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hi anyone found this yet?
two went on ebay recently and i omitted to bid.
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation General Discussions / Re: antares infinity
« Last post by Syn-Fi on June 14, 2018, 09:30:14 AM »
hi this is true and i have had a Kyma Capybara system and it does sound terrific - check out Wall-E for all it can do....but it is not an instrument in the same way a h/w sampler can be.

So infinity is still a superb way of enhancing your sampler experience and building your own libraries.
Ok, Thanks!
none. :)
you must create your custom akai CD image file with chicken sytems translator (no other app can do this); then you can burn this image file with every burning app you like (including on OS9)
Thanks guys!
Just to remind you: all I need is a CD-R that will be readable by my Akai S-2000. At the moment  have this sample library on a 230Mb MO disk. S-2000 sees it. I made an image by FWB in OS9. But if I burn this image onto CD, then S-2000 can't see it.
I was told this was due to different sector sizes (512 b/s in MO format and 2048 on CD). Does anyone know how to conduct an alignment procedure? Which burning software has this function?
@supernova777 Did you ever get this to work? I just purchased an S950 with IB-105 and am looking at purchasing either the GigaFile which would also need a cable as well as external 5V PSU - not exactly elegant but considerably cheaper than buying a IB-109 clone.

Has anyone had success with the Lotharek UltraSatan? It features two slots and is hot-swappable but I do not know if this is supported on the S950 (or whether it works at all with it).
About 135 GB of downloads fixed :)   100 GB to go Past the 1/2 way mark
Search the forum :)

As discussed many times, HALion (available free here for OS9) will read Akai CDs in their propriety format (but then you will have HALion patches), you will also have the RAW samples readable by importing into other samplers, this all depends on the "end goal", AS mentioned above, chicken will also do the trick, even the OS 9 version, but that seems to be gone for OS9 and the author or it wants to keep it that way
*1024 :)

but yes, for transfer speed you usually use true numbers.

for storge size they use *1000 for gigabytes and up.
burning isnt the problem, the problem is to create the image.

for S5000 you can easily store stuff in .akp nd .pgm format and use a client computer to load it into the sampler, for S-1000 format you can not.

when i remember right, the first version of chicken translator which can actually create image files for akai and emu (in .dmg format) was the mac intel version - PPC is completely out of the game.
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