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this is a partial list, for the other half of the list see the thread:
os9 Compatible Audio Interfaces (with midi i/o)

Echo Gina (20-bit) (1997) (B&W g3 + yikes! g4 compatible with pci graphics macs only)

****new info regarding hardware compatibility
connects via PCI, compatible with pci powermac (beige+yosemite)g3/g4(yikes)...agp/adc powermac g4's are NOT COMPATIBLE due to motherboard electrical issue
os9 driver:
driver downloads: (scroll to the very bottom option)

--- Quote ---WARNING: Not all Darla 20, Gina 20, Layla 20, and Darla24 cards are compatible with Power Macs. Unfortunately, this is a hardware incompatibility; as such, it cannot be worked around in software. When using these products, you may experience lockups or your Power Mac may not function reliably. Consequently, Echo Digital Audio will not provide technical support for these drivers.
--- End quote ---

Echo Digital Audio assumes no liability or responsibility for damages caused or loss incurred as a result of you downloading and using these drivers. You use this software solely at your own risk.

m-audio delta 410 (2001)

connects via PCI | DOES NOT ALLOW USE OF PRO TOOLS M-POWERED ON MAC (except on xp using cracked mp7)
can be combined with up to 3 other delta cards to add addtional i/o
IF USING MULTIPLE CARDS ON MAC OS 8/9 YOU **MUST** USE THE "M-Audio Delta 3.1.0 (1011a).sit" DRIVER
be sure to remove all other drivers first before installing, use sherlock to find + delete all the old files, install + reboot and you should see combined input+output count (16,24,32 outputs)

emagic audiowerk2 (1999)

connects via pci | developed for os9  | EASI drivers are Emagic's own proprietary driver (like ASIO)
driver :
not reccomended but could work out great if bought for a low price

m-audio duo (2002)

connects via USB
more info:

RME Digi 9652 Project Hammerfall (1999)

RME DIGI 96/8 PAD (2002)

edirol UA5 (march 2002)

M-audio Delta 66 /w Omni I/O breakout box option (january 2001)
the cable connecting the delta + omni i/o box is called a male to female db15 cable you can buy a longer cable for more distance between the card + the breakout box

motu 828 (2001)

more info:
more info:

motu 896

more info:
wordclock compatible

motu 1224 (1999)

connects via 324 PCI card | can combine with the 2408 + other motu systems
driver download :
Contains audio drivers and application consoles for MOTU PCI-424/324 audio hardware, which includes the 2408 mk3, 24 I/O and HD192.Double-click installer and follow on-screen instructions.
wordclock compatible

Motu 2408 (feb 1999)

eight, 20-bit analogue inputs and outputs
wordclock compatible

Motu 2408 Mk2 (2000)
The mkII version is no different from the original except that the analog in/out has been upgraded to 24bit on balanced TRS connectors.
wordclock compatible

Motu 2408 Mk3 (2003)

opcode datport

digidesign mbox (2002)
connects via usb | allows use of pro tools LE software (under os9 + mac osx)


m-audio Mobile Pre USB (2003)
compatible with os9 | allows use of pro tools m-powered 7+ (under mac os x 10.4+)
driver download:
press release:
revision looked like this:

M-audio transit
compatible with os9 | allows use of pro tools m-powered 7+ software  (under mac os x 10.4+)

larger image:

M-audio groovelab


roland m1000 digital mixer audio interface

connects via usb | 4 spdif inputs + 1 stereo analog input =  10 channels

edirol m-100fx
The M-100FX is a 10-channel Audio mixer with a number of useful Voice & Sound Processing effects.

connects via usb | not bus powered
rear image:

edirol ua1ex

edirol UA-3FX

roland UA-5 (2001)

Echo Gina (24-bit)(1999)

(revision of the pci card)

--- Quote ---a note on combining multiple echo 24bit devices
Esync cables come with Gina24, and can be used to daisy chain several 24-bit Echo cards together. Esync is a
proprietary form of super clock that allows you to sync together multiple 24-bit
Echo products. Simply attach the Esync cable to the two-prong “Esync Out”
connector on the Layla24/Mona/Gina24 PCI card, and attach the other end to
the “Esync In” connector on your Gina24 PCI card.
--- End quote ---

Echo Darla (24-bit) (1999) (original darla model) (24bit model)

emagic audiowerk8 (1997)
EASI drivers are Emagic's own proprietary driver (like ASIO)

--- Quote ---Audiowerk8 is a Digital Audio Recording PCI-card for MacOS or Windows with Digital I/O (S/P-DIF), 8 analog Outputs, 2 analog Inputs.
Cascading 3 cards is possible, which will give the user 2 Ins and  24 physical Outs.
--- End quote ---
not reccomended but could work out great if bought for a low price

audiomedia III (1996)

allows use of pro tools LE software up to version 5.1.1 os9 | 6.2.3 osx | 6.1.1 winxp
g3/g4 compatibility info:
more info:

yamaha ds2416 (1998)

connects via pci 
driver info:
driver downloads:


manual :
The MAC OS 9 drivers.The PHASE 26 USB System is equipped with a special ASIO driver. The MIDI port is notavailable under MAC OS 9. Furthermore, the Sound Manager is not supported. Thefunctions of the ASIO ControlPanel are pretty much identical to those of the WindowsVersion. In the version that is currently being shipped, direct monitoring is not supportedby the MAC OS9 ASIO driver

opcode DATport]
opcode SONICport

opcode SonicPort

esi gigaport (2002-2006)
8 output USB Audio Interface

Sonorus StudI/O (1998)
manual :
syncing two sonorus cards

Alesis ADAT edit (1999)

an adat interface card for mac os 9.. comes with software made by emagic
article :

roland rpc-1

Have to add some stuff here as well.

M-Audio Cards I have that work great in OS9:

Delta 44:


Delta 66:


Digidesign cards I have that work great in OS9:

Pro Tools 24|MIX:

Driver: Built into Pro Tools 5 TDM

Digidesign Project II:

Note: Does not work with Pro Tools TDM. It's a Direct I/O card and works great in Logic, and with Cubase with the ASIO driver found on the link above.


I would like to add the ESI Waveterminal U24. (
Works flawlessly with OS9 (AISO). Low latency.

Kind regards,

digidesign hd core pcix work as well

With a lot of links going dead over time, and drivers being especially hard to track down sometimes, I spent awhile making notes on various audio interfaces. I figured I may as well share with everyone else

Mods - please feel free to let me know if theres a better way to share this

(Incoming posts below)


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