these are my preferred versions of the Macintosh System Software on PowerPC Macintosh computers.

There was a good period of time I gave up on Macintosh, just putting them into storage and focusing on other systems.  Now I have been back into using Macintosh PowerPC computers for about 2 years.  I have debated joining a forum, and read as much as I could.  This is the forum I chose first.

I am just a Macintosh PowerPC user that hopes to learn more, and hopes that just maybe I have some little bit of knowledge to share to help someone other than myself.

Thank you for having me.  I hope that this is a good match.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #664 on: November 04, 2021, 01:32:41 AM »


I don’t have a story as good as these guys to tell. Just the truth. I came from the emulation scene. So here we go:

I am currently an UI/UX Designer for a LMS company. Previously I was a Frontend Web Designer, started in 2005.

I never really worked with macOS 9 in any real mac. All my mac experience starts in 2010, when I got a 2010 MBP 13” running Snow Leopard from my dad. Until then, since I was a kid, born in 1982, I was a Windows user (3.11, 98 and 2000 are my favs). Currently, I own a 2020 MB Air 13” M1, running a brand new Monterey. This is my first ever transition to another architecture with Apple. And I am excited to see where we will go in the future. With an eye on the past, OS9 of course.

Back to 2010. Suddenly, I was loving that mac, the GUI, how easy and intuitive it was to use. Within minutes I replaced dreamweaver with Panic Coda (which I still use to this day, and refuse to move to Panic Nova). The macs were always around me before 2010 though I had never owned one; the university were I studied for Advertising and Marketing had a lab with these colorful imacs running what I think it was Tiger or Panther. I did work on them, designed some work on them. Anyway, what it all has to do with OS9? Wait, I am getting there.

A few years ago I got the “retro fever” and jumped into emulation and virtualization fun. Just to relive my childhood memories with great old games (and I was pissed with the modern games, their prices, and upgrading pcs for gaming isn’t cheap too). Had much more fun doing it. So I emulated DOS, classic Windows, and that was it.

Then I came across macOS9 while studying some designs of the past, looking for inspiration for a design I was doing. Turns out, I was curious; I got QEMU and then started emulating the OS, experimenting, learning, I was fascinated by how good it was. So good, that I thought “how the f*** I missed that PPC era?”. Then bang, I was invested in learning more about it.

OFC I thought about getting a real PPC mac to play with it. But being stuck in Brazil, on the way to move to Spain next year, these macs were never cheap here. Not even in good conditions. Maybe I can find one in Spain, when I get established there. I fell in love with the Mac Mini G4 and the G4 Cube, btw. So I chose to emulate OS9 and I used one of the available images from this forum to do that. And btw, thanks for that well crafted image.

Playing with OS9, Tiger, Panther and Leopard, I had and still have a lot of fun with them. I made a lot of stuff in OS9, customized it so much, that it almost now feels like home to me. It was very interesting to learn the history and origins of macOS as it is today. It still is, with a community that is hard at work creating new apps like Newsstand for OS9, resurrecting Sherlock 2, custom made browsers like Classilla to extend the live of a much loved OS here in this forum and on other forums too. Keep the good work, guys!

That’s all, folks.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #665 on: November 22, 2021, 11:53:17 AM »

Hello, everybody! I don't expect to be very active here, but I do have some interest in old VSTs and sound libraries.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #666 on: November 28, 2021, 03:49:31 PM »

Greetings, Hello:)

Short version: -

Hello All:)
I’m mark, from Wales.
I like dnb, I didn’t choose it, it choose me in 1997 (the only reason I wanted a computer “again” in the first place)
Hardware Synths and Samplers over VST ones, and Compressors I do like very much I do.
I used to Windows (since 1998) but now I Mac (since 2017-ish), bunch of scenarios led me to Mac and now OS9.
I want OS9 if you Please.
i Thank you Very much:)
Thanking You.
The long (winded, waffling, wall of text, war and peace) version: -
uhh… I’m having second thoughts now… gearlust etc… “the journey”, the childlike fascination with it all, its a bit embarrassing :)
97-99 dnb


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #667 on: November 28, 2021, 09:27:07 PM »

hello again:)
The long (winded, waffling, wall of text, war and peace) version: -
uhh… I might as well, its a bit of a ramble, but I'm Grateful for this OS9 thing.
Looking forward to getting things ready and installed soon.

(btw I've just noticed that : and ) together is and emoji :) face.
I don't do emojis, I didn't realise that.

