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These posts exist to provide guidance + information on SPECIFiC MODELS which provide SUPPORT FOR MAC OS 9 to those who wish to use an old powermac g4 for music purposes! If its not linked or pictured here, even if its very similiar!, theres a good chance that there are complications with compatibility, but these are the ones we RECCOMMEND for use with mac os 9 to those without experience! If you have experience or know of any other models that you can confirm compatibility with, from personal experience, feel free to post here + add to our information!! keep in mind any keyboard with midi can be connected via a midi interface to become a midi keyboard but these natively supported usb devices may provide extended functionality

midiman Keystation 49

midiman Keystation 61

kenton control freak

Kenton Spin Doctor (2003)
(previous non usb version:

gmedia phatboy (2000)

Akai Mpd 16
driver history:

Roland ED PC-300

edirol pc-50

(the edirol PCR Mseries was a revise of the original PCR series from 2007 and miraculously they developed os9 drivers..
probably the last ever midi controllers to feature drivers for mac os 9 from a proper manufacturer and not custom driver hacks)

edirol PCR-1

edirol pcr-30

edirol pcr-50

edirol pcr-80

(the pcr-m series differs from the silver pcr series only in slight ways, it is a minor update providing a
 little bit more functionality in that u can more utilize the midi port routing in more versatile ways
 and the keyboard itself can act as a midi interface to an additional keyboard for more info see
 this article
on the silver ones the midi ports on teh back do not function if you are connected via usb
as with many usb midi devices u cant use the midi ports + the usb at the same time, but with th
black pcr-m series they added "interface" mode where the usb ports remain active + usable while
connected via usb allowing u to send midi out data from the keyboard over an oldschool midi cable
at the same time as the midi being sent to the computer over usb, aswell receiving midi in frm another
device via an oldschool midi cable)

edirol pcr-m1

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-m50

edirol pcr-m80

just a quick note: pretty sure all the evolution keyboards + controllers, the midi out port will not function if you connect/power the unit via usb..
these ports only work if you are powered by a seperate AC adapter, and have the keyboard/controller connected via the one MIDI out cable

evolution uc33-e
a notable great controller for use with ableton live in os9 as it features its controls mapped out similar to the session view with 1 fader + 3 rotaries per vertical "track" but of course you are free to assign whichever control to whichever element within ableton

evolution UC-16

evolution x-session

evolution x-session uc-17

evolution  mk-425c

manual :

evolution mk-449c

manual :

evolution  mk-461c
manual :

evolution mk-361c


--- Quote ---Features:
>61 full-size touch sensitive keys
>Slider and modulation wheel both act as fully assignable controllers
>Both controllers plus the keys can be assigned to different MIDI channels
>10 non-volatile memories - stored even when powered off
> Unique data entry buttons for fast, precise control
>USB compatible (USB cable plus PC and Mac drivers included)
> Provides USB to MIDI interface with standard MIDI OUT socket
> Sustain pedal socket plus 9V DC power socket for use with other MIDI products

The keyboard also features pitchbend wheel, modulation wheel (fully assignable), volume slider (fully assignable), transpose function, octave shift, program and bank change, 3 digit LED display, 10 non volatile program memory buttons (stored even when keyboard is unplugged), a sustain pedal socket and can also act as a USB to MIDI interface. Dimensions (cm): 97 x 21 x 8
--- End quote ---

evolution mk-361

evolution mk-249/mk-249c

evolution mk-225c

m-audio RADIUM61
8 sliders, 8 knobs, 5 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal

This release version of the Radium driver requires Macintosh operating system
OS 9.2.2 or higher.

m-audio RADIUM49
8 sliders, 8 knobs, 4 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal

This release version of the Radium driver requires Macintosh operating system
OS 9.2.2 or higher.

m-audio OZONE
midi/audio interface, 2 octaves, 8 knobs, 2x2 24bit audio 96khz, XLRx1, 1/4" TSx1, headphone out

m-audio OXYGEN8


m-audio KEYSTATION 49E

m-audio EKEYS 49

Yamaha Motif (classic)....imho probably the best board to use with OS9 & Cubase.

I do confirm I was able to use an Edirol PCR-300 to control Koblo, CellSynth, etc, in my Powerbool Pismo running OS9 today.
I used the PCR driver package from Roland, but I had to have BOTH OMS and FreeMidi active in order to make it work. OMS alone would crash all the time, and FreeMidi would not control applications that require OMS. FreeMidi prefs must be configured with "use OMS when available" and "always load at startup".
Programs must use PCR-1 as input in order to receive MIDI notes.

I'm looking for m-audio enigma software for mac OS9.2.2
please help

Thank you supernova777 !!!!! this post is one of the best !!! good job


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