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i never got my hands on the ib105 unit yet!
my focus since 2013 had been on compiling all this old info moreso then actually "Doin it myself"
but i hope to get the chance now that i have farmed the info + directions on what works with what
and what can be done

i think ill go look into this further right now

i have an ancient scsi drive im trying to repair right now..
i would have to find one of the atari hard drives aswell as the ib105 tho

im about to take my s950 in to get fixed up

i think il skip the ultrasatan thing tho just because im not crazy about the name (maybe some people  can understand why)
i still dont understand why this guy
 chose to name his product SATAN disk or IDE DEVIL
alot of christian people would find this offensive
clearly hes done it purposely to offend (See attached photo from his facebook page)

trolls be everywhere
DAW - Sampler Hardware / Re: Sample Morphing
« Last post by IIO on Today at 08:54:56 AM »
back in the days i could never figure out if the wave/microwave is interpolating in realtime or if it is simply flilling the emtpy waves in between. i think it does the latter?

i have samplecell working in a 840av but cannot get my audio Accelerator card to could be that the 840av is at nubus 90 and the accelerator needs to run  at the earlier speed but i'm sure i have a later revision of Accelerator card.

Have you managed to get them to work on the 7100?

DAW - Sampler Hardware / Re: Sample Morphing
« Last post by Syn-Fi on Today at 08:24:41 AM »
Cool thing about the PPG/Waldorf wavetable synthesis is that interpolates between point A to B.  So its not strictly Wavetable synthesis where there is a 'look-up' table specifying waveforms through period x to period y or static for that matter cf. Ensoniq ESQ-1/SQ 80.

The PPG has much smoother changes, it sounds more organic, tapey than digital and spiky.

Also the PPG 2 and 2.3 had DACS free running at really waveforms were not downsampled to a fixed 44.1khz

More details on

note the paper :

I have a Waveterm and there is a program where you can draw a basic Waveform and then let the Waveterm compute the rest of the table - 64 frames.   I should try using it....

There's a perfect candidate for my Opcode Studio venture for sale in my neighborhood, a Powerbook 165C.
I've also found a Unitor 8 (original, no USB) with the Serial Ports.

I found this here 2.5" SCSI SD Card replacement:
Should be a easy replacement, right?

Ok, so what I'm thinking is, how abouts do I go installing OS 7.5 onto the Powerbook?
Do I really need to make 20x floppy images? LOL (I have a USB floppy drive back home in Iceland).

Isn't there a better way?

Could I format the SD card in the SCSI Adapter pre-hand with an installed OS?
Is that possible?

Thanks a ton in advance,

-Geir Helgi
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation General Discussions / Re: antares infinity
« Last post by IIO on Today at 08:11:03 AM »
maybe they are headerless or something.
i would have paid for a mercury, but they thought it is better to let people use that native-only and invest 40% of their CPU for it.

very happy with the factory vocal compressor and the waldorf vocoder here though.

24/7 is also great, yet mainly only because there is no other for native VST)
TC wasn't too bright about their own stuff already, but the aquisition by Behringer in 2015 was the final nail into the coffin top.

Yet most of their classic stuff exists as a TDM version (running in PT 5.1) which can be safely considered identical (same DSP chips).
The tube amp stuff and LA2A is covered by Bombfactory TDM versions.
SH101 synth emulation is a piece of crap, the worst filter ever released on a Motorola DSP.
off topic, but imho worth mentioning since synth-strategy is very similiar.
Wolgang Palm (PPG) included the noise and detuned aspects in his Infinite IOS synth.
so it would appear

  • Infinity has a problem in handling Bias 2.5 AIFF files.
  • There was no problem with Bias 5.2+ aiff files
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