Hello, I’m mark, from Wales, and I’m relatively new to Apple Mac (OS X/Mac OS) as I have been on the other side of the fence on Windows PC’s since 1998.
So Mac OS 9 is really really New to me, but am very much liking what I’ve heard and seen so far.
My interest other than mere vague curiosity is specifically in Audio midi Music, j/dnb.
My only reason for wanting a computer again (other than when I was a kid 7-11) again in my late teens.(1997-98)

New Macs.
it’s rather exciting seeing these new Mac’s that have just come out, oh my goodness, they are ridiculous powerful, I haven’t really followed it since the event thing (my first apple event viewing, i never seen the main guy doing his thing back in the day, but was interested to see what Apple had up their sleeve this time) and haven’t looked up on how they are doing in real life with the end users, but Wow.
All that potential real-time 3D rendering power:O the Processing power. And F keys finally again - Madness!
Through the years it seemed to me like Apple Macs (brilliant as they were/are, and certainly well made) were kind of playing catch up a little with the processing power of PC’s etc.
And then whatever it is that happened with them and nVidia, (thanks be for 2017 Mac’s with gtx1080ti egpu’s on HighSierra) and all...
But now they’ve gone all Space Balls on everyone and taken it up to Ludicrous Speed and overshot the rest of the computing world it seems :)
Just hope their brains don’t go into their feet along the way.

Old Macs.
However, as ultra cool and mind-blowing as they are I’m far more exited about Mac OS 9 on G4 PowerPC’s.
A sort of nostalgia I never experienced the first time around. But it’s a functional nostalgia.
Far more exited, for making music the way I want to make it OS 9 seems totally doable (was a/the world standard after all), even though we all have the mod cons at our disposal, it seems the core of what DAW’s are haven’t really changed since the turn of the century-ish, I know they have, but they kind of haven’t at the same time, and as long as midi and multitrack 24bit audio recording is possible with the known to work with OS9 audio interfaces, the samplers can get midi’d up and spit out the drums and synths and films and murder mysteries they were fed and been chewing on:)
I don’t care about VST synths, unless it’s to feed them to the hardware samplers:) ideally in an ideal world.
I’d be up for a VST sampler at some point later in the audios life. When it’s gone through the cleansing/dirt process of having gone back and forth through hardware (and/or software) a few times and is well cooked/baked.
Pity Logic’s new samplers are held hostage in a newer Mac OS.

coming from been brought up hearing ALL sorts of musics, then 91-92 hearing some commercial ravey dance hits in discos, which I initially rebelled against at first, coming from a distorted guitar mindset, though strangely liking some of it, but later/now liked and loved allot of that Atari ST and Amiga musical revolution music.)
I like almost ALL sorts of music but especially and specifically and in particular - dnb/drum and bass, I didn’t choose it, it choose me, back in 1997.
I was 17 and had just passed my driving test, went to see an old school mate (who introduced me to happy hardcore, jungle, hardcore, and techno.... in that order while in high school 1993-94, which soon led to getting some decks and vinyl, (but how’d they make the music?)
So I drove up but I had by this time had got rather fed up of most all of the cheesy happy hardcore, etc. and was stuck for some quality electronic music to love with a passion, besides The Prodigy. I should’ve paid much more attention to jungle:(
Anyway I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, he passed me a tape and said “put that on”.
i heard it and was like “wow what is this”? “It’s dnb, drum and bass, it’s like the evolution of jungle music” he said, “I love it” I said, and I was mind blown with this ultra cool music of the future (I think it might have been 1 in the jungle with DJ Hype scratching over shadow boxing the remix) or whatever, it gelled with my soul and I’ve loved it ever since.
it also meant I could much more comprehend and appreciate jungle music too, jungle drum and bass, I love it, but not all of it of course.

No doubt production values are up above and beyond today, thanks to access to knowledge and advancement in technology no doubt, but some/lots of the early dnb just sounded better, new (well fair enough it was new), futuristic, fresh, raw, different, loud, stylish, exploratory, innovative, happy accident, wickid, massive, timeless......
It’s still all of those things, and still good today.

1 in the jungle, featuring the artists- Future Forces, was the first one (in the jungle) I ever taped/recorded from BBC Radio 1 fm, I remember running around the house at last minute for a blank tape, franticly trying to get the packaging seal off the TDK C90, putting the tape in and pressing record, and watching for the little reels to pull the brown rusty ferric oxide on the tape through, and then bang on time...
“your listening to the sounds of future forces”, yes!
I remember just sitting there absolutely engrossed in what I was hearing, so into it that I didn’t notice the tape come to an end. Panic stricken as quick as I could in a hurry turned the tape over to capture and record what precious frequencies were left on the airwaves, (I only missed about 15-20 seconds, of the best bits of a track called  “strontium jazz”:(
I still like and listen to that whole set/episode now and then and it still sounds good start to finish, fresh, new and futuristic, massive and timeless.
97-99/2000 dnb. (And a whole bunch before and after no doubt) that’s the origin for me.
The sound of those whirring whirling waling womps and womp sounds on - trouble on vinyl and renegade hardware tracks.
I need to hear some more 1997 1 in the jungles etc..... YouTube.
Only thing is your at the mercy of the recording quality. Still good though._

The computers of back then.
No doubt amongst Atari ST’s, Amiga’s, PC’c, real synths and samplers, DAT’s and whatever else back then, Mac OS 7?/8/9 would’ve been a big part in allot of that.
I was made aware more than once around 2001-ish that Apple Mac’s were the “professional” or “better” and expensive machine that was geared up for and just worked with audio, midi, and video right from the off.
I should’ve jumped ship a while ago. I almost did just before Macs went intel I think, but chickened out and got yet another Windows PC:(
Always admired the sleek, good looking, aesthetically pleasing designs on all the Macs, really nice, (except for a few really oddball ones) I occasionally noticed whilst I was just looking out my Windows through the years:)
with a slight hint of - Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours computer and/or OS (in the background of my mind)...  right ye sorry, now where’s that .dll file been misplaced Windows update? I want to run my favourite programs again.
I’d bare minimum the ui display graphics in XP so it looked (and Ran) like 98/2000.
So OS9 ui looks very nice to me, though since getting a Mac I did notice/do like how OS X’s ui prettiness and shadows etc seems like it’s a baked in textures, transparency alpha matte RGBA thing, as opposed to the graphics card working hard pushing eye candy around in Windows.... I think, I wouldn’t know.

