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General Hardware Discussions / Re: Oddly Behaving G4
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 06:15:21 AM »

it appears that sonnet routinely upgraded their "Encore ST" G4 cpu upgrades,
because as time progresses on the backup server, if u check the page for the MDX duet g4 cpu upgrades, the ghz rating of the cpu is changing from month to month, starting at dual 500 and workin its way up to dual 1.8ghz i think?
so our original poster here has the 1.6ghz model, from my quick look it appears this model came out around the end of 2005 or some time during 2006

now dont yall remember the thread just a few weeks or months back where i was linking to the cpu plugin enabler file? and i was telling the guy to try the newer version? i cant find the thread.. so i have to try to dig up the same info again:
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Oddly Behaving G4
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 06:03:18 AM »
let me just say for the record that the instructions in the firmware of the sata pci cards
usually to me, can be prone to error, based on other environment variables + hardware
ie: certain hardware combinations can lead to the computer not being able to boot

as long as we are brainstorming solutions to your problem, this is just a suggestion,
u may want to experiment with removing that card and using an IDE-SATA adapter
(cheap, from ebay, usually bi-directional)  connecting the drive to the real IDE interface of the G4 Digital audio might eliminate issues booting macos9...

please listen to me and talk to my friend Max1zz
he can make you a sata card for a good price
many other people have done so here on the forum

whats involved is that he buy a generic sil3112 sata card
and will remove + resolder a larger flash rom
onto the card so that it can accept the seritek firmware
(the seritek firmware contains code that checks the mfr
+ size of the flash rom chip so it only works with larger
eeproms of a certain manufacturer)
and then you have a mac os 9 bootable sata2 pci card
with 2 ports

i have a few cards and they work great just as good
as a regular seritek 1s2 - only mine werent made by
max but someone else over at 68k army site

you can contact him at
im just trying to find the 9.1 restore disc for the Digital Audio G4 from January 2001..
and interestingly enough there is only a german copy of the 9.1 restore disks for the "Digital Audio" models on max1zzz server....

if anyone has the original 9.1 restore + install cd from the digital audio series please speak up! it appears its not available anywhere

i found them on the macintosh repository site i think
i will upload them to my mediafire directory folder where i have kept a number of g4 machine specific restore cds.. (which ive been asking for some time, aka the last 2-3 years, to be added to the download boards here on the site)

anyway see my post here:,4374.msg30635.html#msg30635
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Oddly Behaving G4
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 05:16:38 AM »
Hi There SuperC

honestly i think what we are seeing here is a compounded issue
the 2nd of which being that the computer has a 3rd party cpu..

can you please share a photo of the back of the G4? or some details so we can see which exact model this computer was BEFORE it had the cpu upgrade?

(i really wish this forum would make this a REQUIREMENT for all peopl who post asking for assistance to figure out strange problems.. first thing u want to do.. tell us which specific mac model you have, as specific as possible -- this is a huge pain in the ass for most people to figure out obviously otherwise they would be readily sharing this info)

sorry, i was thinking of the quicksilver model, i guess there really isnt that much variation if it is a "digital audio" g4 that he has.. as they were all produced in january of 2001
according to everymac - i know mactron laughs at this site - but i still use it purely out of convenience ;) lol

have u tried downloading the original macos9 9.1 restore cd for the "Digital Audio" G4??

$25 PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio - Jan 2001)
original/authentic Apple restore disc set
(grey color) in original white package
("600-8790, G4 Media")

* Mac OS 9.1 Restore CDs (2):
CD version 1.0.1: 691-2943-A, 691-2944-A

* iMovie 2 CD: version 2.0.1: Z691-2764-A
* iTunes CD: version 1.0: 691-2900-A

* Apple Hardware Test CD: SW version 9.1: 691-2899-A

try these:
(seems u actually need to register for your own account at to download these, links are from this page:

additional info:
DAW - Digital Performer by MOTU / Re: Digital Performer 1.41Y
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 05:10:02 AM »
im enjoying your victory aswell  8)
well done

like i always said on the forum,
there is 99% of the time, usually a REASON for something
not working properly
and 99% of the time, unfortunately for us humans
its human error! LOL

pleased to read of your success!
and looking forward to reading more about the cbx
DAW - Digital Performer by MOTU / Re: Digital Performer 1.41Y
« Last post by adriaanhendrik on Today at 05:04:29 AM »
after three years, I have finally realised I had made a gross mistake in my commands to set the "record monitor" switch!

I have been piqued by adriaanhendrik success with his amazing controller, and decided to get at the bottom of this impasse.....

Hi there,
I'm pleased to see that you noticed my success with the CBX D5.
I was able install Logic Audio on my old Mac laptop and was able to read all of the SysEx commands and data coming from that application to the CBX using the software from
I wish you a lot of patience and success.!!

Check out this video which is all about the completion of this project.

Best Regards,
If we did write a driver for AE, it wouldn't work with Apple's Wifi utility, no open API.

We'd have to write our own utility for scanning and connecting to networks.

I have ported some device drivers from Linux to OS X, but that's not real useful for OS 9, it's just a different beast.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Oddly Behaving G4
« Last post by darthnVader on Today at 04:32:48 AM »
There was a sonnet patch to the multi processor plugin, not sure it works with your upgrade.

What CPU do you have?

7447, 7448, 7445, 7455, 7457?
Thanks for the tip but that would be sinking more money into this card than it warrants. Sonnet has recognised the issue but wonít help as it doesnít own any old Mac equipment to troubleshoot further. Iím cutting my losses and sending the card back as it seems that there is no straightforward solution. All the firmware I have found is embedded in updater applications so those would have to be decompiled to start with.
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