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Author Topic: VST instrument recommendations for Cubase 5.1 / G4 / OS9  (Read 1522 times)


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VST instrument recommendations for Cubase 5.1 / G4 / OS9
« on: March 05, 2023, 09:31:26 AM »

As the title says really, what works well for you in terms of sound / reliability / ease of use / processor overhead?

Main need is for a sample player/rompler. So far I've only really tried Kontact and Halion, so far I prefer Halion but neither has a UI that particularly grabs me... was thinking I might try VSamp? I like hardware sampling (and have some options for this) but I have a large library of samples in WAV format so something computer based would make sense in terms of workflow. Would also be cool to be able to load Soundfonts - unless I'm missing something Halion seems to just import the samples from them but none of the voice info...

I've got a few hardware synths (and samplers), am pretty well served for analogue monosynths and I have an FM polysynth that I like (DX11), planning to mainly work using MIDI and external synths (and not overload the machine) but it's always good to have other sonic options - interested to know what people's VSTi go-tos would be with Cubase on a G4.


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Re: VST instrument recommendations for Cubase 5.1 / G4 / OS9
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2023, 01:08:22 PM »

VSamp is cute and lean and works well. to create programs, use the standalone.

but mind the formats it reads and and that you can not really import bought libraries in regular formats.

with giga import and the drag options, keyzon editing and stuff, halion has a point. but if i would use samplers i would hate halion for having the filter and envelopes not nulled in def patches.

CPU friendly and easy to use synthesizer are PPG - and FM-7, if you know a bit how to operate FM.

best sounding synths are probably oddity and imposcar. the latter is not 100% stable in OS9.

best sample instruments are IMHO plugsound, presonus orchestral, the roland GM modules, kontakt 2 factory content and kontakt piano.
worst are the grand, USM, VGEE and everything sampletank. :)

best freeware plugins are mda piano, linseners free alpha and ferarris FM heaven.

others i like are synapse scorpion, TC mercury, LM-4 mkII, Dacota, Slayer, Albino.

as for samplers, you should see if you like the emagic.
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