...and my Analogue (and digital) Synth/Sampler revival.
I only happened upon Mac’s really by a strange occurrence.
I hadn’t thought much about audio, midi, VST, Synths, Samplers, Compressors etc, for….. a while.
A few years ago (2017-ish) someone mentioned somethings about yesteryear music that got me thinking and soon looking at synths, and I found that the recent-ish analogue synth revival had occurred/was occurring.
I remember having a couple of go’s of two analogue’s in 2001-02, a Roland SH101 and the much MORE memorable and dangerous growling monster, a SequentialCircuits ProOne.
It got me thinking that I had never had a real life hands on synth. I had gotten a sampler - Akai S6k, two grooveboxes Roland + Yamaha, a djx keyboard and a TCElectronic Triple-C compressor and an Atari ST 1040FM years ago (2001) and not long after my Pentium2PC with SoundBlaster live went to P4 PC (with an m-audio delta 1010LT) Pentium 4’s became really powerful and I went all in the box VST. Why? intrigue, amazement, convenience, laziness? What was I thinking? Anyway…..
So I found that a recent-ish analogue synth revival had occurred that I was completely unaware of, so I bought one, the gateway synth, then I thought I need an analogue compressor for my analogue synth, ordered a behringer compressor and eq from Amazon who were going to take 3-4 months to deliver, so I cancelled that, took it as a blessing in disguise, joined eBay to get a second hand compressor from back in the day, and thought I might aswell get all my old stuff down from the attic. Excitedly:)
I was not bothered at all about USB sample transfer to and from the Akai S6000, no I’ll use the quarter inch ins and outs, proper.
But as soon as I found I could not (even if I wanted to) do anything via usb, it being unsupported and unrecognisable in anyway on new Computers and OS’s, I just had to.
So, I seriously did not want to buy yet another PC, i did not have to think twice about it.
Naturally some cheap old Mac of some sort would be ideal for this task, and I’d have a little taste of Apples.

I get one white Lapintosh which turns into many:
White Macbook 2010 A1342 - does not run Akai Ak.Sys software, incompatible - I need an older machine.

Phone Apple for help, and they treat me like I’ve just bought a brand new computer (thank you Apple) and they walk me through the process of formatting the disc and doing an internet recovery, and guide me where to maybe purchase a SnowLeopard disc from their store, which I do.
I had to phone them again for something, and they were very helpful.

And in the meantime I get another: (Unknowingly ignorant)
White MacBook 2009 - Same thing, won’t run, get into virtual older OS’s with “classic mode”, still doesn’t work but hey these Macs are nice, they look, feel, sound, are, nice. Nice. (Still ignorant, confused, but also how’s the artist - “celdweller” doing it on YouTube with the same looking curvy white MacBook as mine?)
iMac 2017 27” - I want more Mac regardless of the Akai, start considering a 2012 Mac mini, see a mates iMac, I don’t want another screen, pondering it, reconsider and take advantage of a double discount sale thing going on and get the base model 2017 27”iMac (Bonus is - ZBrush and others, etc. goes cross platform a week or two later, and its one of last models to do the nVidia egpu thing, 3D, Bonus)...

I by now realise that I need a pre intel Mac for Akai Aksys, and immediately stop shaving sheep, and other virtualisation’s.
I go looking and find a:
Powerbook A1095 with a yellowing screen but cool it works. (I’ve since got another A1095 for its screen and spares, pity that model won’t OS9 btw)
Then I see the one I should’ve gotten in the first place, an:
iBook G4 14” 2003. - I didn’t think it was possible to keep a computer in such excellent mint condition in box, It was like a time capsule. And it works for what I want it for.
AkSys installed, connection to Akai S6k made, (thanks to Classic mode compatibility) Great.
And they stayed quite a while on a shelf gathering dust waiting for that day the Akai comes calling.
Give my 2009 white MacBook to a friend (my old school music friend funnily enough;) because I have too many, and don’t want to be greedy and hoard.
Also sorted him out with an emu, an Akai, and a red Microbrute:)

