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just because it gets a self assigned ip doesnt mean u cant manually set the ip yourself afterwards

i have had that problem many times i swear its easily circumvented by entering gateway, ip, + subnet mask

i have a quicksilver 933 (2002) here i can try to plug in to take a look
From your reports, the Mac is behaving as if no network is connected at all.

Do you have an extra ethernet card installed? Wondered if you were configuring one, but connected to the other.

Also, did you get Appletalk working? If yes, then that probably eliminates hardware issues.
Fantastic ! What a great masterpice!
For my ( Basic User Level ) it was easy to install os 9.2.2 on my 10 years unused G4 fw800.
Now the G4 is booting native os 9.2.2

One question , is it possible to Clone a Mac Boot Volume ( normal G4 Not fw 800) with the ASR Software on the CD Rom ?
Computer Music Journal article from 1989, in-depth, on the Digidesign Sound Accelerator
Filter identified - F964-IV
Thank you so much for that upload!
i have run AMIII with Mix cards in a G4 MDD.
why? because i wanted to use turbosynth and the diffuser module which requires a DSP card from an earlier era.  The AMIII has dsp, probably underutilized or not used at all for anything.
might aswell rename the thread "clamshell /w stealth port" at this point   ;D
photo of apogee 8x oversampling filters on output
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