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Wanted :: Pro tools Hd compatible with Os9 (uk)

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Hey People

Pretty new to the forum but have been messing with macs for a while - just got like 10 pro tools hd pci/pcix/pcie cards and am finally ready to find a compatible copy
If anyone has for sale or swaps I'm dead keen

I have for potential swaps

G4 cube which I'd quite like to keep but is quite useless to me really
G3 mini tower which is great
Apple extended or design keyboards
Lacie cd drive
Iomega zip drive
Yamaha cdrw scsi drive
Too many synthesizers interfaces midi tools and guitars to list
Or money of course


I should have Pro Tools 5.3 somewhere which is the HD compatible version for Mac OS 9.2.2.
I’ll look around :)

Looks like I uploaded it years ago already. Enjoy!

Oh, does this not require authentication?
I'll boot up the mac now and have a go
Thanks pal

Im pretty sure you need an ilok

I don’t think you do. I have no HD cards, but it installed and started fine on my MDD. Just complained about missing HD cards.


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