Synths and Samplers, Compressors, etc.
(! GAS and Gateway Synths are/is a real thing!)
After the first synth more synth because one synth wasn’t enough synth.
Samplers (emu, Akai, ensoniq, Roland(VP9k), yam), korg sampler grooveboxes (but not the newest one) compressors, effects, alesis modfx, racks and pedals, kaoss’s, old mixing desk, patchbays, cables, etc. Amiga 500, 600 + upgrades (I still need to install) etc. (because I discovered trackers),
a bunch of too much music tech hoarder stuff basically.
I always look into everything I’ve purchased deeply, like Sheldon on BigBangTheory, its got to be special, and do something (that sounds good) that the others don’t do.
No more though, I’ve got quite enough. (as Korg’s modwave..... and an fs MS20 are vaguely lingering in the back of my mind, MS20 purely for future preservation of those mighty filters and access to them)

ironically I had an Amiga 600 when I was a kid (briefly), finally a floppy drive computer, after years of Sinclair spectrum ZX tape cassette loading madness, but it went back day after Boxing Day because the fault thing, and it was all about the Amiga’s and Atari’s back then, my Loving parents bless them, did their best and instead of getting an Amiga 500 or the like, they got me an Acorn A3010 or something, with RISC OS and ruined my computer life forever:)
I should’ve spoke up about Ataris and Amigas, I knew better.

Synth Runs.
(I’ll make actual music again one day when I stop doing these so much)
and stop noodling around with stuff, and get the Setup setup….and get OS9 installed of course.
Ive done hours of synth runs (just playing having fun with synths n stuff), plenty of unique audio to cherry pick from and fire into hardware samplers at the press of the space bar.
I always start by trying to create the perfect womp sound over and over, eg. ARP Odyssey running hot through an MS20 hpf (both mini’s of course).
And after a good while at failing to create the perfect womp, I move onto other kinds of sounds, or go off on a sample and hold tangent, because I think there’s got to be at least 3-4 womps in there “worthy” of being sampled:) oh wait let’s do some sample and hold womps.
I feel to create the “almost” perfect womp you need a resonant hpf.

I hate it when I go to press stop after a big sonic exploration and find I never pressed record in the first place:(
That slight sinking feeling inside, but its like oh well, never mind I’ve been there ill go back near that dream-like sonic realm and tread that terrain again sometime. If it’s meant to be.... no it’s gone.
Loads of times I’ve started out thinking ill just have a quick womp or two and ended up standing there tweaking my way through an hour or two journey through sound, only to press stop and remember that not only was record not pressed, but the computer wasn’t even switched on.

I love the MS20 filters, all synths should have resonant hpf’s as well as the usual lpf, both at the same time.
MS20’s set the bar years ago (before I was born) and no one has followed suit since, not even Korg:(
And as nice as all these sound, if they’re not going through compressors, I’d feel allot less excited and dare I say uninspired. Got to tame those resonant peaks and keep them in line with the rest of the sound, don’t want them all the way up there creating havoc.
Besides it feels and sounds better.

Recording/editing Synth Runs.
Ocenaudio is the “best in the world” wave editor I use for all these tasks, seriously what a program:) Lean, mean, orange, green, and to the point.
I didn’t give it much time at first on PC, but took a second look on Mac and for recording, chopping, editing, and more, multiples of audio files on one screen, frequency analysis, etc. and more It’s great. just make a few quick shortcuts.
I don’t think I’ll find better. I feel like its the “evolution of cool edit”. Nice.
I’ll miss that on OS9 but am sure I’ll manage with what is available back then.

OS X MacBook Pro and iMac.
Because I left Windows and PC more or less, in favour of Apple Mac, which also seem more like the 80s/90s computers.
Recently bought a 2012 15” MacBook Pro (non-Retina), and maxed out the Ram and got a 1TB SSD.
Split it half ElCapitan, and half HighSierra, because I want a portable good modern-ish old Mac. (That’s ram-able, hard drive-able, battery-able, and fix bits yourself able)
It should run any of my DAW audio midi requirements, and ZBrush also.
The 2010 white MacBook is still good, but I’ve time capsule’d it as my Snow Leopard machine able to run Logic 9 and mixbus 32c. I might ElCap or HighSierra half of it.
2017 iMac has HighSierra too, twice, once time capsuled for nvidia egpu and graphics, and another for DAW. Both external ssd’s, Sierra is on the actual iMac.
And some iPad also…and iPhone… i promise I’m not a fanboy though I am a fan of the computers

No presets.
I don’t/try not to use other people’s pre made samples, and don’t use presets on synths (vst or hardware), don’t care about sample banks, sample packs and VST synths,..
just say no to presets. I might once in a while twist a preset up but try not to, im a bit funny like that.
Unaltered straight clean “pure” samples/recordings of various famous and not so famous drum breaks that preservationists/sample lovers have lovingly uploaded, yes, of course, sample them or be inspired or whatever.
I will dabble with VST synths at some point again because they’re amazing and animate-able, but I have to do my own presets from scratch. Preferably. OCDc.
I might give logic X’s drums a download and look at one day got to be some legit free drums to sample in amongst that lot.
Don’t get me wrong, I used to “evangelise” all things VST and still do, especially all the brilliant legitimately free VST, there’s no reason to use illegal crack shite, and compromise the integrity of your machine and/or morals;) but my allegiance is more to hardware since re-falling back head over heels in childlike wonder with it all, and it just sounds better by automatic, before it even gets to the computer, with DAW’s/sequencers just being the almighty impossible all possible glorified tapeless tape machine, capable of everything imaginable and unimaginable and more if you or I like.
It’s all so wonderful and convenient that we can pick and choose.

