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Author Topic: Please stop embedding Youtube videos  (Read 4379 times)


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Please stop embedding Youtube videos
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:26:08 AM »

Once again here is my appeal to other forum members to stop embedding Youtube videos directly. I try to argue it structured:

1.) If people are using Mac OS the embbedded videos cannot be played at all. In fact it is complicating the possibility to watch the videos at all a lot. But mostly it is like if we wouldn´t take ourselve serious. This forum is dedicated to Mac OS 9, so things should work with Mac OS 9, even if browsers at other platforms can do other things, ...

2.) It is making the forum subpages slow. Sometimes even unusable and in some few cases Classilla is even crashing. So it is extremely hard to use pages with embedded videos, especially if there are a lot of them.

3.) Google can collect a lot more information about all of us (as we are sending requestst to YT/Google every time we are openening a thread with embedded YT videos). I am not here to fill googles database with more private informations.

4.) Watching YT videos with Mac OS 9 is already a pain. Recently the only possibility is to download them with a online downloader and subsequently watch a locale file - a downloaded .flv for example. But to download any file you need the URL. If the videos are embedded there are several more steps for pure Mac OS 9 users like me. We have to view the page source in the webbrowser, search there for any youtube URL within the sourcecode of the page, copy that and hope it is the right one if there are several videos at a thread, subsequently we have often to open a new tab, paste the URL there and alter the URL from to

With a dircect simple link our lives would be a lot more easy!

Thanks for reading and thinking about it!


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Re: Please stop embedding Youtube videos
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2016, 11:00:29 PM »

 ???  :o

To browse a post on the forum with youtube videos is a pain in the ass if you only have a Mac OS 9, but I guess most of us 90% at least have an alternative browser (like a smartphone or a Win/OSX machine).

Youtube embebbed videos have a mission. But you are right, we should be OS 9 browseable.

From now, every post containing a video on the first post should say "Warning: YT content"  ;D

Mat, thanks for your concern. I will be pleased to make "OS9 compatible" every Youtube embedded post you or any user demand. It will be "by request" only. PM me or click "report to moderator" demanding a direct link to the YT video.

What online downloader service you use? I use clipconverter page to do on OSX/Win

Maybe we should "convert" videos to cornica, but the max is 9.5 Mb!

YouTube only thinks in the modern era, Mac OS Classic users are not part of this modern revolution, so no YouTube for us. It was only yesterday when we can watch videos through RealPlayer or QuickTime TV without restrictions, and today we're the past. I miss the nineties... so beautiful.

But with the introduction of Classilla/MacOS since 2009, a lot of Mac OS users found a second chance for this cruel world. The nostalgia of the nineties finishes for everyone.

More than one person tried to use Classilla to access YouTube Mobile to find out a trick way to watch videos again, and one by one notices the need of a modern 3GP codec for QuickTime, and nobody is creating a solution for that. It's sad all about this.

So, I'm here to the rescue!

Cornica is a web portal in BETA stage. It consists in a community-based online video library where all Mac OS users of the entire globe can watch videos, specially converted for the Mac OS 8/9 steaming standards. It uses both QuickTime and RealMedia codec to made this possible. Keep in mind Cornica IS NOT a "YouTube-to-QuickTime" online solution. All videos are previously converted and uploaded to the Cornica (horrible) servers.

What Does Mean the name "Cornica"?

"Cornica" is a name based in the spanish word "Cornea", an important structure of the eye. The correct word (maybe) is Cornical, but I don't care... Cornica sounds better.

It's a Strange logo. What's your inspiration?

The Cornica logo is a complete mixture of the Culture of the 90's... except for the eye. The components of the nineties are the strange curves of AltaVista, the serifs of the 2nd Generation Google, the Apple Garamond font used mostly in the old campaigns of Apple and the (intentional) GIF damages of the graphics, optimized for the 56k Modem users... it can be resumed all this in "Technological Revolution". The eye is based in Flo, from the "Diner Dash" series... it can be resumed in the word "beauty".

... so, the meaning of the logo is "A new technological revolution made beauty".

What do you use to make this Website?

I use different products. For the web authoring I use "Clasilla Composer/MacOS" and  "FrontPage 2000/Windows", to develop accurate compatibility between Netscape/Classilla and Internet Explorer:mac.

