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8ch adat slaves

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updating this list of possibilities for adat expansion on interfaces
such as the 2408, or DIGI 001, DIGI 002, etc any interface that features ADAT expansion

echo audiofire pre 8 (2010) (also a standalone firewire interface but obviously not mac os 9 compatible due to its lack of age)

art tube opto 8 (2009)

looks similar to minus the firewire

Onyx 800R

Behringer ADA8000 (2004)

Presonus Digimax  D8

MOTU 2408 (standalone mode)

MOTU 8 PRE (firewire interface + adat extension unit)

Presonus Firestation (standalone mode)

Edirol UA1000 (standalone mode)

Alesis aI-1 / alesis ai-2 / alesis ai-3 | | |

this is a work in progress please feel free to help me grow this information;)

not sure whether to put this under adat or mixing consoles!

Korg DRS 168rc (1996)

art tube opto 8

My Liquid Saffire 56 can be a 8ch adat slave. But it needs to run 10.4 or 10.5 to make adjustements for the standalone (without firewire) mode.
The "Liquid" Pre emulations...

--- Quote ---The Liquid Saffire 56 offers you the following ‘flavours’ of preamp:
Emulation Name   Emulated Preamp
Trany H   API3124+
Silver 2   Avalon VT-737SP
FF Red 1 H   Focusrite RED1
Saville Row   Helios console
Dunk   Manley Slam!
New Age 1   Millennia HV3D
Class A 2A   Neve 1073
Old Tube   Pultec MB1
Deutsch 72   Telefunken V72
Stellar 1B   Universal Audio M610
Flat   No emulation running
--- End quote ---


i should add the octopre dynamic.. this is a very good one.. with compression built in on every cahnnel i believe


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