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Complete list of emulators running on Mac OS9 as a host?


Anyone know of one such list? I'm kind of playing with the idea of testing my way on emulators on 9.2 and creating such a list - of course, only if there is none in existence yet.

So far been through's list that apparently stopped getting updates like 20 years ago? Still, it already contains lots of OSX stuff. The Garden has some stuff, but also a lot seems to be missing - especially older OS9 compatible versions of emulators.

There appears to be a lot of stuff out there, but it's hard to find info on "last versions for OS9", capabilities of the emulators, requirements etc. etc.

Going to try some Elite on Horizon now (a BBC Micro emulator) ...

That's a damn good list, but maybe there's a need to update it? I don't know any other or more up to date list of that kind.


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