Anyway Mac OS 9.
Recently I bought the first iMac RevB - out of curiosity it was just so pretty, cheap and good condish with keyboard and mouse, its weak but has OS9 on it, wow this is cool, gets me curious, and I realise, or re-realise that Mac OS9 is what is current (1998-99) when my Akai sampler was released (bought “cheaper” in 2001).
It’s got usb but no FireWire.
So I get a few G3 iBooks, 12” ones, very pretty and cute, but then go hunting to get more G4’s because I soon discover “they” can run OS9.
It’s been a bit hit and miss but I’m on a mission, absolute bargains popped up and were to be had, and Suffice to say, I have enough OS9 compatible devices now. (Or I think they are):

iBook G4 14” A1055 2003, the mint in box one from before. - I think its a go.
iBook G4 12” 2004 - has the 9200 ATI Radeon so I think that’s a good one too.
1ghz G4 17” aluminium PowerBook A1013, the good one from January with the nvidia card.
G4 Mac mini 1.44ghz 1GB Ram. X3 of those. Bargains with keyboard and mice.
A bunch of Transcend 256 GB mSata SSD’s with the CY mSATA Mini PCI-E SATA SSD to 2.5 inch IDE 44pin Hard Disk Case Enclosure’s. - I hope they all work.
I only wanted to have some backups for this OS9 thing, because if it’s as good as I think I know it’s going to be, I want more than one old machine in case it goes belly up. I want a good few couple;)

I mainly only want OS9 on these machines, but I suppose it’s worth having a partition with OSX on it for transferring audio files etc. via usb 2. And/Or if it’s needed for disc management, or something.
I have OS X Panther 10.3 retail box discs, and original installer discs for the 14” iBook and one of the Mac-Minis.
(I also got a few wrong/non compatible G4’s along the way but are good for parts, so I won’t mention them for my wallets sake.)

FireWire Audio interfaces.
Edirol FA-100, X2 of them. The second one was too much of a bargain.
Edirol FA-66, X2 - (which I don’t think are do-able in OS9 but they were super cheap).
digidesign digi 001 - full package consisting of the audio interface, pci card, and cable, no software disc or license though.
I got the digi for a ridiculous low price, as in, its a bargain even if it doesn’t work, sort of thing.
I kind of wish the seller had set a minimum bid it was such a bargain. If it works.
So yes I now need to get a G4 Power tower also to try it out, but alas cannot afford it for a while yet so... and then there’s finding them on eBay deliverable that are not collect in person only.

...So yes I’m very much looking forward to OS 9.2.2, so exciting.
The suspense is terrible, I hope it’ll last.
Will OS9 be the ultimate cool DAW?, if it were it would be twewiffic.
Joy of joys, dream of dreams?
Could well be, Let’s see how it goes :)

I would also like to say right now, a Big Thank You and Thanks to all the brilliant passionate people on this planet and macos9lives for putting in no doubt lots of hard work, passion and whatever computer wizardry it all took to make this thing possible, I have no idea…
OS9 on unsupported Mac’s, meaning more powerful G4’s that shouldn’t be able to run it, will run it, and run it blazingly fast?
Sequencing midi bang on time and Recording multitrack 24bit 44.1 kHz audio?
Sounds good to me.
OS9 here I come.
Thanking you very much.

Long live Mac.
They most certainly do it seems, longevity, long lasting computers.
Long “gone” OS’s, but behold it’s alive..... Alive.
I’m totally ready and willing to do the whole one button mouse thing as well, even though I think I haven’t got to:)  Oh wait I just found out that wasn’t the case anyway, no of course not, Wacom tablets and all sorts, of course. I’m such a Mac newb.
What’s with the one button mouse thing? I might run with it anyway, I’m game.


97-99 dnb


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #668 on: November 30, 2021, 09:55:55 AM »

That was a great read, and an awesome post, we’re glad to have you here; but next time please give us a few more details, LOL


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #669 on: December 04, 2021, 11:38:48 PM »

Thanks DieHard:)...(and Protools5LEGuy for the Like)
Thank you very much. I appreciate that allot.
Very glad to be here too.

Long live:
diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk0 1 OS9Drivers HFS+ MacOS9 256G
...and sudo blessings all around.

Thanks again:)

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97-99 dnb


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #670 on: January 03, 2022, 02:57:11 PM »

Hi Guys!

I'm finally able to write to you all from my green G3 iMac, with 128 mo ram, Os 9.1 and Classilla!

I'm from France. In the mid/late 90's, my dream was to have one of these Mac computers, but they were really too expensive for my parents to afford. I know it was not the best Macintosh period, but these computers fascinated me. Unfortunately, I got stuck for a while with a terrible Win95 Packard Bell Pentium...

Since around 10 years, I'm only uisng Macbooks (Pro/ and recently Air M1) for my everyday works. Few weeks ago, I found on internet a 30 Euros iMac in perfect condition, full softwares.

