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Author Topic: Mapping Midi Dials/Faders with a midi keyboard (Edirol PCR-30)  (Read 5376 times)


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Whats up Ableton lovers;)  ;D

quick topic for today..

i have the Edirol PCR-30 midi keyboard which i happen to like..;0
today im using it with ableton live.. and just a quick tip if you have this controler

pressing CMD-M enters "midi map mode"
where all the mappable controls are highlighted turqouise blue
at this point, the whole pt is to select with the mouse, a mappable control and then
moving the dial or fader on the controller should produce a mapping relationship
(indicated by a small white box that lists the name or number of what the computer
refers to this physical control fader/dial/button by)

if this is not happening for you then you have to go into
the options > preferences screen, and change the value for the
"Remote Control" input (1st drop down under)

for my controller this setting had to be set to Port 2#2 which
corresponds to the actual oms device..
this particular keyboard has 3 seperate entries... 1,2+3
i thought that the idea was to seperate the keys /faders/dials to their own devices
at first but it seems this is not the case.. and everything is coming thru on 2..
but anyway, understanding it 100% isnt required, just by a) selecting a mappable control /w mouse, b) opening options preferences C) changing this input dropdown, while twiddling the knob,
while observing in the backtground behind the preferences window u should be able to see the
control being mapped or not.. by doing this u should be able to find which oms device it needs
to be set to to get a mapping lock!

good luck! ;)  8)
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