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Digital Audio Workstations & MIDI Applications / Re: Soundmaker 1.03
« Last post by IIO on Today at 09:04:28 PM »
will all be in the new download section (soon)
Digital Audio Workstations & MIDI Applications / Re: Soundmaker 1.03
« Last post by hangnef on Today at 07:08:39 PM »
Sorry, it's from Micromat (Alberto Ricci) this is where I got it:

There's also some interesting plugins that were made available too
Logic Audio by Emagic / Re: emagic Logic Pro 6.5.0 beta Leak...
« Last post by hoovers@dawn on Today at 06:02:07 PM »
cant upload i get this & its only 6mb stuffit .sit file...

An Error Has Occurred!
Your attachment couldn't be saved. This might happen because it took too long to upload or the file is bigger than the server will allow.

Please consult your server administrator for more information.

damn it I was getting this from my sketchy 4g service & so I upgraded to starlink! so upload speed is not the problem....tried in OS X tiger & in catilina same result??  >:(
Logic Audio by Emagic / emagic Logic Pro 6.5.0 beta Leak...
« Last post by hoovers@dawn on Today at 05:58:50 PM »
Finally got the elon starlink hooked up so i can actually upload ( i live way off grid... )

Emagic Logic Pro 6.5.0 "Leaked" Beta....

A Modern looking Logic Pro update for OS9 canned by Apple...

Development for the new anvil, & many other Plugins was scrapped/Pulled for os9 by strict apple orders Including this version from the design department...

This is basically the newer emagic graphic update that was planned for 6.5 release as a stepping stone into the ugly dark grey "apple pro suite" logic pro 7, but it never happend!...

install just drop it into your logic pro 6 > 6.4.3 installation folder.
bolder "lives!" adding colours etc it looses the Simple look & takes away from the orange 9...

jubadub good suggestions thanks! ... & knezzen of coarse that's why I put it up let me know if you'd like anything specific..

Storage / Re: SCSI CN50 - Options to Backup Old HDDs
« Last post by refinery on Today at 01:32:41 PM »
There are a great many available on eBay made by Adaptec. Just search for "adaptec scsi Mac"
You don't need anything fancy. A 2930CU should be fine, though youll need an HD50 to DB25 adapter, which are cheap enough. Just be sure it's an actual Mac edition card. They will work with 8.6.
 it's unlikely youll find an cn50 to IDC50 as IDC50 is an internal connector. Iomega made HD50 to DB25 adapters which they included with their Jaz drives so you could hook up normal DB25 cables. I have one myself and it works great. Again, cheap on eBay. Quick search saw ones as low as $13

Firewire-to-SCSI is prohibitively expensive for what you are wanting to do. It would be the most expensive option out of everything you've suggested, because those adapters were rare even when they were being made. They're quite expensive on the secondhand market now.

ZuluSCSI, and its predecessor SCSI-2-SD is a reasonable alternative. There are flavors of the hardware that instead of using an IDC50, have a external DB25 connector.
I have several SCSI-2-SD devices which I use for my music sampler hardware. I have not used ZuluSCSI but from everything I have read, its less easy to use than the SCSI-2-SD was (SCSI-2-SD was discontinued due to part scarcity) but offers more or less the same functionality.

This SCSI card has DB25, so no adapters needed:

iomega HD50-DB25 adapter:

ZuluSCSI with DB25:
Hardware / Re: QS 867 speaker 'hiss'
« Last post by aBc on Today at 12:16:00 PM »
As the hiss seems to be evident only with the onboard case speaker (and not with the rear output jack?) perhaps trying a similar speaker replacement should be tested? Again, my apologies. I’m still away from my “cave” with all of the various mobos to actually trace that audio circuit and whether or not those capacitors (that you've pictured) have anything to do with the sound or sound out.

So, anyone else with a QS mobo available... to comment on this?

AND if you don’t have a suitable replacement speaker to test, maybe circumvent that onboard speaker entirely with the addition of some low-cost, powered external speakers. (Until you can acquire another case speaker to test?)

C’mon you Quicksilver fiends, jump in here.

And you really want a Rev B mobo anyway, right? ;)
Hardware / Re: PSU Goo / adhesives
« Last post by aBc on Today at 11:55:06 AM »
Thanks @robespierre. Seems that now we’re getting closer to what might actually be deemed a “Proper” solution for this specific task / application.

After reviewing more info from the Dowsil 738 SDS, it is also an RTV sealant? And if so, perhaps the Dowsil 748 sealant might be a better alternative for those concerned about acid release during cure - as the 748 is a “neutral cure” silicone adhesive sealant?

As we’ve now nearly beat this horse to death... and as this has veered from the focus of the original thread to a tangent of its’ own... thus the new Topic.

Once again, whether one decides to replace the PSU goo or not (and with whatever they might choose) that is entirely up to the individual. As for me, I’ll continue to use RTV silicone for this.

Many options, opinions and specifics have been made abundantly clear here at this point and any further posting(s) that may be deemed as excessively argumentative or redundant will simply be deleted and this topic possibly locked.
Digital Audio Workstations & MIDI Applications / Re: Soundmaker 1.03
« Last post by smilesdavis on Today at 11:50:04 AM »
more info? company?
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