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we need a master list of all different Geforce 4 TI cards/manufacturers

ABIT Siluro GeForce4 Ti 4400
ASUS V8440/TD GeForce4 Ti 4400
MSI G4Ti 4400-VTD (MS-8871)
Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4400
Chaintech GeForce4 Ti 4600
eVGA e-GeForce4 Ti 4600
Gainward GeForce4 Ultra/750XP
MSI G4Ti 4600-VTD (MS-8872)
Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600
About the nVstrap:

Code: [Select]
Softsraps (introduced I believe with FX series) are in addition to hard straps (or those resistors), so AND mask determines if the hardstrap gets preserved or not the OR mask if the strap gets added.
Other way to look at it is AND mask allows you to set that bit to "0" OR mask to "1". If you do neither (AND mask 1, OR mask 0) original strapping (be it 0 or 1) stays.

For example, if you want to get rid of all the hardstaps and write your own, you'll set the AND mask to all "0"s and the OR mask to whatever strapping you desire.

3F C0 00 7E (AND mask)
80 20 C0 80 (OR mask)
00 00 00 00 (AND mask, we don't know what these are)
10 00 00 80 (OR mask)
22 00 A5 (Should this not be 4 bytes??? The last one being the CheckSum)

Also, the tvmode has me confused, how can it = 3(Disabled) when it's only 2 bits?

PCI DID how is this calculated?

What are these?

Would you give an example of calcutation of the CheckSum?

22 00 A5 (Should this not be 4 bytes??? The last one being the CheckSum)

The 4th byte is the checksum, i.e. the one after A5.

PCI DID how is this calculated?

It doesn't. It's interpretation depends on the GPU.

What are these?

Flatpanel interface width and the other one I don't know.

Would you give an example of calcutation of the CheckSum?

Lets take 80 20 C0 80, add them together = 1E0, discardd anything above 8 bits = E0. -E0 = 20. The checksum is 20.

Got it, so the CheckSum for 3F C0 00 7E 80 20 C0 80 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 80
22 00 A5 = 4C

How can I use this to change the DID?

You have to experiment. It probably makes it easier if you AND mask out the existing strap and then see what all of those 4 values give you.

BTW if you want to write the new strapping for the ROMs you may want to use the same approach. "0" it out via AND mask and set it with OR mask.
You could get the correct strapping from your OEM card, but that means erasing the ROM and I have no idea how you can get the ROM back as you'd need a PC with AGP Pro slot.


Don't fool with this one, I think I made my card pull the no show in a PC and Mac with this one.

Now I'll have to find the Sub_Vendor pin to flash it back, unless you know how to lift one of the pin on an 8-pin serial eprom.

i wonder how many other "missing documentation" there is to be found using this obscure "apple doc viewer" app?
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: quadra 700 XGL
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 05:54:29 AM »
mactron had tried to flash a dual DVI quadra 900 XGL with the geforce 4 ti 4600 rom on macelite
this was unsuccessful to make the card work in a mac

... and the worst thing was that I failed to make a custom ROM for the Quadro 900 following the MacElite instructions due lack of data  :'(

maybe this can be worked on again by someone???????
would u be willing to ship these "Dead" cards to someone that can attempt to get them working on mac os9 ?
if not maybe if the community comes together to each contribute 20$ or something to the cause; we could
a) find someone who wishes to take this task on
b) supply them with the cards to test with + perfect the hack
c) all of us Profit ! by being able to acheive dual dvi cards that are properly 2d accellerated
The PC Grainward Ti4600 seems to be the most similar to the Mac Ti4600, This is what we have under the heatsink:

I have flashed it with the Mac Ti4600 ROM and now the card is dead.

Your cards likely are not dead, you need to lift the ground pin and connect a wire to the pad, and one to the pin.

Put the card in a PC with another video card for display. Boot the PC with the two wire circuit you have made open. Once the PC has booted, make the circuit, connect the wires.

Erase the EEPROM with nvflash.

Reboot the PC( don't skip this step ).

Flash the card back with the original Bios, or another known good Bios.

Test the card, if all goes well, reconnect the ground pin.

Post you PC VGA Bios here, and I'll look at it.

700XGL(NV25GL) == Ti4400(4x)(64mb ram)
750XGL(NV25GL) == Ti4400(4x)(128mb ram)

both of these cards use the same GPU.. and are 4x AGP
the only difference is the ram?
so if theres a rom that works for the 700XGL then certainly that can be edited by the proper skilled individual to support the 750XGL aswell.. (too bad theres no Dual DVI 750 XGL!)

the mystery then would be the 900XGL
because its a then a hop skip + jump from the 750XGL

is there no way that the 8x cards can be made to downgrade to 4x?
obviously they are a bigger pain in the ass because of the ADC/AGP conflict of pins

all i want is a dual DVI AGP card that works properly in os9!!!!

the 900XGL + 980XGL + GAINWARD ti4600 were my biggest hopes for this!

i think there is still room for this to be fixed..
i think that the reason the 700XGL works.. vs the 750 + 900XGL not working.. i think there is still possibility of someone getting these cards working.. if the right someone chooses to take on the task that is
  One thing I'd like to know is how much of this can be extracted, at least in part, from OS X kext's.  I seem to recall mention that a lot of the code is identical, perhaps moreso in the earlier versions of OS X.

this is a key point i was trying to make a few years ago..
that is.. that there was a point in which things very much were overlapped..
ie: osx + os9; with component software updates for X requiring you to run/install them in 9
and vice versa, driver code from x being relevant to 9 etc

i also like the topic "the lowest hanging fruit" meaning lets focus on the easiest ACHIEVABLE goal to push the limits + boundaries

i often hoped for some old ex-apple developers to come out of the wood work and solve things like the uSB 2.0 compatibility, graphics card compatibility being updated to support proper 2D acell on R300 Radeons + Geforce 6/7 cards

usb2.0 support still would be pretty dramatic change
The PC Grainward Ti4600 seems to be the most similar to the Mac Ti4600, This is what we have under the heatsink:

I have flashed it with the Mac Ti4600 ROM and now the card is dead.
really wow..
so there is no dual-dvi PC card that works to be flashed succesfully?

That seems to be the point nowadays ...  :'(
Well, macStuff recently posted the guide on native drivers here:,4260.msg29259/topicseen.html#new.

The USB DDK is availible here:

A quick look through my system folder indicates that there are quite a few libraries and extensions related to USB. I am hoping most of them link to USBServicesLib without going directly to the driver.

We need to understand how drivers work in the general case. Then we need to disassemble the usb Expert (no clue where that is) and a few drivers to figure out what the API for usb devices is.

We also need to know how EHCI works and how it is implemented on the chipset level.

Then we can figure out how to add code to the USB drivers and IO Expert to make them handle EHCI without breaking compatability with the old code.

Yes, this is rather easy compared to other things we want to do.

I was kind of wondering how we could implement EHCI without breaking or causing a conflict with Apple's OHCI drivers. The code I was thinking of going from is the EHCI driver from EDK II, as anything that has a 768k kernel can't be that hard to figure.

Hopefully we can find a way to add only one Extension, USB EHCI, that can interface with OS 9's native HID, Mass Storage, etc. That would work for Mac's with builtin USB2 ports and generic PCI cards.
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