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Welcome to Our Community - Guidelines, News, & Social Posts / Introduction
« Last post by Kris on December 12, 2018, 10:33:00 AM »
Hello everyone,
I'm a new member of this great community und would like to introduce myself.
Being a self-taught musician and producer I fell in love with Macs in 2001 when I saw 'ableton live' running on a Powerbook G4 at the MusikMesse Frankfurt /Germany.
My first mac was a 2002 Powerbook G4 667 DVI that I bought used in 2003. It had a new price of around 3750€ and I paid a staggering 2100€ for it. :o
Since then it was an exciting journey and I never felt that it was a bad decision to rely on Macs.
Because I am not a fan of the worlds largest companies, it gave me mixed feelings seeing Apple grow, grow and grow even faster over the years..
I consider myself to be a fan of most Apple PCs until 2012, but never a fan of Apples policies and other products. I do not own a smart phone, but I am smart.
Certainly there are still some great current machines, but the fact that everything is glued together in recent products just makes me sick for many reasons.
Furthermore I found it hard to take and very questionable that Apple immediately stopped supporting Logic for IBM-compatible machines shortly after they bought Emagic.
I am frequently working on two Macs at the moment, a 2009 Mac Pro 8-Core 2,26GHz Xeon and a 2012 MacBook Pro 15" Hi Res with a 2,3GHz i7.
I am planning to upgrade the Mac Pro as soon as possible.
Since I know that macos9lives exists I am very excited and looking forward to get into os9 again, also making use of the Logic 6 Platinum license & dongle I bought 15 years ago. Within the last year I bought three G4s for a very low price and can't wait to have enough time to take care of them: two Dual 1,25 MDDs and a Titanium PowerBook 1,0Ghz are waiting.
I am happy that macos9lives is there to support us joining forces, learning, helping each other.
Let's not forget that not throwing away but using old stuff that is still working is also a question of sutainability, and (life) style; old things can be very inspiring for me..
macos9lives is therefore a matter of good taste in my opinion.
Thanks a lot to whoever contributes!
The scanner has the 'big old' 50pin connector, which means it's a slow (data) transmission device.
Any of the usual Adaptec Mac compatible SCSI cards will work - just get the proper cable.
Your 2906 has a DB25 connector and the cable you need is the same as was used for external hard disk connection in the early days of Mac OS.

Those filename extensions aren't related to the driver, but identify which compression format was used to encode the file(s).
There's a general problem with downloads for classic Mac OS files: while you see only 1 file on your Mac's desktop in Finder, there are in fact 2 files on the disk (called data and resource fork in Mac jargon), which the Finder handles automatically as a single unit.
To preserve this package in online storage or on disks under a non-Mac OS, it has to be encoded into a single file. After transfer it's decoded back (on a Mac) into it's original form.

That's also the reason why double click with downloads mostly fails.
The respective information for the Finder is stored in the resource fork of the file - which doesn't exist in downloads. The MacOS doesn't care about name extensions.
In that case you drag and drop the downloaded file to the application supposed to open it.
See details here:,3172.msg20343.html#msg20343

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Remoting Technology Between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 10.
« Last post by Astroman on December 12, 2018, 03:46:59 AM »
just for completeness: my best pre-OSX remote desktop experience was Timbuktu.
I still remember controlling a friend's Mac Plus over telephone line with a modem at 19kbit or so and it really worked well. A stunning experience back in the days.
(the trick was that the software didn't transmit screen bits, but just the respective toolbox trap codes to redraw the screen... smart)

As already mentioned: I wouldn't network a machine with active music applications at all.
It steals too much from PCI bus as from CPU.

The TDM Adat Bridge is a very good solution to built a communication bus between 2 machines.
It doesn't change audio by multiple conversions and saves a lot of cables ;)
But it can also be done the analog way - those old Digidesign 88x boxes come cheapo today.
(myself using a 882/20 to exchange data with an iPad - works great)
The supposed quality loss by extra conversion steps is barely existing, if at all (imh ears).

