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oms setup ... per port
im not familiar with that option.. any idea where that setting would be located?
or is this something that must be done with the MOTU options?
Don't know if this might help, but I dug it back up (concerning the Transit)...

Sometimes, I can remember things. :o

*** Sound Advanced for the Mac mini - Real World Testing ***

OK, so the sound issues with the Mac Mini really put a damper on my initial testing, so I decided to Load up the DieHard Instant DAW,2716.0.html

and Test Cubase and other Virtual instruments on the Mac mini.

So initially, I hit a brick wall Cubase would crash at the loading logo and give "error type 3" and freeze the mini 100%.  I could not force quit the application :(

So, thinking CuBase did NOT like the sound chip (as Mactron mentioned), I stuck in my faithful USB M-Audio Transit
This thing fuc*&ing rocks, as it will record/playback up to 24 Bit 96K audio, ebay price about $30 to $40

Now the mac mini had a Mac Keyboard in USB1, a mouse into the keyboard, and the M-audio transit in USB2
I used a 6 inch USB cable and it still looks compact.


OK, so I did the install for the Transit and BAM !  Instant normal sound, route the sound control panel in/out and even if you do not record music, this is a great addition to the mini under OS 9 since it is very small and make the mini act "normal" with system sound and all apps

Ohh... and here are the added Control Panel and extensions:


Now load the ASIO driver into CuBase and viola, no more crash, loads and runs like a champ !!!!

Now the shocker, I loaded a song that contained 32 bit floating point audio files (true tape) and this baby still played them back !  So the transit can actually be used to mixdown 32 Bit projects on the mini. Overall performance was great, Unit noise is Very low (super quiet) and it is a very nice DAW for OS 9

Little bit late for that X_X
So I'm guessing M-Audio isn't on that list, no mater what can be done?

I heard rumors you could stick a speaker with volume controls in the auxillary jack to edit the fixed volume, but I worry that may be capped at to low an output with no means to change it.
sysex-in is turned on in your current OMS setup? it is filtered by default when i remember right.
DAW - Plugins (VST,TDM,RTAS,MAS) / Re: Help! Mac Os 9 not recognize some plugins archives!
« Last post by IIO on September 21, 2018, 07:33:04 AM »
rather simply an uncomplete file download ;)
I never bothered about system/multimedia audio (only interested in DAW or audio edit stuff)
Afaik what you experience is regular - there is no 'hacked' system driver yet.
I experienced the exact same symptoms on my Mini G4 1.2 GHZ.
Some OS-9 compatible audio interface like the original MBox, Roland/Edirol UA25/101 or similiar have been reported to work, but that may be restricted to Asio.

Imho some audio apps do work, but the setup seems to become instable with more messing around, so I re-installed the basic system from scratch and never touched any system audio panel again. The Mini's headphone socket goes to an aux channel of another interface to have some volume control as audio is either off or full on with digital distortion. The distortion is not related to the analog signal level, it's pure digital clipping.
The apps I use are Bias Peak, Tokyo and Sonicworx Pro - but that doesn't help you at all.
I have no idea why this works, but it's at least useable to some degree.
But it's absolutely certain that any system audio will fail atm - save your time. ;)
hey guys,

i cannot for the life of me get sound diver to work right with my MOTU MTP AVs. the computer sees it, OMS sees it, OMS talks to each individual synth properly, it shows data being received on the correct ports... but Sound Diver constantly times out... I even see some of my synths say they are starting sysex transfers but the computer still freaks out. one thing ive noticed is that with these interfaces, Sound Diver doesnt let me select the specific input of a device if im using the MOTU driver.. it always says "any" in the Sound Diver input selection. Im wondering if there is some known incompatibility with these interfaces (which would be ironic, since i moved to them from Unitor 8s because the UN8 wont pass proper external midi clock)

it always, no matter what connection (tried both USB and serial) times out when trying to connect to the devices. as i mentioned previously, all other apps see the midi and work properly, so this is clearly a problem with sound diver itself.

just curious if there is some trick to this, or if there is some known incompatibility between the two.
i still have my unitor 8s, but, im reluctant to switch back to them for this because that just causes another problem somewhere else (external midi clock)
You most likely had this stuff zipped up on a non-mac at one point in time and the file is missing some info (the creator app) so it shows it as a PC file, we have discussed this many times here, you can fix it with the following utility:,2274.msg12535.html#msg12535

But you still need to know the correct info. which you can find from a working plugin

Also, you can read all this to explain the world of mac files,1131.msg4286.html#msg4286
MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: MIDI doesn't play in games (9.22, G3)
« Last post by Valet2 on September 20, 2018, 06:46:26 AM »
Okay, it appeared to be a MacOS 9 problem. When I downgraded to 8.6 midi music started playing. At least in System Shock.

Why I decided to check the previous version of the system - I noticed that both Sheepshaver and Basilisk emulators have the 8.0 system. Thought that might be the answer.
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