For the video conversions, I use DivX Plus/Windows and finally QuickTime 4/Mac or RealProducer 8.0/Windows, depending of the case.

What are the requeriments of this Website?

In system requeriments, you need Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS 9.2.2. "PipPin @rcade" updates for Mac OS 9 are completely compatible with Cornica. Also you need 256MB of RAM memory, 4MB of video memory and 300MHz of Pure Mac Power!

This website requires Netscape 7.0, Classilla 9.22+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 for Mac (Use the MacHack 2000 version, you can download a copy clicking in the IE Minibanner, below this website).

Note: iCab 3+ isn't tested yet, but maybe it's compatible with Cornica.

For video playback it's reccomended you have QuickTime 5+ installed in your Mac along with DivX 5/Mac. And you need RealPlayer G2, with the respective plugins in each browser directory. Soon I'll make a "CodekPak Installer" for the Mac OS 8/9 users.

Tell me something about you.

I'm Nick McCornick, a Macintosh Garden user, anxious to make this project can be better each day. I can talk English and spanish. I have no idea of modern Website development, so I'm stuck in HTML 3.0. I am the proud owner of an iMac G3 and an iBook G3 Clamshell. I'll like to learn to make Mac OS Applications. I'm a Fan of the Diner Dash series and a nostalgic of the nineties.

How Can I help you?

It's so easy.

If you know basic video authoring and website upload, make your own QuickTime videos or RealMedia G2 videos and send me a link of this generated media to abarcabahamondes [at] I want to make a bigger directory. QuickTime format must be encoded in "Sorenson Video 3" format, with a configuration of 512kbps. The audio codec must be MP3 or QuickTime 5 compatible. The video format can be 320x240 or 480x320. RealMedia files must be encoded with RealPlayer G2 compatibility layer, with the 512kbps profile. The audio quality iswhat do you like ;)

If you are from the press or a blog owner, tell the world about this place. It's a little piece of heaven.

If you have some MB in your server and you want to give a space to me to upload the streams, please write me: abarcabahamondes [at]

If you can only donate a buck, please do it through PayPal... you guessed! abarcabahamondes [at] With this money I can buy a new domain name, or contract a hosting service.

I have too much RealMedia videos. Can I inlude it to Cornica?

Of course you can. The only one requeriment is the encoding: the video must be encoded using RealVideo G2 or older. QuickTime videos must be compatible with QuickTime 5 for Mac OS. DivX format is supported.

I want to contribute in Cornica.

First of all... I haven't money to pay to employees, but if you want to help with the force of the heart, send your request to smiletvlatino [at] telling why do you want to contribute in Cornica.

I've found a bug in Cornica!

Quick! Tell me the problem going to the "Give Feedback" link and select the channel you want to use. All comments are welcome. All bug helpers will go to the "Eye of the Fame".
Looking for MacOS 9.2.4


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Re: Please stop embedding Youtube videos
« Reply #2 on: February 29, 2016, 05:06:28 PM »

Thanks for your respectful answer! Yes I truely belive we should be completely OS 9 browsable. And I also belive we should never stop to resist such modern "integrated" sites, which are mainly producing "commercial overhead". In the meantime there are sites that tell me a 2 1/2 year old Firefix at a recent Linux machine is totally outdated, ... they simply fuckt up the net, but that is another "media academic" debate. ;)

But are you sure you like to recive a bunch of PMs for every embedded video from me? ;) Of course I can do it, but it may lead to the situation that I am just annoying you, ... ?

About "Cornica"; I wanted to support him when the service was brand new. But I am unsure. To me it seems unfinished. And also the video size remains me more about the times of early Mac OS 8 when we were happy getting a 200 bucks 56k modem instead of our 33k ones.
I am used to watch at least PAL videos with my Macs. And bandwith is no problem anymore these days. So yes, initiatives like Cornica should be supported, and we should contact him and ask for collaboration. But at the moment it seems somehow "not ready" and dead to me.

Regarding the downloader: seems nice, and the site works well with Classilla. But sadly their .mov and .avi codecs do not work with QuickTime 6. So I will have to keep using and get the .flv videos that work well with FLVPlayer9/Classilla.
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