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DAW - Cubase/Nuendo by Steinberg / Cubase VST Score 4.1 (1999)
« Last post by Romain on Today at 09:53:58 AM »
does anybody have this cubase CD (VST Score 4.1)? I have the serial number and the authorization-code, unfortunately the CD is lost.
Steinberg archives don't have it.
Thanks for any advice.
nice work  8) now if only you could take my previous comments into consideration  = rock n roll!
i havent looked at the downloads section yet tho
i was refering just to the organization of the public boards

Still dealing with downloads, almost done... yeah !... but will re-arrange some boards when I can
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: 9.2.3
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 08:22:22 AM »
I don't consider a new website. It takes all my time and nobody watches it except robots. I'll post my progress as temporary downloads on file sharing websites.
I'll try it, but in my experience, bit shifts and bit fields are slow.
This is an alternative improvement of the usual algorithm:

Code: [Select]
#define consume() n+=*s++;n-=48
if (!*s) return;
while (*s)
This saves 1 multiplication with only 1 extra comparison.
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: 9.2.3
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 07:05:25 AM »
The sync tools are finished.
I didn't change much.
The preferences go one folder up.
The edit fields check pasted text with a key filter.
The windows are now created in Run instead of the constructor of the program.
An eventual exception in Run is better than an exception in the constructor of the program.
All panes are custom and code has moved from the programs to the panes.
The settings for the filter menus are stored in "Menu preferences.rsrc".
The OS 9.2.3 menu is configurable too by the way: you can delete the menus and items that you don't want.
You can also replace the menus and items with something totally different.
In the 'pref' resource you can choose to draw small icons.
Mini date calculator is discontinued.
I did various overall improvements like removing 1-bit and 4-bit icons, and renumbering the menus.

I wrote a program which finds the classes which need a virtual destructor.
Then I updated those classes with "Replace strings".

I found a way to make better ics8 icons:
Copy the icl8 icon.
Make a 32x32 RGB in Photoshop.
Paste the icon.
Resize bicubic to 16x16.
Copy it.
Go to GraphicConverter.
Do "Image using clipboard".
Choose 256 colors.
Paste in ics8 icon.
Now copy the large mask.
Go to the small mask.
Select everything.
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: 9.2.3
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 07:04:42 AM »
The website won't be updated anymore after today.
This is the latest update of the SDK:

I'm now improving the regex with a custom memory manager.
I believe this should be slightly faster...

Code: [Select]
unsigned int conv2(char *s)
  unsigned register int n = 0;
  } while(*++s);
  return n;
What's the TLDR version of this?

I've been using the fancy red adapter that came from ableconn for a while in both of my powerbook G4s. I swapped out my new 250GB samsung for some used 15GB msatas, they seem slower. I used a cheap $12 adapter in a thinkpad, it also seems slow but it is hard to tell as the machine is 366 MHZ and I'm trying to use 100Mb pcmcia on it.
Cool! Let me know how it goes.

Obviously, without a latch, you can't play kick the MDD, but other than that, it seems to be solid. Mine was printed with carbon fiber or something, lol.
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