I'm using it right now, and it is a real pleasure to browse some (working) parts of the Internet with it. I downladed Realplayer on macintoshgarden to listen my fav webradio, and it works surprisingly well. Of course, I'm playing some of my teenage years favorite games like Diablo 1, Warcraft 2 or Shadow Warrior...

I still have a lot to learn and experiment with OS9, because I never used this system before.

One of my aim is to write some of my papers/lessons with this machine, because I like the feeling and I think that the lack of multitask distractions could help me to improve my productivity. Let's give a try :)

Nice to meet you all,



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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #671 on: January 04, 2022, 04:52:03 AM »

Bienvenue Kearan!

Who says the 90s weren't a great time to be a Mac user? I'd say they were the best! ;-) but residing in your neighbouring country (Allemagne) I remember the steep prices Apple charged its overseas customers. Oh yes. Ouch.

Have fun with your green iMac G3! Lovely machine! You may want to buy some more RAM and change the PRAM to avoid battery issues. I used to own a graphite as a daily driver during the early 2000s and have very fond memories of it. I foolishly traded it away during the late 2000s and now I really regret it as it gets hard to find reasonably priced ones these days.

Your iMac G3 might be able to do more than just simple report writing, you may not aware of it yet. Maybe not Facebook and connecting to your average cloud service, but go visit the Mac OS (9) scene a bit and you'll be surprised how much we still get out of our old ladies. And even if it's not always the most productive means, it definitely is the most fun one!
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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #672 on: January 04, 2022, 07:39:52 AM »

Hallo Bolkonskij!

Thanks for your reply :)

I'll try to upgrade my iMac, first by adding more ram. But I'm already very surprised by how good are its performances. I don't have FB and I don't want to browse Youtube or videos on such a machine; but browsing the web (forums, wikipedia, macintoshgarden...) while listening a webradio is still possible, and that's all that I need :)

I went once to Germany in the late 90s. I had the feeling that the computer equipment rate was higher than in France at this time; many new PC, but also many Atari/Commodore machines were still in use. Good memories.

have a nice day!


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #673 on: January 04, 2022, 07:14:58 PM »


Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)

Felt I’d chip in and share my part, when I saw this thread.

Hey y’all!
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to be here - finally home.

I’m Cas, a ’75 Xennial "cross-over gen,” omnivert from the hoodie shaped country of DK, introducing myself & why you find me here.

Raised up abroad, seeing the world gifted me insights into and understanding of cultural differences, which resulted in my spaciousness and gave me an unprejudiced outlook, unbiased view on life.
Mom brought her grand piano with her wherever we went, whereas I started playing the piano early on, then got a synthesizer. Never cared learning the nodes, to this day, I’ve always been playing by ear.
Then other playings took over, first on the Atari, then onto the Amiga 1000 - that kickstarted it for me. Fell in love with the Sierra On-Line games, those with the text parser. I meet up weekly with a makerspace for the Amiga, swapping floppies, so all my games came with no hint books. Completing the games took real brain effort, I had no internet back then. I vividly recall having to go to our local library to read up on and learn Greek and Roman mythology, just to get past the Riddle Stones in ’Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail.’
Then came years of listening to Jean-Michel Jarre’s music while reading English fantasy and science fiction books. My attention turned to art and I began building miniature landscapes and sculpting creatures, found sculpting anything was easy for me. At last I spend 10 years of frustration trying to learn to draw. Whatever I’ve been doing, I’ve always found myself escaping the obvious world. Went offgrid on Windows 95, when I’ve had enough of msn messenger.
Voyager Log
On the first day of my internship I crashed their PC system, not my intention. The 2nd PC that I got my hands on, borrowed from my dad, I crashed that one too, but I learned what BIOS was. 
Worked 30 years in the health care, it’s a very rewarding job. Along the way I tried the self-employed route and started 3 companies. The first business was just before Y2K, it was an IT company named ’TechnoCraft’ where I build custom PCs, made upgrades, tinkered with new ways of CPU cooling and started fiddling with refilling printer cartridges with ink, before there was anything called inkClub.
Got my first Mac in 2009-10, a 27”, crashed that one too, but I learned how to install the Mac OS. First impressions, other than my right mouse button did nothing, I found the only difference between Windows and Mac was that the desktop windows had to be closed in the left corner instead. Then followed all the other aha moments. Apps top bar menu, enabling right mouse button, applications that came in packages that the OS dived into, instead of spreading the content all over the HDD and reindexing. After countless of years reinstalling Windows for customers over and over, and once more over again! My bite of the Apple was delicious. Also using merely my iPhone 5s, I made 300dpi works and A0 sized posters of my art - I finally felt home with any Apple in my hand.
I stopped at iPhone X, when I lost my home button and found the phone too big, so I gave it to my daughter and went back to iPhone 6s, and I’ve been heading backwards ever since.

