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Yes. It´s working.
I had to re-login because i got an error message but after it was working fine.

But i have already a feature request. Let´s see what you think...

I think i would like to see a kind of Bookmark management so that you can title folders which would
include a collection of a specific topic of interest.
Sorry, no dice on that friend's cutter/plotter software/CD's. (Different manufacturer.) However he did supply a source (for his problems... replacement boards, drivers, etc.). And this source deals with many manufacturers/models.

Happy hunting.
Forget about it you need osx at least to do that. Javascript to old. Or indeed disabled but still i think you wont be able to configure that browser to do it. Open a new tab and type about:config and hit enter. Search for java and see if it is disabled.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: QS Turns Itself On?
« Last post by Clare Burnett on Today at 01:36:42 PM »
With a lot of Models it's a sign the PRAM battery is flat.
It’s a GWA-4082B DVD-R/CD-RW (MatSHITa 678-0489B) out of a G5. Apple System Profiler on MDD with OS 9.2.2 notes it as “supported” with driver version 1.4.8. I’ve attempted connection both as a Cable Select and as Master. AND it reads DVDs the same as the A-105. It “sees’ the install DVD just won’t allow boot from it via C key start, or recognize it from Option start.

An install version of OS X 10.3 from Macintosh Garden (CD only set), allows me to select “install” from disk 1 and then restarts, only to just sit there and do nothing after clicking the install option in the new window, after the restart. Original Apple retail OS 10.3 install disk is on it's way, as is the requested small 10.5.8 HD.

If new, pre-installed 10.5.8 internal drive boots successfully, then questionable CD/DVR's may then definitively be exposed... and I'll then buy another CD/DVR drive. If new 10.5.8 drive does not boot, well then... I'll pull some more of my hair out, but for now I'm trying to "Think Different" and quite possibly just "Punt".

Thanks again for your help and mucho above-and-beyond consideration. I'll be certain to post results (or any lack thereof).
This issues seems familiar, I remember when processing a job lot of eMacs that some GWA drives would not work with 10.5 and seemed to be only supported in 10.4. it stuck in my mind as I was selling them with 10.5 on so had to swap out the drives as I had similar issues trying to boot of the drive with the instal disk. I'm not sure if it was the same model as it was years ago though. Lack of support in 10.5 for things like the Thompson USB modems BT issued caused kernal panics ( it took me ages to work out why a customers upgraded to 10.5 eMac kept kernal panicing because of that )  so I guess there could be other issues generated by not supporting some components/accessories.
The only other thing I can think of that might be causing your issue is if the ide cable to the optical drives is faulty/damaged. Have you tried it on one the HDD IDE connections with a different cable?
I have recently bought a ASUS WL-330N portable router to connect wirelessly my Titanium to the internet.
The device is a multi-mode router that you connect to your machine via ethernet.
Going, an app appears in the browser to configure the router but once connected with Classilla, I got this message: "Your browser does not support JavaScript. Choose a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it to use the multi-functional router, ASUS WL-330N."

I am dispared.
I have inherited this machine from a friend and can assure you this was running on a Mac, and using OS9.

both, evidence and the complete ignorance of evidence have their pro and cons.

it could be that both of you are right and that this cutter can work on os9 without the existence of an official driver.

some old plotters or cutters can be run on os9 with third-party drivers the same way the majority of unsupported scanners can do: if you connect some cheap scanner to a mac you will find out that many of them are compatible with drivers from agfa or mustek.
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: Mac OS Rom Hacking
« Last post by nanopico on Today at 06:20:22 AM »
Wow. That is way farther along than I had thought we were :)

Yeah.  Slow but moving. Not really much to say here  as that moves, unless people really want to hear method counts, method addresses and how many lines of code I have reviewed. If people want that, then cool I'll share it. Just would be a lot of info that may be useless because I would have no confidence in it until I get further. At that point I will share.

Sorry folks if you want more. Just ask. I will share all the mundane details.
Wow... nice work guys!! OS9Lives does INDEED rock!!! ;D ;D
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