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Title: Latest NEWS
Post by: Cashed on January 24, 2022, 02:53:43 AM
Latest NEWS・Extending the functionality of Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! Post

I reached out to Jamie Zawinski ( today.
One of the founders of Netscape ( and (
Jamie ( probably also wrote most of your screen savers (

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Title: Re: Latest NEWS
Post by: Bolkonskij on January 24, 2022, 04:32:49 AM
What did you ask him, if I may ask? Writing a new browser for Mac OS? ;-)
Title: Re: Latest NEWS
Post by: Cashed on January 24, 2022, 05:32:59 AM
Sure Bolkonskij, you and everyone else may always ask. :-)

Itís all a bit foggy tho, I think I fell into a trance and ranted on and on in my email. At one point I might have mentioned how awesome his http10proxy ( hack was.
Maybe also something about having screen time -canít recall. No that canít be it, Iím sure I must have made a typo, as I surely meant screen saver.

Ps. Jamie, if you happen to drop in. I do promise not to show any mail replies.
Done that one time only, to show my community I follow through -when I act.
Title: Latest NEWS
Post by: Cashed on May 24, 2022, 05:08:24 AM
Latest NEWS Cache ∑ Update Post

Someone reached out -so I dropped by.
Glad to see y'all thriving -as usual. Maybe it's time to swap out that coffin with a Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Coupe, as we're all crusing and surfing along on our Vintage Cuirtry Boards -or running it through Virtual Emu's.
I'm still here -time spent elsewhere, boost nudges.

You already know the latest here in this Westworld of forums.
Here's an update of the latest cache -from where I left off & beyond.

Requests (,6183.msg46254.html#msg46254) -Download anything DIY - How-to found in the WA Tinkering WAT? (
Archive Formats ( -Extensions to search for in your cdx searches.
Source Code .extension(s) ( -To include in your cdx searches.
Consistent Download ( -Fetching any elusive files from the Internet Archive.
Best antivirus for X ( -Use before launching or uploading.
WEBBR≤ RPC RPS VP (,6199.msg46395.html#msg46395) -still optimizing, updates found in Browsers for 10.6 - 10.8 ( -PCC fully covered. Still ongoing progress with Intel -including 10.4. 
Bookmarks ( -Collection of Vintage Mac Ressources, scheduled to be used in Mac Garden's Vintage Search Engine. See & Add URLs to Vintage websites or post them in the thread Bookmarks (
App Store Wipe Out! ( -1.5 million apps vanishing in 2 months time -yes that includes your purchased synths.
NO IA captures - NO archives left behind! -"New incoming retrowave approaching, this time around it's a tidal bore." Lots of http sites re-launching after this. -I'm currently busy, precious time spent fetching & backing up.
Also see: DiskAid ( -if you need to backup - Patcher Tools ( -if you need to run modern OS on your 2007 Mac.

Introduction (,1991.msg46132.html#msg46132) -Left my Caveman's Hideout; (blessed with ignorance, not of a solemn mindset, laugh when I make mistakes, don't care what others think or what the norms are -otherwise zero evolution) ~sharing, so it may benefit others.
Mac OS 9 is NOT Classic (,24.msg46140.html#msg46140) -Why I fell in luv with it; "Ö the 'modern' have had very little, 'new' -if nothing, to offer me." How many times will history eventually repeat itself ?
WTB: Unit ( -a SE 1/20 (System 1.1 - 7.5.5) has been added to my collection, what's your Next Unit ? (,6184.msg46255.html#msg46255)
If you wanna stay just a tidbit updated on a tiny fraction -feel free to tag along the latest cache (

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Title: Re: Latest NEWS
Post by: teroyk on May 24, 2022, 07:34:33 AM
App Store Wipe Out! ( -1.5 million apps vanishing in 2 months time -yes that includes your purchased synths.

When App Store came and I said that I newer use it, because if I cannot install offline it will be wasted money someday..but it will be interesting if it's not in this case.
But anyway Mac OS 9 does not have any this kind of problems. It has resurrected forever  ;)
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