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Author Topic: How to swap CMD and Option on Windows Keyboards (Classic Mac OS)  (Read 1304 times)


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How to Swap CMD and Option in Classic Mac OS so you can use Windows

First make a duplicate of the original System Suitcase in the
System folder.

Open a copy of the System Suitcase with ResEdit, and find the KMAP
resources. Open it with a double-click.

Find ID of 2 and double-click to open it in the hex editor.
Find the value 3A in the file and change it to 37.
Find the value 37 in the table and change it to 3A.

In other words, to swap the keys, swap the two values 37 and 3A in Hex.

Be sure to use the Find function or it will mess up the rest of the
HEX values.

Next, open the ROv# resource.
Find ID number 1917 and open it with a double-click.

Go to the end of the list and select the last ****.

From the Resource menu select "Insert New Field" (Command-K).

In the empty box for TYPE insert KMAP, and for RES ID insert 2

The ALT key is now CMD and the Windows Key is now Option.

To get a copy of a .sit file for MacOS 9.2.2 visit: and
download SWAPKEYS.sit

To install your edited System Folder first drag the original
System Suitcase in the System folder to the trash, then copy your modified
version to the System Folder, then restart.
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