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remember this app "Metro" ?
not many do.
but the programmer of this app, never gave up!
his version 6.0 lists the following requirements:

--- Quote ---System requirements: *

    Apple Macintosh PowerPC (>200Mhz processor recommended).
    G4 processor required for G4 Version. To use the software audio through feature a 450 MHz G4 processor or
    equivalent and a full duplex audio driver (a driver with synchronized input and output) is required.
    Mac OS 9.1 to 9.2.x, 9.2.2 recommended.
    Under OS X, 10.2 or higher required.
    64 MB RAM minimum.   
    10 MB available hard disk space.   
    For recording/playback at greater than 16 bit and 44.1 khz third party audio hardware required.   
    Core Audio or ASIO support may require compatible hardware and/or drivers.
    Fast hard disk (7200 rpm) strongly recommended.   
    Internet connection required for registration. Optional for web help.   
--- End quote ---
seems he now supports windows aswell!

--- Quote ---Microsoft Windows Support is available in Version 6.4.9 and later.
Metro 7 supports Windows 32 bit and 64 bit natively.
Metro is written in C++ and is heavily optimized for ultimate performance on all platforms.
Intel Macintosh Support available in version 6.3.4 and later.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---   
Metro 6.x is an application package. This is really two applications. An OS X version and an OS 9.x version. This has the advantage that Metro can more easily exploit different operating system features. The appropriate version will be launched when Metro is double clicked.
--- End quote --- page links to alot of mac related pages

ive emailed their support to ask if they are interested in giving us a copy of the os9 version to check out!

this is the same guy who developed this app for cakewalk!

ok maybe this is a dead end the mail bounced back saying his mailbox was full.. smh

They have updated pages this year so maybe should ask again?

So metro 6.3.3 under OS9 will support VST2 plugins?

Is there any way to get a running version of 6.3.3?

Maybe sagantech could be so nice to provide it to us legacy users if we come up with some kind of "group buy" offer?


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