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Title: B&W Rev.2 mobos available
Post by: FBz on January 28, 2022, 10:24:24 AM
Here’s that link for the G3 B&W Rev.2 mobos from Houston Texas…

$29.99  / with free 3-day shipping (U.S.).
You might specify that you want the Rev.2 mobo
as txer1 states he does have one Rev.1 mobo
and we don’t want that one.

Listing states more than 10 currently available.

UPDATE: Seller just changed listing to include 4-day shipping (instead of the previous 3-day).

*Most listings for G3 B&W mobos feature images where you cannot tell if it’s a Rev.1 or the Rev.2 (with the CMD 646U2-402 chip). This listing is no different, as it’s hard to tell from the pics. But I did contact and specify with the seller before I purchased one. So if you purchase one elsewhere (and likely at a higher price) you might end up with a Rev.1 mobo and be UN-happy.

I don’t expect these to be available for very long - so if you don’t order one soon…

And no, not my listing and I’m only just sharing the find. ::)
Title: Re: B&W Rev.2 mobos available
Post by: mopar300m on January 29, 2022, 08:46:02 AM
I just ordered one of these boards and asked the seller for a rev. 2 board.  Hopefully I get one.  This is a heck of a deal and it seems to come with the processor too.  Bonus!
Title: Re: B&W Rev.2 mobos PRICE+
Post by: FBz on January 29, 2022, 12:55:47 PM
Hope you got yours at the $29.99 price seller has now raised price to $39.99.

Still, not bad for a Rev.2 - compared to other listings. :'(

But again, for those needing one, I'd order sooner... rather than later!
Title: Re: B&W Rev.2 mobos available
Post by: FBz on April 05, 2022, 08:55:59 AM
Seller has revised his listing to include the “Make Offer” option.

Don’t know if this means that Forum members can note their
membership here along with their offers to guarantee a lower
price acceptance, but it’s worth a shot.

From earlier today:
“Yeah.. his sales are slowing down..last reported sale "29 Jan 2022 at 8:44:48AM PST"
He should have kept them at $29.99 or at least add "make offer”.”

That’s interesting. I bought one on Jan. 24 for $29.99 and
mopar300m bought one on Jan. 29 (possibly after the price
increase to $39.99?). *Not defending the increase, but some
do come with a CPU and heatsink.

Dropped seller a note after the increase asking ‘bout the
increase and he offered to sell me another one at the original
low price. Maybe all members here should get that lower price?

Have just now written another note to seller suggesting the
“make offer” option (especially for anyone mentioning their
membership here) along with their offers for possible lower
pricing. AND I’ll post back any news. ;)
(See Update at top.)

Sorry, double posted. ::)
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