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Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: Need help immediate! eMac Radeon 9200 or 9600
« Last post by IIO on August 17, 2017, 07:26:45 PM »
eMacs wont... not yet.

the iLamp 700 or 800 MHz will support OS9 natively.
good to know.  Sadly the item for sale got away from me, but at least I know now if it comes along again.

Unitor 8 works with OS 9. There is even setup program for it. I should have installer somewhere..., because I have still have shortcut icon on my desktop to setup program  :)
With Emagic Logic and Sounddiver it works without OMS, but also works with OMS.
I have noticed sometimes (not everytime) strange behavior with older Midisport 2x2 if I boot to OS 9.2.2 after OS X 10.3. Midi input doesn't work. I have to restart and put Midisport to different USB-port and make new OMS setup then it works again.
ive located a driver archive file for the tascam drivers
ive attached the file to this post

Thank you for that. Your package has installer. Drivers from Tascam web-site doesn't have, you have to install extensions right folders by your self.
Although Installer locating very long time (about 30 minutes) right folders with big hard drive. Anyway tested to work with FW-1884.
Thanks guys!  Your solution helped me a lot.  However the G4 MDD that I just bought for CA$20 was not identifying the Midisport 2x2, and showed an error when booted with it connected (OMS already installed and set).  So I found the driver that needs to be installed.  Here it is for everyone that still may come to this page looking for hints.

Supported Models: MIDISPORT 2x4 Driver
Manufacturers: M-Audio
Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS 8.6,Mac OS 9.x
File Name: MIDISport-3.0.8.sit (673.4 KB)
Versions: 3.0.8 (18-Dec-2003)
Mac CPU Upgrades / Re: Unknown Daystar card on eBay - can anyone identify
« Last post by MacOS Plus on August 14, 2017, 09:05:51 PM »
Great news on my card, BTW.  I received the new voltage regulator in the mail a couple days ago and replaced it today.  The card is now working for the first time ever since I got it many years ago!  It's currently testing inside a Quadra 950 with an additional 64MB RAM onboard the Daystar booting System 7.5.  I have system patches in my software archive that are supposed to allow this machine to run OS 8.5.1, 8.6 or 9.1 also with the Daystar enabled.  If it can boot 9.1 then technically this machine isn't off-topic for this forum! ;)
I had tried simply doing a 'dd if=xxx of=xxx' type thing on OSX and it got to the OS 9 screen then said nope. So, I figured since it wanted to be complicated, I'd try it this way and it worked.
I can only speak for this working on a PowerBook G4 Titanium 667 Mhz DVI and OS 9.2.2.
Hello, I've been lurking here for a couple of years and recently had the fortune of a producer friend from Colorado donate me a G3 B&W 400.  If you can imagine, he actually toted it on a plane ride to New York where we were meeting for vacation.  (!)

1992 began with first Atari 1040STE with Cubase and a Midiman device.  After a few years I spent more time with 24 track reels of tape than MIDI so I lost the setup in moves.  By 1998 I convinced artists we could record in my living room to this new VST thing.  ;) 

19 years, and about 500 upgrades later I'm back sequencing on Studio Vision for the first time and wondering why I waited?  I have a Pro Tools Mix system coming in the mail, the kind of system I dreamed of in 1998 and bashed anybody for spending $20,000 on!  :-[

Picked up a Samplecell II Plus last week.  No idea if it will work or if it will be any use.   :)
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