I haven’t watched televison or listened to the news for the past 25 years. I’m highly sensitive with visual input and my head explodes with tons of new ideas if I don’t cut off the inputs. It’s not like I’m missing out on anything, I’m just connected to everyone’s naturally built-in ether-net. My iPhone is set non-stop to Do Not Disturb, whenever I get the thought or feeling, that I ought to go have a peak, someone just texted or phoned me a second ago. It’s like when blind people, have better hearing, or deaf people have better sense of their surroundings. When you loose a sense or stop using one, another one gets enhanced.
When I started listening to every podcast, from oldest to newest, from ‘StarTalk Radio’ about astrophysics, ‘Quirks & Quarks’ about the newest science, and ‘How I Built This’ and ‘Akimbo’ about entrepreneurs. Oh and 'Twenty Thousands Hertz,' when I started fiddling with music again. My right fantasy brain got merged with my logical left brain. Over the past 10 years I’ve noted down and dated 500+ ideas and inventions. It’s not me coming up with any of them, just my mind that’s connected to what I tend to call ‘the thought ocean.’
I once went to a party, that had no music, because the host had fisted his cd-player for not playing. I opened it up, asked the host to fetch some tin foil, tape, and a cotton swab. Cleaned the laser eye, cut the swap into smaller lenghts for the buttons, taped the tin foil over the 5 circuit paths that had cracked on the print board. The cd-player worked as new and got the party started.

Soliloquy Monologue
Growing up on planet Earth, have been the weirdest out of this world alien experience, I’ll ever encounter.
If it’s not ‘Terror, Terror,’ it’s ‘Vaccine, Vaccine.’ It’s psychological terror of the “Lemmings” population and NLP of the “Wall-E” driven consumers of this world.
I despise our energy consumption and throwaway mentality. Every vegetable and fruit we buy comes with an abundance of seeds, seeds that, meanwhile the mass media reports food crisis, are wasted. But, but there’s water shortage - don’t need water for hydroponics.
A vivid dream showed me two halves, on each side of a mirror. The one half on the mirror side saw itself as whole, for the mirror image gave the half right in everything it thought and said. The other half on the back side of the mirror, circled extensively around space, time and place on the event horizon of the black hole, in an eternal quest to become whole. Incomplete where both halves. It happened once every now and then that the one half came too close to its own mirror image, got sucked in, and came out on the other side. At the same time, the other half got sucked down into the black hole, and came out with its back to the mirror, never looking back. The one half always panicked and headed for the center of the black hole to get back to the whole side. Both were they incomplete, and always would they remain incomplete, thus never to be united.
One must be attentive to whatever one tells to others, for that is ones inner essence trying to reach out and talk with one, so listen up.
What makes you think anyone is smarter than you? -open up that Mac. Every educational teaching material is a book filled with ‘aha’ moments, most inventions were created by mistakes.
Any individual can choose to either ‘being played’ or simply to leave the sim.

Zap… What was lost…?
Zap, the streaming service turns on, browse, browse for an hour, bored with the abundance of nothing.
Zap, the unit turns offline.
Remember those days where you went in anticipation for your pay check to come and heading into town for that new music, movie, comic or book? You didn’t only get your wish fulfilled, but for every trip and purchase you made, an experience came along with it, that were brought with you home.
You’ll find me on a trail, walking alone, heading in the opposite direction of the rest of the lemmings pack.

Why, I’m actually here. I invented (got handed over, downloaded from the thought ocean) a new art style that cannot be recreated on any digital medium. I'll be using video sites to showcase my art and sell a limited edition of 30 prints of each artwork through Gelato. I needed music for my videos, first I just wanted to use snippets of Jean-Michel Jarre’s EōN app. To be able to make the art I need a lot of new eccentric and very expensive art supplies, so while saving up for that, I thought of, why not just make my own music. My path had looped back to my childhood and it was going superb, until I messed up my Catalina partition. That’s not true, it wasn’t my fault, it was actually Bill Gates fault from Boot Camp. One idea lead to the other, first I wanted Snow Leopard, so I bought and restored a 2009 Mac Mini. Then I wanted Tiger, so I bought and restored a G5/1.8 20”. After trying OS9 under Classic Mode in OS X 10.4 and playing some music in DAWs and standalones via V.M.K, I just had to have this awesome OS. Also Tiger’s Classic Mode sucks big time - just learned it rocks marvelously in Jaguar, thanks for that info Jubadub.
With the original idea in mind that starting out my tracks simple with less in OS9 brings out the creativity, and ending my tracks in Mojave-Big Sur, brings the sounds of the past into the present future. I also love to experiment, and use anything from the sound output of a toy keyboard through MIDI Guitar 2 with Pen2Bow. Also bought an old Arturia MiniLab and a M-Audio Ozone midi controller with built-in sound card that is working in my OS9. Due to I’m also sensitive with noise and can feel the alternating current from the AC power supply in a stationary, I chose a Mac Mini G4/1.42 A1103 for my OS9. Do plan on tinkering with a beige 7300 one day and add a AdLib sound card. Oh and also make my own Sierra On-Line game one day using AGS, now that Leisure Suit Larry's source set was released.

