Author Topic: Mac OS 9 booting on: PowerBook G4 1 GHz 12" Al 6,2  (Read 593 times)

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Mac OS 9 booting on: PowerBook G4 1 GHz 12" Al 6,2
« on: November 09, 2023, 06:12:17 AM »
Since I'm in the mood of posting ROMs, here's another one that I made.

ROM for the 12" 1 GHz PowerBook G4.

Onboard audio works.
Volume keys work.
ASIO driver works. I only tested Sound Manager driver, but others should be OK too.
FW400 port works without errors.
Networking not tested (not interested).

Color depth stuck at millions of colors.
Resolution switching does not work.
Backlight adjustment does not work.
Backlight adjustment keys don't work.
No graphics acceleration.
This is all because of lack of appropriate NVIDIA drivers.  :(

ROM file based on 10.2.1 Made explicitly for 12" PowerBook G4 1GHz. It is reflected in 'About this Macintosh' and 'Get Info' windows.

* It won't work in any other G4.
* The boot drive has to be made on/from another machine.
* There's no need to remove Multiprocessing folder.

Enjoy and report back your results!
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