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Application Development & Programming in the Classic Mac OS / Re: FAT patch
« Last post by Naiw on Today at 08:06:27 PM »
As Daniel says the only sane way is to install the patch for the architecture that's running the OS.

UPPs won't help, they're for mixedmode (ie PowerPCs running the 68k emulator), 68k Mac OS doesn't understand or care about UPPs. 
Hello good people of OS9,

I have a little personal project I want to attempt porting to OS9 (and maybe OS8). However I'm unclear on what advanced drawing features I can rely upon, if any. First I was hopeful maybe Quartz was backported via CarbonLib, but I eventually found some Apple document explicitly stating "no".

Then I was really excited to stumble upon QuickDraw GX - wow, perfect! - but then saddened as I read it was killed off around OS8/8.6. There's apparently a GX extension that can be used after that, but I'm unclear on whether that's viable for OS9. Something about compatibility issues with various apps?

So am I understanding all this right? Are there any 3rd party libraries that can pick up the slack? Specifically I'm looking for things like curves, masking, matrix transforms, font outline rendering, etc. I'm planning on using the PowerPlant framework if that matters.

Apple never backported anything from Rhapsody/Mac OS X to Mac OS 9, Carbon is the "exception" but Carbon on Mac OS 8/9 is just the classic Toolbox wrapped in the Carbon API, it didn't give any new features to the classic Mac OS (except possibly Carbon Events, but I don't recall if they actually were available on classic Mac OS), it was just there to allow developers to use the subset of the toolbox (with the new opaque structures) a chance to have their apps running on OS X natively.

The fact an application works under OS 8/9 carbon does not mean it works on OS X however.

Either way it sounds like you mainly want some vector graphics library... unfortunately I don't think there ever was any (Outside of Quickdraw GX), I believe the best you can get with some amount of availability on most systems would be to leverage on AGL (Apple/Conix OpenGL).
If I read asynchronously and it doesn't complete, then the thread blocks and I call Yield in a loop until it completes, but then I use all CPU time. If I call WaitNextEvent with sleep time 0, then I'm close to using all CPU time. If I call WaitNextEvent with sleep time 1, then I wait 167 milliseconds and I can read only 960 K per second.

Suppose that I can do 8000 asynchronous calls per second. I do now 8000 asynchronous reads of 16K without bothering about the result. Then I call WaitNextEvent with sleep time 60. Have you heard anyone try this?

Other tactic: I do 1 asynchronous read of 16K without bothering about the result. Then I call WaitNextEvent with sleep time 6. When it completes the completion routine does the next asynchronous read of 16K without bothering about the result and so on. Have you heard anyone try this?

As I said, The problem is not with your application. It's that you use the cooperative multitasking of Mac OS.

If every application called WaitNextEvent with a sleep time of like INT_MAX the system would have been a lot more response, but now unfortunately apps neither sleep as they should (because a lot of applications drive silly things on null events) and this try to regulate the frequency by not sleeping.
I don't remember what scheduling algorithm the process manager uses, but I guess it's sorting based on the sleep time.

The only way you can get somewhat deterministic results no matter what other applications are running is to use MPTasks. The of course these are not immune either, but they are not affecting the user experience in the same extent.
The web is very good, though you should compress files to prevent resource fork loss (I often use Stuffit).

If only some of your machines can use this forum, or email, or whatever, you can do some creative AppleShare or local FTP or Zip disk tricks to get data from the machines that can't connect to the machines that can.
now if one drive is missing or broken, why should the other one mount when it is not possible to write to it?
I Think we are getting confused here, as far as a RAID 1 setup when a single drive fails the RAID goes into a "degraded" state, the Good drive should mount without issue, the Bad obviously will give all sorts of problems

you might want to switch the controller to jbod to access your data, that should always work. I would still remove the broken drive though...
OK, as far as changing settings from RAID to JBOD (Just a bunch of disks), I do not recommend this, some controllers will zero a drive is you mess with the RAID info, so DO NOT EVER switch a drive's mode if you want the data intact, most Intel Embedded RAID setups will simply remove the "RAID definition" and NOT reformat the drive, so that is a rare exception to the rule; Again, most mirrored (RAID 1) implementations are meant to Mount and work and simply message the user that a drive has failed...

Back to the Ext case thing, since that is the context we were talking about...

NEVER change dip switches or redefine RAID via dials or switches (if you care about the data) since many external boxes that do there own hardware RAID implementation will "nuke" the partition table and basically reformat the drive when changing the RAID definition 0,1,JBOD(no raid).  I can tell you that drives removed from most Firewire RAID ext cases/products I have used over the years as far a OWC, Lacie, and other mac vendors are totally readable if you put the drive on an internal controller. 

Some NAS products, like some of the fucking western digital boxes (and seagate boxes) utilize "encryption" on their circuit boards to the point that all drives show up as "unformatted" if you take them out of the case... a real bummer, to the point you have to get (from china) the exact revision on the Backplane/controller board is you get a fried case...which happens more than you think;  even cases that look identical and may be the exact model will not read the drives, if the board rev in different.... so, I HATE Propriety NAS boxes for this reason, you better have an extra case (exact model) around if your NAS logic board fries
DAW - Plugins (VST,TDM,RTAS,MAS) / Re: Plugsound OS9 Installers?
« Last post by d97 on Today at 03:11:08 PM »
Hi - Thanks for the replies.  Yeah, the original CDs did come with OS8-9 installers but, for some reason, when I archived my software, I didn't keep the CD images.  I kept the various .dat files (in fact, I have the 4 gig .dat files for Atmosphere and Trilogy as well) but not the OS9 installers. (I have the OSX installers for all of these files and can make them work, but not OS9). 

This has become something of an obsession for me over the past couple of days and I haven't been able to find the installers anywhere.  I've managed to rebuild most of my OS9 audio / midi environment but would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out.


Community Marketplace / Re: PPC G3 MiniTower + MTP
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 02:58:04 PM »
any chance of you posting some photos>?
or you can email me - ill pm you my email address
i use the wifi pods provided to me by my isp (Bell Canada) that are 5G optimized - works great!

they are made to go with my router/modem hub + i think they also relay off of each other to improve wireless coverage
iirc I had similiar problems connecting a Powerbook running OS9 to OSX machines with file sharing enabled. Imho it fails due to modern security in Apple's network protocol stack.
No sharing services shown in chooser regardless who was sender or receiver.
Therefore I assume it's not a WiFi Problem.
My problem was solved by a Synology NAS that runs AFP compatible file services.
Since these boxes are usually based on Linux and AFP is (afaik) part of the kernel, most of them should work in a similiar way. Just check for the AFP item in specs.
Community Marketplace / Re: PPC G3 MiniTower + MTP
« Last post by MacVader on Today at 02:28:57 PM »
Hello macStuff,
I am giving these items away, so if you are willing to pay for shipping it's yours!
I am in Québec...
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