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General Hardware Discussions / Re: iMac G3 CRT rays misalignment
« Last post by Astroman on Today at 04:10:09 AM »
yes, the beams are misaligned/unfocussed...
There is no software adjustment, it's a manual procedure under life threatening conditions.

I only remember it vaguely because it's been such a long time, but iirc a proper adjustment of high quality tubes was practically impossible without dedicated gear.
We (in service department) always returned such tubes to the manufacturer.

You may have some experience in this domain, as you already took the risk of putting a literal hand grenade on the table...
Please provide some information about your personal background. ;)
General Hardware Discussions / iMac G3 CRT rays misalignment
« Last post by Valet2 on Today at 12:34:32 AM »
Hey! Got my G3, disassembled it to a single bolt, washed everything and assembled back again.

The CRT image quality it baaad. Looks like the RGB rays scanning is wrong. I've been told that there might be a service menu to tune them, other people say the ring magnets is the way to go, but I might make it worse.

So what do you say? Btw, the washing was not the reason of this issue.
i saw another app called "Audio Sculpt" that said it had 68k support..
is that the older version of this? or another app altogether with a similar title?
probably why noone here has talked about it
not many people here on this site are into using samplers it seems

Let me know if you want the software, I am sure I have the installer somewhere :)
and it takes ages to transfer samples at Midi data rate... ;)
(but as your very last resort better than nothing)
probably why noone here has talked about it
not many people here on this site are into using samplers it seems
Hi again,

D-Sound Pro was the industry standard to edit/transfer samples through MIDI to load up your sampler. It can read samples in many different formats (Akai, Roland...) which is very useful when you have a bunch of diskettes full of samples and you want to preview individual files.

It is a must if you are working with outboard samplers

Sound Sculptor was in fact the poor-man's version of Sound Designer II, which required hardware to run, as was widely used at the time. The engine is very nice and the effects quality is stunning and comparable to SDII.

Nice see the link to Sound Sculptor I, it's not easy to comeby. Sound Sculptor II doesn't like System 7 and usually crashes my PT rig.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: AcBel 360W PSU Project
« Last post by Fury deBongo on December 10, 2017, 09:51:24 AM »
Seems that you’re well on your way with stock-on-hand. BadCaps AcBel thread, later notes C30, C32 and C45 as “alternate” possible additions to the (12)… from the “other” caps MAP listings. C8 = C32 [and you already have (2)]. Maybe worth a look, while you’ve got it open.

And yes, that whole Apple proprietary, ADC thing suggested to me, more of a business model / marketing stunt than an actual user-advantage benefit. “Hey, we can sell more of our “own” monitors and increase our market share.”

Tried to force failure on the 400W AcBel last night but no dice. (And that… with C60 visibly bulged and previously having leaked fluid, in evidence.) PM me should your 400W ever fail and I’ll do the same, if and when mine falters. Then, we’ll adjust the “cap list” for the 400W, if necessary.

Images of KVM switch with DVI inputs with ADC and USB?

Hadn’t seen the South Park episode “Where My Country Gone” until watching snippets last night. (I’ll look for full-episode source.) Thanks.
My “PSU Sleeper Cell” comment refers to others “out there” that may know a great deal about this process, but have yet to share/post here.

“We know you’re out there, with rage in your eyes and your megaphone…” ;D

Surely, somewhere, after all this time, the original AcBel PSU schematic diagram exists AND someone has a copy? Please share.
i thought this app was osx only but i guess not?

What is Sound Sculptor?
Sound Sculptor is a high quality color sound editing program with many digital effects.  It's sound quality, features, and flexibility compare to sound editors costing hundreds of dollars.  Sound Sculptor has the look and feel of a totally modern (at the time!) highly polished, Mac program that's very solid, intuitive, and easy to use.  Some of it's features are normally only found in commercial sound editors, like sound drawing tools, envelopes for controlling effects over time (pitch bending for example), and LFOs for vibrato and tremolo effects.  Not only does it edit prerecorded sounds, but it can also create sounds the exact same way a real synthesizer does, with Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, and LFOs.  Sound Sculptor can open, save, and compress, WAVE, AIFF, System 7 and SoundEdit sound files.

Both the original Sound Sculptor (1994) and the later Sound Sculptor II (1999) versions are incldued in the downloads.
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