I think for New World Mac's it just:

Code: [Select]
for the noobs among us, what would you have to type in the programmer window?

reset-all, set-defaults, or reset-nvram?

General Hardware Discussions / Older drivers / Older printers II
« Last post by FdB on December 11, 2018, 10:03:27 PM »
Once more… with mucho gusto.

Online manual available covering the HP 1500 All-In-One series mentions HP Image Zone Software & HP Director software for Mac OS 9. (And cropped-excerpt image below.) Now, not sure if this is a standalone variety CD or, if an internet connection direct to HP was /also necessary… BUT there are several examples* on eBay (maybe PC, maybe Mac… who knows?). Really great for a machine made in 2004 / 2005 and reviewed by c/net then… with an original cost of $99.00!

There’s also a downloadable Image Zone version (4.7)? available from Software Informer (and I cannot vouch for this source, so proceed / download at your own risk).

And then, there’s this little gem (image below) of a CD version 7.3.0 that plainly states “Macintosh” (OS 9.1 and higher) but that may only be printer driver software?  But, is that the same as the disk that you have already tried? Perhaps a wholly separate Image Zone disk is necessary for this to function under OS 9? Happy hunting. ;)

*eBay examples:   Image Zone Express   Image Zone Plus
General Hardware Discussions / Older drivers / Older printers
« Last post by FdB on December 11, 2018, 04:07:48 PM »
Well Neal… maybe it’s time to install the software on an OS X bootable partition, or on a separate OS X based drive within your G4 AGP… at least for scanning tasks?

Lacking an actual HP 1510PSC here, I attempted a comparable / similar install of an Epson Workforce 610 (scanner, printer, fax) of similar mfg. era here last night. And while the Epson also touts possible use under OS 9.2… I couldn’t get it to respond at all under OS 9.2. Zip, zero, nada.

However (on a dual-boot Quicksilver / OS 10.4) with the same Epson software installed, printing and scanning works very well. And, I have read that this Epson 610 will print (under OS 9.2.2) but won’t scan. If I needed to print from 9, then I might consider scrounging around for a suitable printer driver OR simply transfer text docs, image files or word processing etc. from OS 9 to X.

And, might be comparing apples to oranges between the HP and the Epson… but in order to have the Epson 610 function, not really that much of a hassle to scan, print. etc. under OS X and then one could always transfer or write the image scan files to the OS 9 drive (or partition) should one need them in OS 9 for any reason.

Sorry this doesn’t “fix” your OS 9 quest …but it might be a stop-gap workaround for your needs?

What you seek may indeed be “out there”… I just can’t find it. Maybe someone else can?

A similar quest / thread:,3861.msg26000.html#msg26000
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Older HP drivers for older HP printers
« Last post by wnlewis on December 11, 2018, 03:02:25 PM »
I have the correct disc. It includes drivers for OS 9. I removed the old software. I start the installation process with the USB cable disconnected. It says no printer is connected. I connect the USB cable. No change. I start the installation software again. The software says no printer is connected. The HP is on all this time and not just in sleep mode. The cable is good and works with the printer and PC computers. Any thoughts on how to get this to work. Apple and HP do not support any of the old HP Printers and have removed the pages and the download sites. HP says that there is no help or support available for the older printers. What is available that does not rely on HP or Apple. Gimp/Gutenprint really don't want work with the old printers either.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Remoting Technology Between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 10.
« Last post by refinery on December 11, 2018, 01:43:41 PM »
my monitors have multiple inputs so i just switch inputs between my OSX and OS9 machine when i need to. i just keep a wireless keyboard and mouse off on the side for when i want to use the os9 machine. i found remoting into OS9 to be too much of a performance drain. I have a Korg OASYS card with ADAT which i use for audio transfer, and midi is handled by two networked MOTU midi time pieces with the osx and os9 machine at each end.
Hello everyone! I am a 34 year old PC/ Linux user, and I finally got myself an iMac g3! It is all new to me so I have lots of reading to do. Glad I found you :)
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