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Soundmaker 1.03

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This seems like an amazing program, but the 1.01 serial doesn't work w/ 1.03 and I can't find 1.01.  Does anyone have this working?

more info? company?

Sorry, it's from Micromat (Alberto Ricci) this is where I got it:

There's also some interesting plugins that were made available too

will all be in the new download section (soon)

I never knew about this programme when it was new, discovered it around the time of those Mock Funeral posts. I have it working based on the info there and this epic thread on lines.

It's amazing. Simple, clean, but extremely powerful, and some of the plug-ins are just to die for. My musical life would have been different if I'd have it, no joke.

It saddens me immensely that the SDK (not to mention the source code for it) is probably lost.


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