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Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: iBook g4 1.42GHz 14 inch
« Last post by MacOS Plus on Today at 11:17:11 AM »
Working off the old thread at Think Classic I made a version of iMac's ATI Via Extension with the 'NDRV' for the Radeon 9550.

No more ghost display, and now all screen res and color/grey scale work in OS 9.

  Does this change replace another device entry or does it incrementally add it?  I'm hoping that we can eventually expand compatibility using one all-inclusive file rather than a number of exclusive customised variants.  Perhaps discussion of that deserves a development thread of its own.  Conceivably this method can be applied to some AGP cards in full-scale desktop machines also?

I just replaced the 9200 'NDRV' with the 9550 'NDRV', but we should be able to add to the ATI Rom Extender ndrvs for any ATI/AMD cards that had OS X support. Just a little magic needs to be figured out about it.

Also, using the Mac OS Rom nanopico posted in this thread, we can get the brightness settings for the backlight.

Open the ROM in Hexedit and go to the address 0x20D4AD, swap ati with mnca, save and reboot.

  I'd like to be able to repeat this method when experimenting with other Radeon devices, but after reading the info here and at ThinkClassic I'm feeling a bit dumb about the exact procedure.  Perhaps you could expand a bit on your method?  The card I'm interested in trying at the moment is the 9800 Pro to see if I can get 2D acceleration.  I've read that the 9800 uses the 9700 driver in OS X.  Looking inside AtiRadeon9700.kext on a 10.4 drive I see an NDRV entry point, but the question I have is how much data from that point on do you copy and how much data do you replace?  What would be the starting and ending HEX addresses I should paste it at if I want to have it over-write the 9200 NDRV?  Also, is this sufficient without editing PCI device IDs elsewhere?

  If I can get this one right then I should be able to retrieve a number of other NDRVs and save them individually in temporary files for future experiments.  It would be nice to have a simple library like this at our fingertips.
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: quadra 700 XGL
« Last post by MacOS Plus on Today at 09:39:52 AM »
i believe this is the page that mac os plus was making reference to above

That is correct.
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: quadra 700 XGL
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 09:33:16 AM »
i believe this is the page that mac os plus was making reference to above
Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: PowerBook6,8
« Last post by teroyk on Today at 08:33:52 AM »
The Apple CD/DVD Extension seems to be incompatible with this PowerBook.

What drive you have? Is it CD-RW/DVD-ROM or DVD-R?

Also, the Apple Monitor Extension.

Maybe iBook (Early 2003) has come right 1024x768 monitor extension..I don't know, but you can try.

Does firewire port working?
All people who has Firewire 410, please check firmware version of device from M-audio Control Panel and post here and tell if it's working or not in OS 9.2.2. If you can check what firmware version shows in another operating system.
if this trick works for Radeon 9200/9250 (RV280) cards

then is it possible to get working os9 2D accell on a radeon 9800 pro using a similar hack?
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: flashing PC Radeon 7500 AGP to mac
« Last post by macStuff on February 20, 2018, 09:40:51 PM »
is this card flashable??  i havent tried to do it as of yet

P/N 109-83200-01 2001 ATI Tecnologies Inc
matches to a Radeon-7500-64MDDR
P/N 1028320601 052559
ive posted about this card a few times
i believe it is a pc sapphire Radeon 7000 with 64mb ram that has been
flashed to work in a mac!

well i just managed to get this card to work again in a sawtooth AGP (running without an AGP card using a PCI slot)
under 9.22 -

just wanted to document my findings

at first i was connected via VGA and it appeared to work but it was showing a low resolution + it seemed to be showing
the extended desktop + not the primary display so i guess this card works but not 100% in that it doesnt seem to be able to switch
between the primary + secondary ports; VGA vs DVI; etc

so i guess you either have to use a DVI monitor with the DVI port..
or use a DVI-VGA adapter to connect to the primary display port
which seems to be stuck on the DVI connector

on the B+W g3 with os8.6 - GREY SCREEN (when connected to DVI via DVI-VGA adapter, or when connected straight to VGA connector)

it works;; but doesnt work ;) lol

this card has long been a thorn in my side;
i dont reccommend it at all! i just wanted to share my experience clearly here for others to be able to know what its good for (and not good for) because PCI graphics cards for mac seem to be quite thinly available as of late

i think i was able to get it to work under 9.22 on the b+w g3 - but it was a huge pain in the ass; full of major headaches and lots of reboots and wierdness + pram resets so do yourself a favor; if u want to find a radeon for a b+W g3; then make sure to get one that isnt one of these pc re-flash with 64mb ram + visually similar to the above image

Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: other PC RV100 (aka Radeon 7000) cards
« Last post by darthnVader on February 20, 2018, 09:23:10 PM »
I flashed a "million" Sapphire 7000's, they had DVI+VGA+SVideo, and they all worked.

Flashing one with different connector layouts may require rom editing, as the rom has some code that defines the connector type.

If anyone is interested and is not able to perform that small modification on their own drop me a line and I can upload an archive of all the ATI extensions I am running right now.

so is all that is required is to edit the extensions with a text editor? to swap device ids?

these files you can attach to a post here easily in a .sit stuffit file
im hoping this can help me with my "Mac Radeon 9200 LE" RV280-powered PCI card
in order to get accelleration working.

Do a google search for Super Resedit with Forker. Hexedit can also edit the Data fork, that's where the device id's live.

Don't use OS X Hexedit to edit the data fork, it will corrupt the extension.

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