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Storage Technologies / Re: OS 9 and SeriTek/1eSE2 Sata card trouble
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 08:57:55 AM »
what version of firmware are u running on the card? (viewable in system profiler)
is the drive already hfs+ ?
what partition type? MBR? APM? GUID?

you may to format the drive with "os9 drivers" possibly;

if it was me i would try with a blank drive to format the drive ont he computer u are going to use it with; and see how it goes from there

Storage Technologies / OS 9 and SeriTek/1eSE2 Sata card trouble
« Last post by sruchris on Today at 08:15:56 AM »
My G4 Quicksilver recognizes my SeriTek/1eSE2 card but when I connect a drive to it the drive doesn't mount. Using OS X, the drive mounts fine. It is a driver problem? I reflashed the firmware on the card and nothing changed.
Please give ELN, Daniel and darthnVader Vault status.

Nanopico and all developers like OS923, iMic and all the team.

Also BT/Sonikarchiteck.

I guess I don't have to put my name in the bucket for this one.
Community Marketplace / Re: soundsticks?
« Last post by macStuff on June 24, 2019, 03:36:46 PM »
do u have any motu units.. i need one more
trying to get up to 72 inputs

yes, no matter which connection type. some of my 1,5 TB disks have 1.0 and 1.3 partitions.

normlly i find smaller partitions better, but OS9 has a limit of only 27(?) or so partitions which can be automounted after boot, so iīve chosen to make bigger partitions the more disks i have.

ah, you are talking disk size. yes thatīs also everywhere. not sure about network :)
starting with SSDs here this week.
ordered a bunch of evo 840, one will go in the audio G4.
which means that i have to connect one of the HDs to the 33 bus for now ... humh.
Community Marketplace / Re: soundsticks?
« Last post by DieHard on June 24, 2019, 12:08:20 PM »
Send a pair to FdB last month, I'll look for another set for your box; not sure if there are any in the warehouse area and I'm 70% moved out... Finding "stuff for macs" everyday.

I have about 30 to 40 boxes left to go thru before I repack and moved them.
well i think the safest bet is really just tell people if they're gonna use SSDs with OS9 that they need to format them with a minimum of OSX 10.4... That has been my method and its worked for me 100%... All my desktop OS9 machines are using dual SSDs now. I run retrospect and they start up once a week and duplicate themselves to the second drive since im paranoid about them going bad since there's no TRIM enable for OS9.

Six years since my 1st OWC SSD and not one issue :)
Storage Technologies / Re: silicon image pb3124 - sata 300 speed for powermac g4
« Last post by Daniel on June 24, 2019, 09:33:58 AM »
Different cards. He has pb3124. I have some 32-bit thing.
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