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FS/FA Mac mini G4 Upgraded with SSD & Pre-installed Mac OS 9

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Thanks to everyone here who has worked on the Mac OS 9 install for previously unsupported hardware. I've gotten into upgrading Mac mini G4s and installing Mac OS 9 on them. I am in the process of upgrading several of them and I will post further links to their sale on this thread. Here is the one I am currently selling/auctioning:

This is a 1.25 Ghz Mac mini G4 being sold with the power adapter. I have done the following to the machine:
- Thoroughly cleaned it to the best of my ability
- Added a 1 GB OWC stick of RAM
- Installed a 120 GB Kingston SSD with an IDE to mSATA adapter
- Installed a new clock battery
- Installed Mac OS 9.2.2 via the unsupported image on this forum (v9)

Another mini pre-installed with Mac OS 9 is now available:

This is a 1.42 Ghz model in excellent cosmetic condition. I put in a 128 GB SSD via an IDE to mSATA adapter. The combo drive works well too.

Machines looking very nice, seems like a great package for those not into hardware tinkering. Can you refer the buyers to OS 9 Lives as the place to hang out with their new OS9 Mini ? :)

Yes I mention it in the descriptions. I wouldn't be selling these without it! I ended up buying lots of non-workingG4 Minis and really getting into this now...

Very cool!

Wish more knowledgable folks would do this - buying up broken machines, fixing them up and releasing them out into the wild again. Thumbs up!


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