Thank you all, for your extraordinary warm welcome and thank you truly for all the work you did, I’m much obliged. I also want to thank you, DieHard personally, for posting this thread that got me out of my caveman hideout, took me down memory lane, reflecting on my past, what lead me to ending up here and made me share. Sadly ‘’ aren’t around anymore. I’ll make sure to chip in to keep-OS9-alive, whenever I get more than the meagre means I live off now. Wife told me, she thought my new hobby was expensive, when I bought these old Macs for peanuts. But I’m done buying, time to save up for the needed art supplies. In the meantime I’d be more than happy to be of service to others. Anyone is more than welcome to pm me if they are in need of any new ideas, inventions or just sparring.
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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #674 on: January 05, 2022, 12:12:41 PM »

I also want to thank you, DieHard personally, for posting this thread that got me out of my caveman hideout, took me down memory lane, reflecting on my past, what lead me to ending up here and made me share.

Thank you for the kind words :)

All us cavemen enjoy having our macs in the cave; doing our little caveman tasks for nobody but ourselves, yet we have this awesome community to share ideas and coffee-clutch to those with like minds


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #675 on: February 06, 2022, 06:46:12 PM »

I also want to thank you, DieHard personally, for posting this thread that got me out of my caveman hideout, took me down memory lane, reflecting on my past, what lead me to ending up here and made me share.

Thank you for the kind words :)

All us cavemen enjoy having our macs in the cave; doing our little caveman tasks for nobody but ourselves, yet we have this awesome community to share ideas and coffee-clutch to those with like minds
And sometimes, the sounds made by banging on rocks or the little squiggles on our stone tablets get seen by the broader world. That's always fun.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #676 on: February 07, 2022, 03:10:48 PM »

I'm into old 68k macs since forever. Got a bunch of G3/G4 stuff for 90€ recently:

  • Power Mac G4 667MHz, 512MB Ram, 2x 60GB IDE disks, Nvidia MX2 32MB, another PCI graphics card, two SCSI cards
  • Power Mac G4 750MHz Quicksilver, 1,25GB Ram, 1x 40GB IDE disk, ATI Radeon 8600 64MB
  • iBook G3 500MHz
  • Powerbook something, something, no power supply

The Power Mac where used in a professional setting, but the iBook had a dual boot MacOS9/MacOSX. Strange thing is, the disk was called OS9lives. There was a readme file ... which led me to this place. One of you guys owned that iBook!

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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #677 on: February 07, 2022, 10:45:50 PM »

Those iBook G3s are lovely little laptops, I think you'll be happy with it! If you repack the battery with 3350mAh cells, you should be able to bump your battery life up to 11-ish hours according to my math. Perfect for going out and doing some distraction free writing or light browsing with Classilla around Web 1.1!
Depending on which PowerBook it is, you could probably get by using it as a general purpose laptop if you're into Linux... though even OS X Leopard is still more than usable -- I'm putting it to work right now on my iBook G4.
Hopefully you enjoy your journey into a New World!


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #678 on: February 08, 2022, 04:36:33 AM »

Those iBook G3s are lovely little laptops,

No doubt, but this one has a problem, seems the background light only works if the display is opened a certain way. I can see the displays content when i shine a light on it, or wiggle the display, but would prefer it just working. I suspect there is either a cold solder point at the inverter or maybe the cable itself is broken.

you could probably get by using it as a general purpose laptop if you're into Linux... though even OS X Leopard is still more than usable

I was thinking NetBSD and KDE maybe, if i can properly dual boot to OS9 for games.


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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #679 on: February 22, 2022, 09:53:15 AM »

Have been reading the forums for a while and blame them for igniting the nostalgia for Mac OS 9.

First computer was a ZX81, in 1982
My first apple was IIgs Woz edition I bought new in 1986, and after that I owned many Mac's, from SE, IIx and up.
During college I working in a computer store and sold Macs and Motorola Starmax clones. And then in my earlier career worked as a Mac system admin, dabling with everything from Transplanting Beige Mac towers into Marathon rackmount cases, to having several racks full of xserve & xserve raid arrays. Some also memorable times like renting collocation space at an ISP, which was ment for a single rackmount PC. But I managed to fit a network switch, Battery UPS & power bar, and x8 Mac mini's inside. We were running web servers (and dual DNS servers & Mail servers, plus ftp and databases). OS9 then later on OSX Server with applications such as Eudora EIMS, DNS Enabler, Rumpus, Filemaker etc.

In my formerly dusty closet collection I have 2 Mac Mini G4's (late model 1.5GHz 64mb vram version), MDD 1.25 (2003 version, single cpu with Radeon 9000 Pro). And a Power Computing Powercenter Pro 210.

I recently collected a pile of goodies Including:
Newer Tech G3-400 Card
ATI 7000, 9250 Mac Cards
Sonnet Tempo Sata 2-Port PCI
Sonnet Tango USB/Firewire

Took apart one of my Mini's and overclocked to 1.8Ghz.  I don't trust the old heatsink so I am waiting on a small copper heatsink, that should fit and can accommodate a 40mm Noctua fan.

While waiting on that, tinkering on the Mac clone right now..  it is getting a full rebuild. Just thinking about buying a bottle 40 Volume Developer for removing the yellowing on the faceplace (aka Retrobrite).

Cheers : )
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